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I just can’t get enough of Rottweiler photos! It doesn’t matter whether they’re pictures of adorable little ‘black bear’ Rottie puppies or gorgeous adults – I love them all…..

Just look at these beauties – what truly awesome dogs these big (and little) Rottweilers are.

Some of these photos are of my dogs, or dogs belonging to visitors to this website. Others are simply beautiful representatives of the Rottweiler breed.

Here’s a look at one of my dogs, Nero….

Nero my hero!

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Take a look at the other gorgeous Rottweilers showcased here…..

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Holla at my Nala
Meet Nala, my gorgeous 9 week old Rotti! I originally went to pick my puppy out a month ago and was drawn to one in particular and held her the entire …

Hi this is Dobby and today he is 5 months old, my partner thinks he is small and skinny. Hi Sonia. Dobby is lovely, his coloring is nice and deep …

Athena the Rottie
Athena is my lovely female, calm dog. Though as of now I write this, it’s 9 weeks old. But it behaves so matured, when we have our routine walks, it …

Long haired rottie – Bear
Bear was at the pound in tampa fl, he would have been euthanized as his owner surrendered him then someone adopted him ands returned him due to “behavioral …

Odin @ Three months
My family and I brought this lovable guy home at eight weeks old. From the minute we went to the breeder to pick him out, he had our hearts. He is …

This our Fur baby John!!! 🙂
Hello we are first time owners of a Rottweiler, I have a question we have a two year old Male Rottweiler who is scared of people and everything and is …

KHASOS the Rottweiler pup
We moved 3 years ago and had to give our German Shepherd and American Pit to our neighbors because we had no way to transport to Texas. We have promised …

Cas – Liverpool, England
She is currently around about 7 and a half months old now…

Can anyone tell me if my dog is a Rottweiler
Is my puppy a Rottweiler? Hi Shanna. My guess would be a Rottweiler mix. Head shape/width and bone size aren’t as heavy or big as with a purebred …

4 months rottweiler

Leo – My 2 month old Rottweiler
Hey, Loved your website. I have a 2 month old Rottweiler, his name is Leo. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. He has spent around 2.5 weeks with us …

Shelby is a smart well behaved girl! She is quick to learn and will do anything for a treat! We are so grateful to have her and hope to have …

Murphy – Day One
Brought home this little chubby bundle of love this morning. He is 8 weeks old and full of mischief! I can’t wait to find out what gets chewed …

My 2 1/4 year old rottweiler Mamba

My three month old Rottweiler appears to be really small for his age but he has a big heart. His ears are always flying. I’m afraid of taping his ears …

Cooper taking a selfie with his friend 🙂
4 year old Cooper. Big and scary to people who don’t know him but is a gentle very intelligent dog that respects his owner and uncommon faces. LIKES …

Cassie AKA Cas
Cas. She’s 4 months old had her since 8 weeks old

Everybody Look At The Camera!!
Our Rotties Roxy & Milly with our Black Lab, Spud & their friends Fliss & Bertie.

hey , this is buzzo , 6 month old , his weight is 26 kg n neck is 17 inch , 27 inch chest size , he is very lovely n playable dog , i’m worried he …

Mongo truly loves his whole family. This is him with our 6 year old daughter

Mr. Mack
This is our 3 1/2 year old adopted Rottie Mack, as in “Mack Truck”! He’s our big bear, & we love him to death!!!!

This is my Messi. In that picture, he is 9 months old. Right now his 18 month. What do you think of him?

Our Zelda at 3, 4 and 5 Months 🙂
Here are some quick pictures we took of our little Rottie Zelda. We have papers but I think she might be part horse at the rate she is growing. 🙂

My newest member of the family at 8 weeks, already has stolen my heart!! He’s very smart.. can’t wait for the many many years ahead of us!!!

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Bella my sweet Rott Princess
Hello Friends, this is Bella ,born on September 1st. I bought her home on 46th day as a present for my brother.. She is more attached to my mother though!. …

My gentle giant: Diablo (4 months)
Very calm and gentle with my 15 month old baby. Very observant and obedient. Purchased from Kimshoaz Rottweilers, ZA.

He is our first Rotty in twenty years after losing 2 males inside six years.

Anna-Belle will be 2yr next month

Pack of four
Hi This is our pack today, from left: Jill, mom, 3.5y, Anastacia (Staci), doughter, 1.5y, Chloe, rescue, app. 4 months and Arca, son, 1.5y. My life, …

Kenay, my beloved and gentle bear!
I feel like dying, is so hard without you Kenay.

As you can see from photos Ozzy like the easy life but still has energy to play and have a good time

Our dog is so loving and social, and saucy as well rotties are famous for talking to you or talking back just like a little kid . Sweetest dogs in …

SA7AGE – Our First Love
He is our first family pet. SA7AGE (savage) is smart, clumsy (often flips head first completely over while fetching a softball), beautiful, spoiled rotten …

Does my bum look big in this?

Buddy Come?
My FRIEND AND MY LIFE! I said so many times when your Mother diedwife that she should have taken you with her. Everytime i left you while …

This is Hummer, and she is a little more then 6 months old.

We lost are beautiful Louie R.I.P today at the age of ten, such a big part of my life gone but never forgotten. Michelle, I’m so sorry for your …

Adelvina on her 1 year birthday
This picture is of Ade on her 1 year birthday doing what ever good female does on her birthday….she shops!!! One of her presents was a super long …

My Rottie
Hi, This is my rottie,reached 1 year now. He is always energetic and playful. He will show his real face if someone near to my door. By, Ganesh …

Strider, the Handsome Stud
For those of you that saw the photo of Strider and his Mom overlooking the meadows in Mammoth Lakes to see the horses, here is a front view of our boy …

This is Cici at 12 months 🙂

Strider, my best friend
Strider and me looking out over the deck in Mammoth Lakes, CA

A life too short
Today is a sad day, i am losing my beautiful little girl”KODA”. She has been diagnosed with cancer. She’s only 3 1/2 yrs old. Her brother and i …

Dali – Big Black Bear
This is my boy Dali. He is 3 years old. He is a long haired Rottie and is the most beautiful boy in the world, inside and out!

I live in Kilmarnock in Scotland with my baby Teddy, pure breed Rottweiler Tia – I’m originally from Glasgow, and have an aunt living in Kilmarnock. …

Strider, our boy!
Strider is a son of Lord Vom Bickesheim 11. He is our world. Born May 25, 2005.

Meet bear, this is his can I have some of your people foods
Bear, one year old male who is a clumsy but a happy wee munchkin

ZEUS my cute 8 weeks old boy with OLLIE
Zeus (8 weeks) who is our cute little man.

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Anna-Belle@ 1 yr
Just took this shot earlier today.

Optimus prime Parker
He is one of the loves of my life. He is amazing. He brings such happiness, he is always happy.

Our young big boy Dezel
*Awesome personality *Goofy as our kids *Loving face *Best family favorite trick: * Lowcrawl *

tyson, just under 3 months
Looks different but he’s an amazing dog. One fearless sob, intelligent and easy to train…

We rescued her from a couple that abused her she was kinda skittish at first but once she warmed up to us she is the most loving playful teddy bear ever. …

Rottie underwater
Ever wonder what your best bud looks like when he or she jumps in the water? Well here ya go!

Tugboat Helping to Campaign in Local Mayor’s Race
Tugboat is now 3 yrs old and had to change his life style due to surgery on his elbows. He cannot show due to a limp but he sure can show-off pulling …

Kimble as in… Detective John Kimble. The party pooper
This is our 20 week old female Rottweiler puppy, Kimble.

The Thunder-Storm cometh.
Thunder & Storm, from Anoka MN. Sisters of the same litter, born at Windego Rottweiler kennels in MN in 2008.

Aimee comes from a Champion line. Both her father and mother are show dogs and are registered with American Kennel Club (AKC). She is also registered there. …

Kane is fixing to be 3 years old! He is still hyper as ecer! He loves to take walks in the rain! I can’t imagine life without him!

Our newest addition!
Meet Riley! Our little, big boy! <3

Boof (aloof)
A year and 90 pounds later

Roxie my Rottie Puppy
Roxie is a sweet 12 week old pup. She’s strong, independent, SPOILED, and sooooo smart! She’s my little angel.

Daisy (Darling)
These are my 7 mth old twin rotties. They are like large cuddly bears and at the same time smart, affectionate, playful and protective. They are the …

Monty – the clumsy goofy bulldozer!
The biggest softie you could ever come across 🙂 He’s such a lovely natured boy! He lives with his 3 female best friends who are chihuahua’s – even …

Bruno and his friend
Meet Bruno !!!! A 9 week old, 18lb ball of energy.

would like to know if she is a full rotty It’s impossible to say for sure whether a dog is purebred or not by just looking I’m afraid 🙁 The only …

Max @ 5 months
He’s my little buddy

Cyrus – He has stolen our hearts!
He is a total joy! He is teaching us daily! Our family brought him home when he was 6 weeks old. He is 13 weeks now. Cyrus is smart, funny, clumsy, …

Boof (aloof)
What a great personality with a loving nature. Nothing new there when dog has a good home with people who love him

My First Harley!
I fell in love with Harley the first time I saw him. I have always admired the Rottweiler and knew one day I would have one. I’m learning very early …

jefee “boss”
just wanted to show my boy off he is 17m. old and we are taking him to classes for show, I can’t wait fun stuff!!

Max,truly a gift from God & My special Angel (Destini)
On Dec 14th of 2000 I lost my husband and 6 year old daughter,five months later my mother,and a year after that my brother in law. I was so alone never …

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Lazy Boy
This is my red rottweiller Lazy Boy. 1 year old in this pic. He’s relaxing in the console I’m my truck. Find out more about the ‘Red Rottweiler’ …


Sasha my darling!
She is 4 months old… Please dont be deceived by her innocent looks… she is the naughtiest lil monster on d planet! God knows what we had to do …

cami my dear rotti
I love rottweiler. I’m first time owner. And ‘im glad i have adopted a rott


This is my 2 and a half month old male puppy

Jedd at 23 months
Jess was diagnosed with Entropion in both eyes and head to undergo corrective surgery she is all better now Glad to know Jess is now fully recovered …


Riley 8 months out for our daily walk
8 months old loves walks and chasing the birds! Lol

Mommy’s little boy, never leaving my side! He is a schutzhund pup and my other half, he just turned 6 months old.

Anna-belle @ 5 month
This is belle at @5 month

Heidi @ 14 wks.
Heidi Vom Guerrero at 14 wks old. Puppy stage is beautiful.

This is our boy Zeus now ten months old and 43kg.He’s just a big lap dog (tries his hardest) who loves to be close by us. I often walk him through our …

Heide Vom Guerrero
Here is a picture of my beautiful girl at 11 1/2 weeks.

Deisel at 1 year……my wife loves to throw birthday parties for the puppies.

My gorgeous rottweiler shakira is 5 years old, so loving and the most caring dog I have ever had. She loves her cuddles and kisses just to be with …

How a rottweiler got his markings! All about my Emma and Harley <3
These two are inseparable. The story brought tears to my eyes, reminding me of the love between my daughter and my Rottie Harley.

Thor, a mans best friend. Loyal companion. One that would be right next at your side every step I made. He would greet me every time I pulled in the driveway. …

This is our boy, Thor. He just turned 4 years old. He’s slighly overweight; he just weighed in at 133 lbs. We’re working on taking some of the weight …

This is Gustev when he just cute puppy doll, guys how is his look ? He is rottweiler, is he pure breed?

In need of a nap after long day of playing in the pool
Bella and Petra wanting a nap, Cira still wants to play! Great days with our Rottys

Harley Boy
I got Harley Boy when he was almost 6 months old. I was looking at a Husky pup from the same Breeder, and Harley kinda stared at me like, really? …

Hulk The Incredible (From Athens, Greece) – New photos – Now 6months
Hello, I am uploading some more photos of my rottie Hulk. Now he is 6 months and 30kg. He has started his training at 5.5 months and he is following …

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He’s 8 months old as of the 24 march 2013. Most incredible little chap lol, after going to town on advice from books and breeders (this is my 1st rottie) …

“Hannibal” my 8 year old Rottie
Hannibal is one sweet loving guy, he has been a very loyal companion for my family. Almost 2 years ago he was near death, he was rushed to emergency …

My little one at 2 years 9 months. friendly like a LAB (much friendlier than even lab’s in our neighbourhood) A PERFECT COMPANION Even those who …

Leo after his swim in the pool.
Leo loves to swim in our pool. He plays a game with a tennis ball like a cat playing with a ball of wool. He works the ball closer and closer to the …


“Kayne’s Smile”
This is 1 of my beautiful rottis, i have 2 a big boy (Kayne) and a little miss named Koodah. Kayne’s favorite toy in the whole world is a huge traffic …

My buddy Bama!
I chose Bama out of the litter when he was just 16 days old he is now 8 weeks old and I have yet to meet him 🙁 I get to hold my new furry baby in …

my beautiful baby girl “Kira’,,,,,,
My beautiful 10-1/2 yr old rottie girl died in my arms this past sunday at 4:45pm…. i rushed her to the vet but of course she had already passed…. …

My guy Zeus!
My dogs CKC registered name is “Hey Zeus” Lutz, he goes by Zeus. We got him from a breeder when he was about 12 weeks old. I have been lucky enough …

Annabelle is four months old I got her when she was around six weeks she’s just been a little bundle of energy and joy.

Hannah is a female. She is very loving and loyal. She has bonded well with my husband and I, as well as our 3 children.

My baby Titus at 6 weeks old. We received him from the breeder early as his momma stopped feeding him. So being his new momma, I started feeding him …

My beautiful girl!
This is Mia??? she left us yesterday at the age of 7. We shared so many great times together??? she will be terribly missed. Please hold and kiss your …

Ride Time!
This is Louie (5) and Cheya (3)…they loves balls and playing….They both are service dogs

Hulk The Incredible (From Athens, Greece)
Hello, this is my rottie pup, Hulk the Incredible. We live in Athens, Greece. He is 4.5 month old now! He loves his blankie and the sun! …

CiCi! now 5 months!
She’s grown so much! Xx

Clumsy CiCi….x
I love my baby cici! She’s my 3rd 🙂

King “Rex”
Rex at 9 months and 112lbs. He loves to play in water and playing tug.

Thor “Big Boy” aka Mommies Handsome Boy @ 7 months
We absolutely loooooove/adore our handsome boy!!! He has been the ultimate joy to our family unit! We adopted him at the tender age of 6 weeks and at …

I rescued her from Chicago Animal Control when she was only two hours away from being euthanized. Look at her now!

This is my dog Tyson
He’s 7 years old and my best friend ever.

Harvey and Biggie
Here are some new photos of my two little buddies, Harvey and “biggie the staff”. I have wrote in before so thought it was time to update with some …

Chopper my sooky boy
Chopper’s 5yrs, 53kg. He’s the best dog, so loyal, protective, sociable. He even looked after my sisters staffy pup

This is Bear he is 2yrs old a long hair version. He really lives up to his name and is like a son to me.

This is our little boy Zeus. At almost 7 months old and 35kg he has heaps of excess energy. We take him walking at least once a day sometimes twice …

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This is Cody, the love of our lives!

This is my baby Gunner. He is the sweetest boy. He loves everyone but people are so afraid of him. Just because he is a rottie people think …

This is Jess at approx 13/14 months old, enjoying the sun.

Sarah and Bubba
Sarah and Bubba are sister and brother. Sarah is 2 and 1/2 years old and Bubba 1 and 1/2 year


Pourscha 4 months female, my love

My best friend for life! Updates on my best friend Bullet turning 2 yrs. old
My Bullet has turned 2yrs old and not to much has changed. He still thinks he’s my human baby although he is my baby. We really have gotten even closer …

Layla 5 months old
Layla my 5 month old Rottie.

4month old Cronus with his pal Rascal the cat
Hi, we are hailing from the Bahamas. This is Cronus, almost 4mnth old rottie puppy.. He has a lot of weird antics which include sitting on you, licking …

Kane AKA mummy’s puppy, dufus, honey depends…lol.
This is Kane he is my 3rd Rott but 1st with a tail (which can really hurt). He is fabulous, funny, silly, naughty, extremely smart and a real stunner. …

Tugboat helps an old girl heal.
Here is Tugboat at 125 pounds and 2.5 yrs old. He is the caretaker of the little dogs. This Chihuahua was just found and she is 12 yrs old and has …

Aw mum, what do u mean, my paws r too big?…too big for what?
This is my girl, Varenka-Star-of-Asia at 10wks old. Otherwise known as….chaos….or missy-menace….or cheeky-chops…. need I say more….my mischievous …


Parvo survivor at just 5 months. Smart, funny, and loving.. could you ask for more? 🙂

Layla my 4 mth old female Rottweiler playing in the garden.

Our lovely Jess. Just 1 year old best dog ever. We are new to this site so would be grateful for a little feed back… Hi Andy. Jess looks lovely, …

This is our awesome little boy Zeus. He’s eleven weeks old. So cute.

Lucius Von Barkhoven
This is Lucius. He is my six month old Rottie.

The funniest little girl ever!!! She has a sock fetish, any unprotected sock watch out!!! She even helps herself to the ones in the laundry basket. …

Kane at 23 months
Kane ready for one of us to play with him. Rotties are such great dogs!!

All about Bullet, my best friend for life
Bullet is 2yrs. old. I’ve had him since he was 4wks. old. He had to leave the litter early and he was also the runt and since then I became his mom. …

Lee-Roy is 13 months old and a joy to have around. He has completed his bronze and silver awards for the UK kennel club and will be going for his gold …

Clay is our 9 month old 105lb buffalo. He is full of energy and keeps us all on our toes. He has a 9 year old big brother Rottie named Tank. …

Arnold Gunther of Max Cooper
Arnold Gunther of Max Cooper Here’s the some updates of my baby rottweiler

Boof a Loof
My son’s puppy is such a wonderful addition to our family. He had a Rottie growing up but we lost her at an early age to bloat =(. He has always remembered …

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Love you, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bear New Pics
New pics of my rottweiler, Bear.

Well Hemi is my first Rottweiler puppy. He just turned seven months old several days ago, and he currently weighs 74 pounds. I just love him! He’s …

these are two happy dogs

I’ve already uploaded pictures of crystal as a tiny puppy but i would like to upload more on the same blog but i’ll do it this way lol. well that’s …

This is Lady with her babies
Lady with her babies, she was a good mother to them

Zeus @7 months and 90lbs. A little worried he is growing too fast? Any Comments are welcome. Michael, Zeus does look mature for being only …

Loving Kristi
When she saw the lion toy for the first time she was a little bit disturbed :D!

Laila, lola and lotti
On the Left – Laila my 2 year old rottweiler cross german shepherd. In the middle – Lotti my 7 month old full rottweiler. On the right – lola my …

Beautiful Boo…… 4 months old. my girl!
she is so beautiful and can,t wait until she’s big….i love how good she is with my 3 yr old and 6 month boys. i’m glad she came to our family she’s …

My beautiful Roxy
She is such a loving puppy dog.

Sweet lil’ boy full of energy and love!

‘Redrottie’ !! (Kayla my Red Rottweiler)
This is my girl Kayla… she is 100% rottie not a crossbred dog.. she was born into a litter of 9, 7 of which were perfectly ‘normal’ rotties.. but …

lotti the gorgous rotti
my 7 month old rottweiler, adorable and loyal !!

My 9 year old Jasmine showing off her agility
Jasmine – The fittest Rottweiler I know. Currently living in England but due to emigrate to NZ with me in January 2013! Can’t wait to play on the …

This is my girl “China”, or my “China Doll.” I was sitting around one day on my computer and a friend asked me if I was interested in buying a rottweiler …

bruno and diesel <3<3
well bruno in the background is 6 months and diesel is 5 months, they’re our much love babies <3<3

Mila and Kitty waiting for dinner
Mila likes to play with smaller dogs, but we didn’t want to get another canine, so we rescued a kitten. At first it was a little overwhelming for …

two happy rotties-roktu & koda
my “kids” after playing.

Chico – 8 weeks old
Chico – 5 months

roxy the rottie
here’s my beautiful rottweiler pup…roxy

today (7/7)is roktu’s&koda’s birthday(#2)
happy birthday to my “kids”

Smirnoff the adorable rottweiler
My dog is energy central, you could utilize her energy and light a village, loves attention but does not crave it. Loves playing, and loves playing, and …

Annie jo and leiah sofia Rottweillers!
My two Rottweilers Annie & Leiah !!

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Hercules Von Ravenwood
Born 3-13-01 Deceased April 2012

Teeny bash crystal was the smallest pup of the litter but she was too cute to not pick her, she was very shy. 12 weeks on and she’s came totally out …

4 month old coffee, love him!!!

Scott – Striders Friend
Strider had just stopped wrestling with Snoopy for a minute and it was during this “rest period” that I could take his picture. He turns 10 months old …

Jess – 12 months old
Give me a big smile……Rottie style

This is my 4 year old rottie Duke! The poor guy will let me dress him up in pretty much anything.

Sasha- 6 wks old from Toledo Ohio
This is my new baby! She is so precious to me. I got Sasha from a breeder in Lima Ohio May 6th 2012. Today she is 10 wks and growing fast. I love …

Lexii & Zoe
Our new 10 week old Rottweiler, Zoe & our 6 year old Cockapoo, Lexii! I love my little girls!

hey this is my little boy robbin, he is 8 month old now …. but he is still too small right.. he has perfect health but small size. MHMD – …

Our Beloved Teddy Bear passed away this week. Best dog ever
Teddy was a friend to every person and dog he ever met. Strong, loyal, gentle and loving. He adopted our little rescue, Mina and she was most …

I Really Like You
This is our 6 year old Rottie Ruger and his new friend Ziva who is 10 weeks.

Our beautiful girl.

Vader, my love…
This is Vader at 8 weeks and about 12 lbs. Now is 7.5 months and a healthy 90 lbs. He is an amazing and smart boy. Very easy going guy. He resides with …

champ 2 years old today
5/17/12 my boy champ 2 years old today looking nice(: 2nd picture is with my girl Roxy, soon to be champs girlfriend in about a year (;

Rottweiler Rider !!!!
the pic was taken through mobile. so not a good pic quality. but surely for those who know this breed, it’s clear enough to show the temperement …

Kaiser as a puppy
This is Kaiser at 6 weeks old, when we got him at 8 weeks he weighed 2 kgs. You can see from my previous picture at 7 months old that he has more …

This is my TYSON, a bundle of laugh and my best friend!!! He’s my body guard 🙂

This is just part of our litter 0f 14, 2 weeks old.

koda & roktu at 9 months
koda & roktu at 9 months – just chilling on the patio

This is Kaiser my 7 month old puppy, he is just one big bundle of joy

Elvis rescued 2010
Elvis was rescued March 2010. As you can see in the photo, he was a bit on the thin side, possibly due to stress. The photo was taken as soon as I got …

My home protection

these guys are my “kids”, koda (sister) and roktu (brother). they are 22 months old.

Our little Jess just coming up to 11 months and she is changing xx

My new baby girl- Nyah!
Meet Nyah! She is 7 weeks old. This is my second rottie. It’s been 10 years since my first one passed & it has taken me this long to allow another …

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Kota at the dog park. 14 months
Kota loved the dogpark. Played well with the other dogs and had a blast. Such a good girl.

Precious is a new mother
This is my brother’s Rottie and she had just had her first litter of pups. She is proud and stressed all in one. She is 3 years old and with …

Petra III
This is our third Rottie. She was found and recovered from gypsy’s by the Guardia Civil and given to a rescue centre. She was very young and needed …

Roxy A long Haired Rotti
She is my little girl!

Kane at 18 months
Kane loves taking pictures and love taking his pictures!! I love him so much!

Dozer and Sadie
Dozer (75 lb. male) and Sadie (58 lb. female) are 5 1/2 month old litter mates. We got Dozer on Christmas Eve and then went back a week later and …

This is out beloved family pet. We were given him when he was 6 months old. We don’t have any papers for him but have been told of some people that …

Annie Jo 1 year old & Leiah sophia 8 weeks old Rottie
Annie Jo 1 year old & Leiah sophia 8 weeks old Rottie, they are like my kids lol.

Strider Staying In Touch
Time has passed a little since Strider first found this wonderful sight with all his new Rottweiler friends so I thought I would keep you all up to date. …

She is the most loveable, kissable, huggable girl in the world. She never leaves my side. She is so loyal.

Spike !!
He’s a real miracle! We got him when he was only two weeks xox

Hi, My name is Sheru. A slang for a lion in Urdu language. I am 2 months old and I am a first generation Pakistani rotti. My parents were imported …

Rottweilers can get along with any dog.
In this Picture you see 4 male dogs doing the watch command. In the left corner is my Rottweiler name Gunther. In the centre front is a Pit bull x Am Staff …

More Kush pictures.
He’s just starting to lift his leg to pee 🙂 my boy is growing up to fast!

Mishka sleeping
Mishka resting after visiting the vet

Kush 9 months.
Just went to the vet to get his heartworm/flea protection and he weighs 91 pounds! Healthy as an OX!

Sweetie Basque
She lights up my life with endless laughter.

Clare was born on 29.09.2010. She is a stunning girl – a little stubborn but nice to everyone.

Rex at 10 months 104 pounds and 26″ tall

Tasha at 12 weeks

Venus “Thea” Theadora
This is my Baby Girl. Thea. She’s a 2 year old, 90 lb registered Rottweiler.

Spike !!
He’s a big baby, we got him when he was 3 weeks old and he’s a little miracle! We just love him!

9 months old, enjoying the spring sunshine

Always so happy 🙂
Angel is now 14 months and is my world.. She is always so happy and loves her playmates(big or small). We spend a lot of time at the dog park and have …

My last rottweiler was called “Enzo” and he passed away in 2006. He was 9 and died of cancer. He was a very good boy. He loved going for walks, looking …

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Jess And Molly
Jess, 9 months old and her best friend from next door Molly aged 3.

Zeus: God of Sky and Thunder; Father of Gods and men…..
Zeus is quite a character and has brought new light into our home. He was quickly acquainted with Leonidas (Leo) our 3yr old American Bulldog and our two …

This is my third Rottweiler and I love him like crazy… he came to me at the PERFECT time. I saw him for the first time when he was five weeks old …

In this picture my little girl is 9 weeks old. This is my first Rottweiler and I am sooooooooooo in love!!!!!!

3 months old

I have been told by a dog groomer that Jess is a cross breed. I don’t know her history as she was rescued at 18 weeks old, any comments please…. …

My Girl she is 4 month old & very good but more aggressive with other people .

Extreme Belly Rubs
Besides napping, Jack will completely prostitute himself if there’s any chance of getting his belly rubbed.

Sundae the Little Monster
This is Sundae my little girl, I got her at eight weeks old and she is currently about 9 months old 2/27/12. She is on the small side at 60lbs.

Enjoying the view
Jenna came to live with us while her daddy (my son) was deployed to Iraq.. When he returned, she went back to live with him :(…. I was heartbroken so …

Nap time.
My Rottweiler, Jack, absolutely MUST be at my side. Instead of napping in his bed he prefers to nap beside me. (I love it, of course.)

My little champion Thor
Hellow everyone my name is Robert Tallman and i want you to meet our new family member Thor. He was 7 weeks old yesterday. We must have been lucky, …



My Boy Champ
My champ at about 21 months old. He’s almost 2 years old(:

Nika and Annie!!!
We adopted our beautful rottie girls when they were 1 in 2008. They had been abused for the first 6 months of their lives and were at at a rottie resuce …

Our Girl Phoebe!
Lovable as all get out!

dog’s shyness
Oxy is my female Rottie. She is very naughty and playful dog. And she love all.

Our female rottie “””Izzy”””
This is Izzy she was born in oct. she’s 3 months old and is already 35 pounds. Fun loving , exciting, full of life, sweet and playful

Forever Lap Dogs!
Gunnar, my two year old, grew up sitting with me on my chair. Even though he weighs about 115 he still enjoys sitting on my chair for a good rub. …

My girl Bella
Bella here at 9-10 months. She is 14 months now. Love her like crazy.

Bella is 15 weeks old. She is very smart and very active. We got Bella a week ago and already see major changes in her growth and her personality. …

This is my boy Robbin, and he is so smart. he is 3 month and 15 days but i think that his size is small, but i like him.

Gold Hill Rotten Rotties.
We are a Code of Ethics breeder located in the Central part of North Carolina. We have dogs with Champion German and European bloodlines. Our commitment …

My Scooby!
This is Sanjeev from Bangalore, India. Here is the pic of Scooby ( My 7 month old Male Rottie); He is such an hyper-active guy, always running around …

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Tugboat’s good friend, Scooter the orange cat
Tugboat came into the house at 9 weeks old. He really never knew he was supposed to chase the cat, they just cuddled. He is now 18 months old and …

Butters my sexy rottie puppy
We got butters last feb 2010, and she’s been such a wonderful puppy. playful, hyper, super loving and she absolutely loves our cats and kittens. she thinks …

Xena is a rescue Rotti, she is around 11 – 12 mths old. But she has had a hard life in such a short time. We’ve had her 2 weeks now and in that time, …

Kota-11 months
This is a picture of her on our camping trip. She was looking at a squirrel and wanted to play.

Happy Birthday my lovin’ Angel…
Angel is my New Years Eve baby and just celebrated her 1st b’day.. She was an angel sent to us after the loss of our 2nd rotti Precious.. She has trained …

I’ve had Roxii from a 9wk old pup. She is my pride and joy and my best friend. She is an amazing girl, so smart, loyal and full of fun, she makes …

Oscar – Gorgeous Male Rottie Pup
Oscar was extremely hyper at six weeks but had levelled out a bit by 15 weeks 🙂 It took two weeks to get him to stop biting heels and chasing ankles. …

This is my first Rottie!! Her name is Sasha and we got her last Sunday at the age of only 4 wks, 2 days, or exactly 1 month old as an early Christmas …

This is Kane, I was asking him if he wanted to go outside. I love this picture! He is a ham!! He loves taking pictures. He is 12 months and …

Bacardi Blast delhi
Bacardi Blast is son of multi v1 grewal’s champion turbo power turbo son of multi country champion zap flash rouse.. Bacardi Blast mother rassel vom …


Sarah and Bubba with Santa
A visit to the local pet shop to get their picture made. Sarah, (the one on the right) was afraid of Santa. Bubba, Sarah’s baby brother loved him.

Cherokee is 8 months old and a wonderful addition to my home. She is so smart and loving. House broken in two weeks and only got to one telephone wire …

He is a Rowdy Boy…

My Kota, 10 months
She is a funny, goofy girl who loves to sleep on her back and be with her family 24/7. She loves walks and dinner time(lol) and i wouldn’t change anything …

Ronnie (female) and Charlie (male)
Here are some recent pictures of my friendly, sweet, lovable teddybears. We have had ronnie since she was 8 weeks. She doesn’t understand that not all …

She is our baby. She is so sensible so cute and loveable. She loves to spend whole day in front of us and at night just wanna share space in bed.

Interesting dog warning sign for your door /gate 😀

Rocky – the rottweiler , A clown with family
My little kiddo rocky who is 18 months now, weighing 43 kgs, height 26.5 inches at shoulder He behaves like a clown running to hide behind my wife’s …

My new baby ‘Millie’
After losing my beloved 8 yr old Rottie Jordan earlier this year to a stroke. I was devastated… she was a true lady, after missing having a rottie …

Vom Dobkins
Each of babies is special in their own way. Sascha is the Protector, Diesel is the male model and he knows it… Lacey is well Lacey, the most friendly …

This is Cooper who I got at a local shelter back in December 2010 after I lost my rottweiler after only 8 yrs of age named Honz. Cooper weighs today …

Rain and Sonne
We bought and kinda rescued our big guy Sonne from our breeder. my husband and i had bought our 1st rottie from her. she knew we were waiting for her …


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Long hair Rottweiler
I was browsing through the net one day and a came across a Long Hair Rottweiler. He looks stunning. Just wanted to know if this is common and do they …

Lu Lu the Rotti
She is 11 weeks old and the cutest, smartest and most unbelievable puppy on earth!!

Thor & Zeus
Both these guys are rescues from here in Austin. Thor I have had since Nov 10′ and Zeus since Nov 08′. Thor is 3 1/2yrs and Zeus is 3. These …

Rocky the Rottweiler – 17 Months
Rocky the Rottweiler at 17 months. Even a rottweiler wants to sleep with teddy bear as pillow 🙂

Tugboat and Annie’s Christmas Card
Tugboat wore that santa hat for all the photos we took. I couldn’t believe it. Annie just sat in the wagon the whole time and never budged! They …

Just the two of us
Rambo and Jewlz brother and sister 🙂 1 year 5 months old

Lord Benno Von Eschenhagen
Article: “The Regal Rottweiler” by Christina Bush

This is a picture of my rottie Light. We rescued him when he was barely 2 months old and he was to love of our family from then on. The was the biggest …

Harvest Time Teddy
Teddy’s favorite season

My Lovely Yuro
My Lovely Yuro

Tugboat pulling his best friend in the wagon, Annie.
Tugboat lives with 5 smaller dogs; 3 dachshunds, 1 blind and deaf shitz-shu and 1 three-legged chihuahua. All the smaller dogs are rescues but Tugboat …

Sarah and Bubba
Sarah and Bubba love each other so much. They are like bookends. Bubba is 4 1/2 months and Sarah will be 2 in January.

The Romeo 6 months
60 LBS still being pushed around by his sister LULU the chihuahua

Sterling Tebo!
This is my expensive little man! I love him to death!

rambo my big boy
Rambo is my 2 year old male he has a great temperament, loves my kids, plays with them my 9 month old baby gets on his back and climbs all over him. …

The Romeo loves all other creatures friendly and handsome he is the only male in a house of 4 dogs. He our sheriff on duty!

Sam The Man
Hello I am Samson my mom calls me Sam Sam and I am a very special dog. I was born on 03/30/11 actually to my mom I am a gift from heaven. You see …

she is my darling! all myths about rottweiler being aggressive is just not acceptable

Tito Boy is the Very Best Dog
So sure that adopting Tito in 2009 was kismet. He has brought so much to our lives.

Kane at 11 months
This is my baby boy Kane. He is such a smart dog! I have never had a dog before, I was scared to have a Rottie but now I am so thankful that we have …

AXXEL 8 months old
Axxel is my first rottweiler and first dog. i have had him since he was only 4 weeks. I love him so much, he is so sweet, he is nice to everyone he sees. …

My baby boy, Diesel…
Diesel is the reason I smile every day. He never fails to make me laugh, no matter what kind of mood I’m in. The first thing he does when I walk out …

My Darling Boy – Mick
Mick or Micky or Micky boy or my darling boy 🙂 He is my first dog, also my first rottweiler. He is now 6 years old. He is so human than a dog! He …

Reina 8 months old female
hi this is my dog she’s 8 months old, how big do female Rottweilers get? Jessica – It depends mostly on their genes (and how big their parents …

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R.I.P. “Doe”
This is one of the 4 Rotti’s that I’ve owned. She ended up passing away a little over 2 yrs ago. But I wanted to share her with you so she can live …

Diesel (AKA: The Nub)
Diesel was born November 17, 2010. He has been the best puppy ever! He is so very sweet, loves to be around us all of the time, he loves our children …

Cy is about 3.5 months old… Such a great dog already, so playful!

Lord Benno Von Eschenhagen
My Rottie is the sweetest and smartest guy I know and he loves to have fun, especially in the pool.

My rottie when he was a puppy.

This is the new member of our family…Sasha 🙂 She is 13 weeks old and such a sweetheart.

Ralph my BIG baby
Ralph is my 3 year old male rottie, he enjoys nothing more than a lay down on the sofa or a sleep on his bed… his weight at the moment is 7 1/2 (105lbs) …

Contessa Giordano
Contessa, or “Tess”, as we’ve come to call her, is an amazing story. She was surrendered to the nearest shelter by her “owner” after giving birth to a …

Dakota Jade… My Rottie.
I lost my last baby, Diamond Bailey at 7 and a half months due to sickness that she had. Bad breeder. This is the new addition to the family. Her name …

My loving Angel..
My little girl is not so little anymore..8 months yesterday and growing fast. She went on her first camping trip and acted like an old pro. never left …

Kane is a 10 week old German Rottweiler.

Aunt Rose
I lost my rottie aunt Rose last September we had her for nine and a half years. I moved to Spain ten years ago with my children all boys aged 10, 3 and …

Missi (the only dog in the world)
I cant have fun. She is the most beautiful rotti in the world. What else can I say? She is five years old and loves playing with children (I think …

Meeko Now 8 months
Hard to believe that little baby has grown so much!

Liebe Von Gott Meaning Love of God
Liebe is my heart. Here she is 7 months old. Not sure how much she weighs cause I used to lift her up to weigh her with me on the reg bath scale but …

Thorin Von Bullett Boy Blues and Natasha Von Paige
Dear Sue and First let me say what a wonderful and beautiful site you have built here and many thanks for that.Your …

ch. turbo power son rottweiler cute puppy 43days old

Botero is 6 months and 15 days old (I took this pic today). He is incredible. He was born in Colombia, I was born in Mexico, we both live in Medellin, …

ch. turbo power sone
38 days old rottweiler male. father ch. turbo power s/o multi country ch. zap flash mother . import

Smoky, The Love Of My Life!
Here’s Smoky. He came into my life in 2002, and heartbreakingly left me in April, 2010. I miss him so very much! Being with him was the happiest …

We have a new Rottie and his name is Bubba. Sarah is 1 1/2 years old and loves him. Bubba is 2 months old. We didn’t know if Sarah would accept a puppy …

Roni with his Girl Friend
Roni, he is just 2 months old…

this is my Bear, 8 months old in picture

Kota- 5 months in pic
I got my girl at 10 weeks and she has been the best dog i have ever had. She is super smart and loves my chilren ages 2,6,8. Now at 6 months she …

I love my baby, she is a handful though but well worth it. After only having her for a few days she is progressing very well. We still have a long …

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Baruto is sweet and adorable male rottweiler. He is 5 years old and live with a black cat. He likes almost everyone except other male dogs.

Angel (Judy) spay recovery
My little girl Angel is recovering from her spay. She will be 7 months on the 31st and can’t wait to get out there and be a puppy again. She is pushing …

Bear at 7 weeks
Brought Bear home this weekend. What a bundle of joy! He is already picking up his name. Having a hard time with him pooping in his crate at night, …

“Bear” at 3 weeks old
Here is my new babie’s first picture. He is 3 weeks in the photo. This was our first visit to the breeder. Still with his momma until Saturday, July 23rd. …

Jax my big baby boy at 10 months old! Jax is always the star of the show!
I love him soo much! Jax is a 96 pound love muffin.

Hi I’m Blade, I’m pushin on a bit but I’m always up for fun, frolics and especially food.
Hi, Blade is 11 years old now and is our sons dog. He has been living with us for three years and during that time we have quickly fallen head over …

Please meet my little Sabrina!
Boris needed a little playmate since Nikita is getting on in age and no longer feels like his teenager energy! Here’s my lovely little girl, 6 weeks …

roxi and ruby
These are my two girls, they are litters sisters and 17 months old. I think ruby (with white patch) looks al lot differnt to roxi with a much heavier …

Comet enjoying the sunshine on the deck

and ignorants say this breed is dangerous !!!!!
My rotty pup – at 14 months – He is so caring and friendly one. Just like humans, how we bring up children, how we educate them, how we love them …

My Champ
He is a year old and loves getting in the canal and playing with his homemade toy a simple empty water bottle. He is only a year old.(: He is a year …


Havoc is a super friendly, funny clown! We love him so much!


Misty and Cindy
Misty passed away in 2009 from spinal cancer, she was just 20 months old. Cindy is an English Pointer who will be 12 on 23 June, she missed Misty …

The love of my life! Rottweilers are the most amazing breed but you can only discover their perfection if you allow them deep into your heart.

the Pretty Princess: Libby @ age 2
She’s a sweetheart and an amazingly agile dog. I’ve never seen another Rottie jump as high as she does; it’s as if she has springs in her back legs. …

guildo!!! ma man 😉
very very very strong and fierce but still a loving dog which is very defensive towards any threats!! and here’s a foto of me and ma man !!

Ted the Great and his little friend Mia
Ted is 7 yrs old and is the greatest dog I’ve ever had. He is my family’s and little dog’s faithful body guard!

Kane @ 7 months
Here is Kane again after he had been playing with the boys. He knows how to follow the sit, stay, lay, and paw command! He is such a smart dog!! …

“PYPER” @3 Months Old
PYPER our 1st Rottweiler Owned

Our boy Indy
I have been visiting this site since I started hand raising Indy at 10 days old. Sue has been the greatest help and no matter how silly the question, she …


Ronnie (female)….Born 18/02/11…Our 8 week old guard dog!
This is ronnie. She is so confident, fearless and has even stood on guard growling and barking at the door. She is so clever and picks things up …

Duke is now 1 year and 1 month. The picture was taken after a long play in the yard. He’s such a wonderful dog. It feels like I’ve had him all my life! …

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princess my first Rottweiler
My first Rottweiler, she likes to be on my lab a day

My Rovable Rottie Reggie
Here’s is a picture of my new baby… He’s a lovable fluff-ball with a passion for licking feet, hands, trousers and cats – especially cats!

My babygirl Jewls
We have adopted Jewls about 1 week and a half ago… She is the biggest sweetheart. She’s my little cuddle bug and we couldn’t be happier to have added …

is this the calm befor the storm??? is baby Dave lulling me into a false sense of security???……. dave is only 9 weeks old and has been with me for …

Angel–our new years eve baby…
Angel is now 15 weeks old and a very healthy 30lbs.. As we lost our baby girl Precious in Oct,I sometimes wonder if she wasn’t reincarnated to come …

Zoey (on left) and Bolo (on right)
This is Zoey and Bolo. She is now 14 months old and 80lbs, and Bolo is 8 months old and 90lbs. They LOVE sitting at the door and watching the kids …

bella bear
Me and my wife got bella at a young age at 9 weeks but she’s an amazing and goofy kind of rottie but loving at the same time. She loves the 2 cats we …

Rambo and Jewls
I’ve already submitted a photo of Rambo on here but we’ve added a new member to our family this weekend and her name is Jewls(on the right)! It just …

Max enjoys water and playing in the garden

Getting So Big!!
Tux Is 11 weeks and weighs 24lbs.!

Diamond Bailey…. My Rottie
Bailey is the newest part of the family. She is now 10 weeks old. She is so lovable and cute, crazy, clumsy!! 🙂 Many people come up to her and say …

Caesar King of the house !
This is a picture of my two year old Caesar he is an absolute joy to be around he is funny , cute and the most friendly dog in the world. People ask if …

Ruger von Klaus Haas a.k.a. “Ruggie” or “Puppens”
9 weeks 23 lbs. The cutest pupper around!

Maximus and his brother “Apollo”
We also have Maximus’ brother Apollo who joined our family about two weeks ago, we decided to keep him too. They love to play with each other.

My Cute Rott Boy & Rottie Gal…!!!
hi again everyone…i want 2 share with you my babies pic… they are now 7 months old…

This is Comet, She is 5 months old now 🙂 She helps me at work, with individuals with disabilities. Kids love her and she’s my little hero.

I brought my new pup Gunnar home recently, and I just wanted to thank this website very much for all the helpful tips! Using, …

This is Tyson, Loyal loving family dog, Doesn’t take to kindly to people he doesn’t know though. He has lots of energy when it comes to running round …

: kiba : just turned 1
I adopted kiba from a pet store when she was only 3 months. I was not originally looking for a rottweiler but she caught my eye immediately; and when asked …

My baby!!!! he’s big but thinks he’s tiny!!!
AZZO This is my handsome, gentle cuddly bear!!! He’s 3yrs old and weighs approx 10 stone.

Sam Our Beautiful Dog We were lucky that the person who was going to be your new owner changed his mind! We picked you up and boy your character …


“Maximus” the Gladiator
Maximus is 12 weeks old and 28 LBS and most lovable puppy we’ve ever owned. Loves to eat though.

Diesel is a very unique dog, curious as hell & loves playing football & loves to chew the stick ie 24hrs ! He never gets tired & wants me to play with …

Meeko almost 4 months
He LOVES to climb ..on the desks..microwave stand.. you name it he’s more like a mountain goat, but we love him 🙂

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JoJo is growing up!
We already have a page but I had to submit these other pictures. I take pictures weekly of my baby because they grow faster than any dog I have ever seen! …

JoJo my little sock monster @ 8 weeks old
My Rottweiler JoJo is amazing! He is now 14 weeks old and a big ole hamm! He loves to play fetch and shake hands. His favorite food is rice and chicken …

Hello there!
I received zeus when he was just 3 1/2 weeks old, he was born on november 30th, we did show an interest in him so when we received the call that mom wasn’t …


Raja – My brother…
Hi All, This is Raja, My little brother. My friend gifted him when he was just 45 days. Now he is part of my family, to my parents he is their youngest …

A Rottweiler Poem
I found this on the internet and i thought to share it with you. PS: (It made me cry!!!) A Letter From A Dog To His Owner A MESSAGE FROM MAX: …

Reese – 11 week old Berner/Rottie Mix
This is our little girl, Reese. My boyfriend lost his Rottie about 5 years ago to cancer and he finally decided he wanted a new pup. I decided to get him …

Tia and Vinnie
Tia will be 3 years old in March 2011 – we got her from rescue in Sept 2010 (after many years of pressure from my Wife and two kids), we instantly fell …

Zues already has a page but this was to cute not to share
I love this site!!! i’m on here almost everyday. I already posted a page for my 2-year old Zues (will work for treats, belly rubs, and rides in the …

Diesel and Onyx
Onyx is 3 years and 2 days old and Diesel is 11 1/2 weeks.

Guildo,man of the house!!
two words describe my rottweiler! fun and protective!!

Introducing Chloe Von Mac
I grew up with dog’s, my wife never did. I have a 5 year old daughter and I want her to see what it’s like to have a loyal, loving family dog and to not …

Indy at 11 weeks
I absolutely love this site and all it’s information. It has definitely been Indy and I’s best friend as we have had my handsome boy since he was 12 days …

Bella, the super-sweet love-muffin
Bella is our awesomely sweet Rottweiler pup. I have owned Rotties before, and they all have been big, sweet lap dogs. But Bella is really the sweetest …

Sami ,my best dog, just gone..
Sami appeared on 12-23-2001 from nowhere as I was standing around the corner from my home in a quiet residential South Pasadena California neighborhood. …

Rocky the Rottweiler 9th month
Sue and other friends of A love to rottweiler community….. Here is my little Rottie update on 9th month

Xena Winter-land Jan. 2011
Xena is a 10 month old female which we rescued at 3 months of age. She is a beautiful, intelligent, loving and loyal puppy and has become a valued …

Bruiser and Knuckles
These are my 9 month old babies!

Joshua the Rottie!
Our first Rottie, 7-weeks old! He’s the sweetest boy ever!

Jameson 5 month old female
Jameson is a gorgeous 5 month old female we also have her sister Bailey. These 2 are our pride and joy. Crate trained and no accidents easy to train …

Handsome Hans
Hans is our 4th rottie and is such a sweetie. He came into our lives 3 weeks after we lost our beloved “Apollo”. It was such a surprise as he was not …

My New Little Rottie Baby
This is my first Rotti puppy, I had adopted a pretty adult girl, but this is my first baby so I am learning all I can. He has a tiny little white …

Rambo the Rottie
Rambo is our 7 month old rottie. After picking him out from his litter we were instantly in love. He has been nothing but a joy brought to our lives. …

Jada Female Rottie at 8 months

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RJ -My Handsome Rott!
RJ is 9 months old. He is indeed the most docile rottie in the world!…. most loving, most caring, and most handsome! He loves children and all his …

This is my big little baby… he is 16 months old(01/28/2011) and i would not trade him for any other kind of dog in the world… he is not my first …

He is the cutest dog i have ever owned- he loves playing around with me and makes this funny growling sound when he plays with my shoe laces or playing …

Titan is 43 days most cutest puppy I have ever seen… he was 35 days old when i took this picture.


Rotties Rule – because our cats are no longer with us
My daughter and I have only owned rescued dogs and kittens. We have never had the chance to raise a puppy, so we did our research. Which entailed hundreds …

Zac is now 6 months old and 34 kilograms. He loves playing and running around with children and being with people. Zac will jump up into our laps for …

Harley at xmas
here is pic of my boy, you can’t ask for a more loving dog

Rottie Haven
I have several Rotties I love these big babies. Here at Rottie Haven they have 7 acres to play in and our home is always open

Gunther at 12 weeks and at 8 months
This my Boy, he is such a cutie. he is the runt of a litter of 8. He’s best mate is an 6 year old Foxy named Houdini. They eat, sleep and play together. …

This is my third Rottie… His name is Axel and he is 9 months old… I got Axel for Christmas and I am currently working with him. He loves going for …

He Loves to Pee every Where .. Hahah.. Sometimes we call him Sprinkle…

Rocky Vomcarnivous – 8 months
Rocky the Rotty – Rocky Vomcarnivous at 8 months My little boy – at 8 months slowly maturing

Our Beautiful Boy Duke
The last time I posted he was 11 weeks and 30 pounds. He was 10 months on Jan.10/11 and is now around 120 pounds. He’s still a big baby and lives …

Maximo: 41 lbs 1-11-2011
WEll Max is doing a lot better with the digestive situation- we have had him for about 8 weeks now- he was at least 6 weeks old we we adopted him- so I …

A up-to-date picture of Meeko… 8 weeks in this one

Axel – My best friend
My boy was born on the 26th of September 2010. Axel is my first Rottweiler, my previous dog was a German Shepherd and I thought that no other breed could …

Meeko is 10 weeks now and full of fun 🙂

My Cute Rott Boy & Rottie Gal…!!!
They both are so cute & adorable…I love them a lot…They are 5 months old…

Caesar carefully listening to “Grandpa” on the phone
The boy really was listening and know’s grandpa’s voice. He was telling Caesar he was coming for a visit. This pic made the newspaper here.

Caesar and his 20 pound cat Leo
From the time he was 9 weeks old, he saw the cats jump up on the back of the couch. Well, shortly after that as he grew he figured it out and thus we …

Caesar at 4 months old
Couldn’t resist taking this perfect pic of him laying on his back. Too funny!

Our Little Bad Baby Nikita 🙂
she is currently 7 weeks and we got her on christmas eve as a gift. I’m was so happy, before her we had a black lab so I’m happy to have a different …

Marcus the Smart boy
He is 4 months old lovable boy

oh,Sheba (our 1st Rottie)
I’m sheba,I was born 10/13 and now i’m in my FORever home!! I am learning to crate train and its going ok,i’m crying less during the night and my people …

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Nova, as in Casanova
Hey! You can see from my clever dog tag that my name is Nova, as in Casanova because I am going to be tall, dark, and handsome. I’m only 12 weeks …

Lexi and Gypsy
Lexi dnd Gypsy what a pair of rotts, best of buds. In my opinion you haven’t fully experienced rotts till you have 2der, so much fun playing with and …

Indy at 6 weeks old!
Hand raised Indy at almost 6 weeks old, he only weighs 2.3kg

Our baby
Our 7 week old Rotti, full of engery and spunk… This is our 4th rotti and we love them to pieces.

Lokee Vom HochKlasse
Here’s a pic of lokee with his favorite ball, we are from sunny San Diego Ca Rod

Sarah’s Christmas collar
Sarah’s first Christmas collar

My doggie Keiser 🙂
my little rottie, Keiser 🙂 i got hime from some woman who was selling him in the street. He was infested with worms and he was all down and unactive, …

Juno aka Super J
Juno, a male rottie, came to live with us at the beginning part of this summer. Luckily Juno did not have an abusive past. He had a great relationship …

Rocky the rotty – 7 months
My little Rotty Very caring and possessive for my little daughters. Thumbs down for all those who try to defame this wonderful breed. No Dog is …

We’ve had Honey for 6 weeks and have loved every minute of it. She is an amazing and smart pup. She’s 3 months tomorrow and getting so big.:( But …

Daisy showing off her new scarf!
My mom knitted this scarf for Daisy worrying she would be too cold outside. Daisy wears the scarf just fine until someone draws her attention to the …

Tank & Haven
I adopted Tank from my local shelter. He was on his last day at 3 months. Little did I know he had kennel cough when I got him. It takes kennel cough …

Maximo at 9 weeks 15.0 lbs
We have had Maximo for 2 weeks and he is adorable, energetic and is learning commands.

Born April 1st, 2010

Jax…Our big bundle of JOY!!!!
Jax is our ‘kid’…He is hilarious!!! 6 months old and 70 lbs of lap dog!! This is his Puppy Kindergarten Graduation…. What a proud day for my …

Rev Run
Rev is a 8 month old male Rottie who loves everyone and everything. He follows children around licking them and playing with them. He enjoys playing …

My jazzyboy,Jazz.he’s got the best smile!
Jaz is 3 now,his previous owner did not want him cause she was scared of the breed. He was given to her by her dying sister when he was 7 weeks old. I …

“khumo”-4month old rottie
hi, this is khumo my 4 month old rottie

Maximo at 8 weeks 11.69 lbs
WE adopted Maximo from the Shelter. Not sure if he is a pure rottie has the markings, weighed him at 8 weeks is about 11.69 lbs.

from dog to rottweiler
This beauty is Tillie. I got her from a home where she was stuck in the back yard with no shelter. She didn’t look anything like a Rottweiler except …

JuJu “Pretty Baby”
JuJu is a fun, loving, and intelligent Rott Puppy. She’s a joy.

Hemi The Swamp Thing
Hello, my Rottie is named Hemi. My boyfriend named and raised him so just like dad he can be a big goober. Never having owned a Rottweiler before …

leeiah akasha maple star
i’m female, i’m 15 weeks old and i love my mom and family. i’m a good girl but my mommy says i’m a terror on wheels .how ever i do have lots a spunk. …

Miss Jackie
I got Jackie after my very first Rottweiler, Sasha, passed away at 9 years after surviving parvo as a puppy and finally being diagnosed with bone cancer. …

A collage of Zeus! (1 years old now but these are over his whole year with us)
Zeusy at training who does pretty well, and loves socialising with all the other dogs.

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Zeus – Definitely thinks he’s human
He is gentle, loveing and caring and loves to play with rocks, bottles and tyres. He’s the best we’ve ever had. We love you Zeusy!!! 😉

Sarah and her Aunt Peggy from Houston, Texas

Sarah with her Uncle Bill from Houston, Texas.

Rocky – 6th Month
he is 6 months today. cared and handled by my little daughters very caring and friendly and love to be with family every time

Nevada – last Holloween
Cute right – now she won’t stop digging. I am sure I will see China in a couple of weeks. It’s sad, I am hoping for snow to cover up the big hole! …

this is my boy ben
He’s six months old he’s a big softy he just loves every body he meets

Bolo as Skeletor! 12 weeks old
This is our “lil man” Bolo. He is 12 weeks old and 30ish pounds. He is happy to see everyone<

15 month old JOGI
This male is son of Ch.Turbo power (the best bred in India male with most winnings) His grand father is Ch.Zap flash rouse (Imp) and his mother is …

Zoey Loving the Carpet
Zoey got caught and she is quite the cute little girl.

Zoey is now 8 months old and 70ish pounds. It’s hard to believe when we got her in April 2010 she was only 3lbs. She loves to dig and run. She is a …

Dozer is a 5 month old puppy from Connecticut.

My Boys Niko and Raider
I adopted Niko last year 6/09 after we had to put my 11 year old Rottie Axel to sleep. That was one of the saddest days of my life. I did some research …

This is Sarah at 8 months.

Action Jaxson
well my little buddy is 4 months old today, i didn’t choose him he chose me. While i was talking to the breeder this little cute ball of fur would …

Tedd E. Bear (in WA)
I believe that he is the Rott who is supposed to bring balance to the force! Tedd E. Bear is a beautiful, absolutely tack sharp, Rottweiler (with …

This my rottie harley , we adopted him a few months ago , he’s a big baby who always is wanting attention

Wolfgang is loving,fun, and little bit laid back

grace and lainie my grand daughter
this is grace my dog she is with lainie my grand daughter. grace is 4 months old in this photo. she is a great girl and is at the moment under training …

Zac at 10 weeks. Don’t let his cute looks fool you. He is a lively little bugger but a pleasure to have around.

This is our Saipan style “Rottweiler” puppy D’ARGO. He is a little devil and we love him! He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes constantly. …

We adopted Tiberius from our local SPCA in 2009. He lost his first human, a soldier killed in Iraq, and we are honored to have him in our lives.

–Jayda & Me–
Hello everyone! this is our baby Jayda, she is approximately 13 years old, sorry I don’t know her exact age, as her previous owner was not sure if she …

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Annie …
Rott’n dogs, what can I say 😕 Years ago, I saw my first big sweetie Rott. It was winter, snow on the road, so we took my co-worker home. There, by …

My best friend!!!

roman 7 months old ,

my baby! sierra!
this pic is of my 3 year old female rottweiler aka (my kids nanny) lol

my rottie
how big do u think my rottie will get, he’s 7 months now and when will he stop growing? from sue at… for answers …

My beautiful Hossy. He was 14 when he developed bone cancer which took him away in only 60 days. He will be greatly missed.

Our Baby Nikita
This is our precious baby Nikita. We are going to eventually call her Nikki though. She was only 2 weeks old in this picture. Which was a week ago Friday. …

3 year old rottweiler

Teddy — rescued from near death, now full of life!
DNA test shows little Teddy as a pure Rottweiler, tho’ it looks like some shepherd in there to me?! We found her at just a few weeks old, abandoned …

this is my rottie Rocco
He’s 1 year old (AKA Snorkle) “He dives under water and blows bubbles”

Sophie at 5 months old and getting bigger 42#

My Best Friend Daisy May
She was afraid and alone in a shelter. I saw her photo and it was love at first sight! When I went to visit her, the aid at the shelter wanted to bring …

I dont want to get out. I thought we were going for a ride.
Sasha is five months old and a joy to be around.

Nothing in the world like a Rottie pup !!!! Zirus is from a breeding between USRC YOUTH SELECT/V2 VON ZENNITH JACCO BH, AD, SCH/VPG1 X WIGGY VON Z~MAX …

Neo. Born in Alabama. Now in Virginia.
Neo is 2 1/2 years old. He’s my second Rottie. My first Rottie, Nyce, lived to be ten years old. Check out more photos on my website …

RIO… sweetie
Rio.. That’s my rottie’s name. He is a male one and a half year old.. Rio is adorable.. very affectionate.. smart.. and is Very Naughty… He …

hi i’m roman. am i pure bred or cross, if cross what with? Hi Sam It’s impossible to say whether Roman is purebred or a mixed breed just …

my puppy jezzy
my puppy jezzy he’s almost 4 months old in this pic

Jazz is my big bubba! I love my rottweiler so much he is such a loving an adorable dog. He lives with me and my partner and our staffy cross Rocky who …

my beautiful female as a pup. 🙂

Bear is the most wonderful dog. Some of my friends and relatives had their doubts when I told them I was bringing home a Rottweiler puppy, but it was all …

Ginger – 11 years old and still going strong!
Best dog I have ever owned! She is so lovable, and yes, she also talks! lol

Isis in her Paco Collar
Isis got this Paco collar for her first birthday

Isis is the first rottie I have ever owned and she is my best friend. Isis Loves kids and people she even want to get hugs and kisses from strangers, …

11 weeks and 30lbs He’s starting to pick on our adult Rottie!

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A Tribute To Two Dear Friends
A trip down memory lane with two wonderful friends. Buck (Shepherd) and Dillon (Rottie). Dillon passed away at 12 and Buck was almost 12. Anyone who …

Duke all tied up
Duke, like all or most Rotties is a ham. His silly and goofy personality makes everyone laugh and fall in love with him. He’s about 12 weeks in …

She is very good ,very loving,very caring,very intelligent and the best amongst all other canine breeds….

Bailey..The weed pulling/ dirt digging lover
Bailey was born on February 20,2010. She was the runt of the group. We received her at 7 weeks weighing at 4.5lbs. We wanted to give her a great life since …

Sophie was the only surviving puppy from a litter of 9. We adopted her at 3 days old. My husband is retired so he took on the task of being “Mr. Mom” …

Ringo is my first Rottie. I had GSD before. He’s really great and supercute, and I enjoy every moment we spend together. Oh and my fiance loves …

Rolo is Our 9 week Old rottie pup. We adore every bone in his body, couldn’t imagine life without our little rottie now. He goes everywhere with us …

Titan is now 8 weeks old & 13 pounds, does anyone know if that’s about normal? I guess I should check the growth chart huh. From Sue at a-love-of-rottweilers …

my princess kini
This is my baby girl Kini. She’s gorgeous and we love her to bits, wouldn’t swap her for the world.

Our Baby Addie
Addie is only 3 1/2 weeks old so I don’t even have her yet. Our 10 yr old rottie just passed and our home is so empty and lonely we decided to fill …

Stella Vom T Hurley
Stella Vom T Hurley DOB: December 10, 2007 Sire: Pasha Earl Antonius (World CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius son) Dam: Milan’s Casi V. Schoenfelden (Moritz …

Cheyenne T Hurley Von Der Alantahaus
Cheyenne T Hurley Von Der Alantahaus DOB: February 7, 2009 Sire: Benny Overtaken By Darkness Dam: Jodie Vom Grossen Tal Jodie is a Figo Vom Grossen …

Capone T Hurley Vom Dieter
Capone T Hurley vom Dieter DOB: November 24, 2009 Sire: Pasha Earl Antonius (sire: World CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius & dam: Aksa Elez Rott) Dam: …

This is our babyboy Titan, he’s 5 weeks old.We love him so much.

IZZY & LEO 9 months old
Izzy & Leo r brother & sister they are just 9 months old !! They’re hard work at the moment, Izzy is the boss she’s so spoilt or maybe Leo just lets her …

i’m spoiled rotten!
my name is killian byrd I am gonna be 2 on august 17th . I am very loyal, protective and playful, my only enemy is the vacuum and I love to play catch …

Molly just came home with us and she is ready to play and often nap. She is beautiful and loving. We pray she is with us as long as our first Rotty …

Princess Jenna, enjoying the sunshine !!!
This is my sons Rottie, Jenna. We have temporary custody while he proudly serves as a United States Marine. She has been my therapy during his most …

“Czar” my good ole boy!
My Czar was a massive 150 pounds with a 28 inch neck that was afraid of the dark, loud noises, small dogs and thunder. He also answered to the name …

Mary’s Queen Sarah
Our six week old Sarah. Sarah was born January 23, 2010. We are enjoying her so much. She is starting pre-school next Saturday.

RIP Chloe….lost too early!!
This was my beautiful 6yr old Rottie Chloe She was the joy of my live….unfortunately she was taken away too soon!! She died on Feb 4th 2009, from …

Lady Isabella…..known as Bella
This lovely baby girl the the new addition to our family….and she is beautiful and sweet!! Born 11/11/09, we bought her and brought her home 2/25/10 …


This is our Rottweiler puppy Angel. She was born on November 11th 2009. We bought her Monday, February 8th 2010.

FLOYDD….. R.I.P….27/08/2009
If tears could build a staircase and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Floydd Died 27/09/09 …

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tank@12 weeks
My puppy is 12 weeks old, he’s very playful and loving.

My Baby Girl at 4 Weeks – Name Help Needed!
Still thinking of a name, any ideas? From Sue at ‘a-love-of-rottweilers’….. Have you checked out my Rottweiler Names page? There are …

Bentley will turn 4 months old this weekend. I was in contact with a breeder to purchase a female, chocolate lab for my first dog, when a friend of my …

Xena at 4 weeks
This is Xena. She’s only 4 weeks here. She came from our recent litter of Rotties. We knew we were going to keep one of the girls, and the minute we …

Dakota means “friend” or “ally” – From the moment we saw this little puppy we knew she would go home with us!
Dakota has lots of brothers and sisters. There were also several other dogs on the property with the pack. The day we met her she had just opened her …

Duke…ya gotta love him…he’s the cutest little dude around…he is full of spunk and personality…

Riley Linkin
This is Riley! The picture was taken in the fall on our acreage in Cold Lake, Ab, CANADA. He is now 11 months old and loving every moment of it.

Duchess is my 3rd rottie I love this breed, She is a sweet heart and Beautiful Every one always compliments on her stunning markings even other rottie …

Angus Elwood Laveck
7 weeks old and a pure fireball!!!

Dasher loves sleeping on his back with his tongue hanging out, eyes rolled back and of course snoring loudly!

My rotti is a right funny one, he loves to sleep with my daughter bless his heart. He is so loving. It would normally not of been my choice of dog …

Chris & Victorias little Army Brat ( RILEY )
We have only had Riley for 5 days now, she was an impulse buy but we are loving every second with her.

“Chief” wanting a belly rub
Chief is about 8 weeks old here. He is such a loverboy.

my rottie @ 4months
my rottie is very energetic and he is great with kids and just about anyone… to b honest i think i oversocialized him lol he loves to b touched by …

She’s a Diva alright!
This is my Bonnie girl when she was just a puppy. She’s a touch on the ‘bossy’ side, and likes to be in charge. She’s the ‘alpha dog’ in our pack that’s …

Nero my Hero!
Nero’s not just a pretty face! He’s got a heart just as big as his head and is a huge cuddle-bug. His favorite toy is his bowling ball (yes, a REAL …

Can anyone tell me the mixed breed of my dog? 
For sure he is half rottweiler, but i wanna know the other half. Please can anybody help? Hi Christian, I’m afraid it’s impossible to tell you …

my cute rottie sister 
my rottie’s name is ruby she is very cute . she is my life !!!!!!!!!!!!! when she was bought she was 30 days old she looked like a baby bear. when …

rate my pup 
Meet loki he is 16 week and wonderful pup… He is my 4 rottie… We love him so much… Most of the pups we have had have been built a little different …

Recent pictures of Bullet 
These are some recent pics I have taken of Bullet. Sometimes he likes the camera and well sometimes he doesn’t like the flash! I’m always trying to …

My first Rottie (Pepper) and she changes my perception to Rottie  
Pepper is now 9 mth old, and she’s a darling! When growing up, she seems to be very active and wanted a gnaw on everything she notices. But at 9 mth …

I have always been a pitbull person, that is until i met this pretty boy!!!! He is the most wonderful dog i have ever had!!! Zues loves nothing …

Lex and Max : Rottweilers from Devlali , Nasik , India 
Lex and Max are two Rottweiler pups I bought from an associate from the south end of India. Bringing them over to our home in Nasik involved a 3 hour …

Enjoying his yard

A California Gal 
Dakota is the most mature eight month old pup we’ve ever had. My husband put these glasses on her for fun (given to me from a long-time friend) and …

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Growing like a weed!!!
This is Sophie our 15 week 30 lbs Rottweiler, we got her at 7 weeks 7.75 lbs. This used to be my spot on the couch, she gets any bigger I might have …

The coolest guy on four legs.

Long haired Rottweiler, SMURF.
Smurf,almost 1 year.

This is Sasha my 19 month old rottie. She enjoys playing with my german shepherd roxy who is 7 months old, loves nothing better than having lots of cuddles, …

This is our lil man Luda.. He’s 5 months old and loves chasing lizards. haha

Franco, the new member of the family
Franco is my new Rottweiler pup, he’s about 12 weeks now. This little guy is friendly, have lots of energy and he is always hungry!

My itty Bitty Rotty,

My precious rottie! Shadow
She’s 8 months and a total delight! She follows me everywhere and knows me in and out! She’s my daughter’s best friend and can never stay still when …

Sampson is a 1 year old Rotty that I rescued from “Pit Sisters” in Jacksonville, Fl. …

Raina Mighty Queen
Rain is our first Rottie. Would never have another breed.

This is my new baby Dodger. Handsome, smart. playful & loyal.

My precious life of Bullet
I want 2 share my life and experiences with my precious and best friend 4life BULLET.

My precious life of Bullet
My precious bullet is now almost 7yrs old and he’s been wth me since he was bout 9 wks old and it’s been a world of encounters and experiences. Some good …

This is Zeus 6 months and is a true lover and my pal
Zeus is my 6 month old baby and pal

Mako the goofball
Mako was born October 21, 2016.

My ‘shadow’ girl!
She’s gentle. She’s intelligent. She’s just 2.5 months and she loves the water! She’s constantly spilling the water from her bowl and sliding in …

Work Hard Party Hard
Diesel pup at our wedding.

My baby Rocky
This is my baby Rocky. Very affectionate and sweet and very smart indeed!

More handsome every day.. Aww, he certainly is. Beautiful boy!

Blitz is so amazing!! He loves our family and we love him??? He’s a very good dog, loving and playful. He’s also a very good protector!! Don’t know …

Shadow, the rottie who chases his own shadow…
…. he only started doing this 3 days ago, he is called Shadow because he follows me everywhere… Shadow is an awesome dog. He is headstrong and basically …

My Dog and Best Buddy Blackey
Blackey came into my life like most strays. He was wandering the neighborhood for about a week. I was finally able to convince him I was not going to …

She’s beautiful and calculative but she doesn’t eat much and she sleeps a lot. She’s just 10weeks old

A new addition to our family, Apollo is just 8 weeks old and has stolen our hearts! He fun & energetic and loves to cuddle

Miss Bailey – Best friend, companion, and protector for 12 years and 8 months – RIP 07/14/2016- Ill see you soon the other side of the Rainbow Bridge
We recently lost our Beautiful Rotty Miss Bailey- She was just short of 13 years of age. We were and always will be devastated by her unexpected death …

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Tugboat pulling a wagon load of family members
Tugboat took his new great nieces and nephews to a nursing home for Pet Therapy. As you can well image, this event was a big hit with the patients as …

Chino Needs Your Help!
Hi A-Love-of-Rottweilers, We are a couple who love our dog more than anything in the world. When our two year old Rottie started limping and crying …

Phoebe The Rottweiler
Phoebe (aka. Phoe-Bear) is our beautiful almost 9 month old Rottweiler puppy. Born 14th April 2015, Phoebe is big sister to 4 month old to rescue …

another sad day
On Saturday May 2nd my boy Roktu passed away. He just out of the blue keeled over and took his last breath in my arms. The vets think it could have …

Our AngelElla
Taken too soon at 17 months to sub-aortic stenosis. She lived her life to the full and loved every minute of it – she never stopped grinning. …


Our 10 month old Chelsea is like the sun that shines through our hearts. We got her when she was 9 weeks and she has been the baby I haven’t been able …

Baloo….My bear!
Baloo…..These are a few pictures of our baby Baloo. He passed away at the age of 12….we love and miss him dearly. Leslie, so sorry for …

Zigzag coat on back of my puppy rottie
Hi all Me and my wife have always had rotties and we love them to bits had 4 over the past 15 years and 7 weeks ago we lost our 13 year old jessie that …

Was is 8 weeks old and already has mastered sit, stay, and fetch commands! Weighs 12.7 pounds and has a super cute personality!

Titan the headstrong
I’m uploading titans picture after 4 years … He is so cute naughty adorable the best companion… He is so understanding… Rotties are awesome… …

My boy I kept off my litter born 24/12/14

Is This A Rottweiler Mix
Hi my name is BURBERRY i love the outdoors and i like to chow on everything i can in my home LoL but my owners love me anyways. Hi Darrious. I’d …

He is very calm and playful pup. He only barks 4 times loudly in 6 months

Wally got his name because he was, and still is 6 months later, the laziest puppy ever; he would rather crawl or drag himself across the floor or to his …

Outlaws’ beautiful smile
Our new puppy at 3 weeks old. We are so anxious to bring him home!

This is Bronco. He came into our family 2 weeks ago now, and he is already so loved. I’m glad we waited for him and did our research. He is 9 weeks …

Very intelligent and loving animal… He can be stubborn at time’s but for the most part, I love him to life…

Murphy is my fourth Rottie. I forgot just how much energy they have as puppies! One moment he is cuddly and licking my face, and the next he …

???Legacy???s Joker???s Wild??? alias “Kaine”
This is our 4th Rottweiler and now being semi-retired I have time to bring him through Therapy Dog Certification

My Murphy
Murphy turned 9 weeks old today and has been with me for one full week. I am exhausted!

This is Cookie
This is Cookie! I had her since she was 2 Weeks Old, Her Mom Die after Giving Puppies Birth! When I got her,… I thought she wasn’t going to make …

Muffin aka Bhairavi
Our lil baby girl, Muffin is reeallly smart! She learned to sit over a single feeding session – 10 mins and also gives paw, up…does her business …

Lakota Sue
We rescued this beauty about four years ago from a kill shelter on Long Island. She does everything with us from yearly 3 week camping trips to The …

Pura Vida
That’s my baby! My girl Vida is a little over a year and a half old and is a fantastic dog! She goes with me nearly everywhere I go. Whether its at …

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Bella & Roscoe say Hi!
Bella & Roscoe are brother and sister and have been together since birth!! Never ever seperated!!! We adopted them both as puppies at 8 wks old …

In memory of my Diesel
My diesel had a small lump on his leg I didn’t think it was anything serious but I thought the vet should look at it. When I took him to the vets I nearly …

This is our 2 1/2 yr. old Chubbs…
We got our precious Chubbs at 3 months. He has been a joy to have and we hope that we have him for a very long time

13 wks, 17lb Opie

Best puppy I have ever had!

Moose from the uk.
Our lovely laddie moose. He is nearly 6 months old now and an absolute peach. Big strong and a beautiful nature.

Little Thor
My first Rotti and he’s awesome.

3 month old Bella
I got Bella two weeks ago from Craigslist. She was posted as free German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. I immediately fell in love with her as soon as I …

Here is Brandy. She is my big bear.

Yogi (Yoghurt) Mortimer
Yogi (Yoghurt)Mortimer is the love of our lives, she is the most intelligent and funniest, she was born the 26th May and is 4 and a half years of age to …

Maximus – The 9 week old Rottweiler
Hello! This is Maximus, or Max for short. We drove 14 hours to get this little boy, and we haven’t regretted it. Max was the biggest out of his litter, …

Moose from the uk.
Hi this is our 5month old rottie Moose. He is our first rottweiler.And an absolute joy to have. He goes to his puppy socialization class on a sunday …

…what do think of him? Hi Shovan, Bullseye looks like a very nice Rottweiler. I can’t really say whether or not he fits the breed standard but …

…what do think of him?

Moose from the uk.
We have had Moose since August 2014. What an absolute joy. My first rottie and he is the most wonderful natured boy. At the moment he is all legs …

RIP “Bear”
Today on New Years Day was a very hard day for my family. My Mom and her husband lost there pride and joy, their 9 and a half year old pure bread Rottie …

Hanibal s berega Turi
Aa lot of energy and love to give you.

Messi and dixie
My dogs are my best freinds and without them…my life is empty…

Our “big” little man
Sabre is our 8 month old male rottweiller. He is our “big” little baby. He has an absolute obsession with eating paper. Toilet paper is his favorite …

Theiahulkus waiting for Santa
This year my little girl had the best Christmas ever!!! Now fully recovered from TPLO surgery life is good!!!

Koda & Roktu
This picture was from last X-Mas, Sadly Koda’s last:(

Koda & Roktu
This picyure was from last X-Mas, Sadly Koda’s last:(

Roktu & Koda
It’s been a rough year, had to put my babygirl Koda down Jan.22nd. Then my boy Roktu blew out his knee Aug.18th. $6k & 4 months later he’s back to his …

Kubra – Our big, brilliant, and loved boy..he’s such a Dube xx
Kubra is our first Rottie, we’ve had many dogs and loved them all. Kub is just over 12mths now and is one BIG boy! He lives with our other dog, a …

Tugboat on the USCG Life Saving Boat
Tugboat visits a US Coast Guard station for morale. All the crew just loves him and can’t wait for the next visit. Tugboat loves everyone he meets …

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Thorn 🙂
I was just blessed with this baby since his original owners found themselves in a position where they had to give him up. I am a little concerned …


Niklaus Von Kuno
My very first rottie whom I love with all my heart. Always wanted one and now I have one. He makes me laugh and smile and he’s so smart. I can’t wait …

Love my “Bub”. Bub is a cross between Buddy and babe. My wife said it by accident once, and his nickname has stuck. He answers to Beamer, Beam …

Beamer is truly a part of the family. I get choked up when I think of him because he is now 8, soon to be 9 and I can’t imagine life without him. We …

He was found in a dumpster on Christmas eve at 6 weeks old. The temperature that evening was -24 degrees Celsius. I worked for Animal Control and …

Spoiled Miss Pris – 12/19/00 – 9/24/14
11 month old Priska came into our lives way back in 2001. She came to be my protector after a house break-in. Instead “we” became the pack. She …

Help Moose walk
My boy Moose was dumped in a shelter in South Carolina with his littermates when they were still too young to be taken away from their mother. He was …

Diesel and Iris
This is Diesel and Iris. Iris was born on 12-18-13 and Diesel was born on 12-28-13 so they are 10 days apart.

My Angel
New addition to the family

I re-homed Jay last Thursday 14th August. His owner is emigrating and can’t take Jay with him. Jay is a 7 year-old neutered male, pure-bred with a wonderful …

Duramax 🙂
My max is a beautiful full blown german rott and somehow has white on him! He is gorgeous and the bestest friend i could ever have. He’s always there …

Greatest companion ever. Great temperament and is great with babies and kids. He has been a great addition to our family and now we feel complete. …

I have 2 passions: dogs and motorbikes. This is Stella, my 16 weeks old rottie, helping me in the garage changing my engine. The only thing not safe, …

Max 8 weeks old
He is the laziest dog we have ever had! Apart from when he is playing with the kids. We love him to pieces and wouldn’t be without him x

Our dog is so loving and social , and saucy as well rottis are famous for talking to you or talking back just like a little kid . Sweetest dogs in …

Loki is the love of my families life. Sweet, rambunctious, and eager to please. Love at first sight!

I was taking some photos of my rescued rottweiler (8-10 years old) for a Boy Scout Merit Badge Project. I thought this is the best photo that I’ve taken. …

Adopted from a breeder at 8 weeks old. By day 2, he had already established that I was his pick. He follows me around EVERYWHERE. His temperament is …

This is my little girl just 1 year 5 weeks old having fun at the river 🙂

Brax.. Our best friend
We rescued our beautiful boy as a 5 month old pup and have never looked back. The most beautiful loving boy who’s best friends are my 3 yr old grandson …

Thor and Loki
Here is a pic of my 2 boys, Thor and Loki, there are 2 months old now. Awesome additions, they love to play with our 11 month old rottie, Roxie.

6 month old “Kane”.
Kane loves going to cage free doggie day care especially when Sophie is there

True Love
My Beloved Friend! For you Dante, aka My Buddy!

Eclipse is 7 years. He weighs 117 lbs he’s been sick and lost 30 lbs but doing much better. He is everything to me. He was born Nov 9, 2006. He was …

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Miss.Happiee – Naughty Princess 🙂
Omg!!! I never seen such a naughty baby gal like Happiee. She is born for happiness and naughtiness :). Everything in our house has her teeth marks. …

Simba & Nalla
This is my first time to have rottweiler i need your opinion, they are almost 4 months. Ahmed, they’re both beautiful 🙂

Lexi.. Our wanabe rottweiler
Lives with 2 Rottweilers and is the boss of the pack.

hey guys, i’m too much upset 4 my 3 years old rottweiler, i don’t know why he too much disturb 2 his food. I changed his food few days part by part …

Lily and Xena … Silly and Serious
Lily is the slightly bigger girl with the darker markings, 24 inches to withers..93 lbs. Xena is the smaller of the two with lighter shade markings, …

ANKA is a sweet puppy that loves to protect her family. She is 6 months old and has been in our family since she was 8 weeks old.

Maxie’s favorite position !!!

He is such an awesome dog, all Rottie attitude! And very lovable. Another red Rottweiler , they’re rare so it’s great to see another example …

Strider’s Couch
Strider loves his couch and a little of Bill O’Reilly every night. Such a good boweeeeee!

Our rottweiler baby is 12 weeks and such an amazing Lil boy!

CiCi @ 16 months
My great beast she can never get enough of cuddles! Xx

My little girl is the joy of my life~ Miss Theiahulkus… As of this moment she is recovering from TPLO surgery. Though resting peacefully in her …

Our Girl Jess
We rescued Jess from a puppy mill…..Best Dog ever!

Hunter and Karma have their first litter!!
Hello, My 2 Rottweilers had their first liter yesterday, and I was wondering what kind of advice do you have for me to insure that the pups and their …



Bear is kid friendly and house trained we keep our Bearey inside:)

Bubba always has to sit in my lap when company comes.

Roxy the Rottie
I thought i would post another picture of my roxy puppy she is now 9 months old and i love my big pup to death

Zuma and her baby sister
Zuma is only 3 weeks old and I can’t wait for her to come home and join our family!

She is 13 months and full of energy.

Brutus the not so Brutal.
Brutus is about 5.5 months old, and around my small town they tend to call him my horse. He is as rambunctious as ever, and likes to get a little mouthy …

Fang: A rottie story
Fang is a gorgeous little rottweiler who is about to join our family. She already has a warm and friendly nature and has had fun visiting us with her …

King Rex
Our boy.

king rex take two
Rex is now a year and 4 months. He is such a wonderful friend to the whole family,and is very gentle with people and other animals including cats, …

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Miss Foxy Roxy
Foxy’s father is a german rott and her mother is an american rott. But she looks like a long hair rott. She’s almost 2 years old. such a sweetheart. …

My girl Panzer
Panzer. My 6th rottie. My 3rd adopted rottie. My hardest rottie. Poor girl, such a stagnant life. 6 years old and a kennel dog for the entire time. …

My mom has two female rotts. They are great and have such a great tempermant and since I have 3 young children I knew a Rottweiler was the dog for our …

Hulk The Incredible (From Athens, Greece) – New photos – Now 9 months
Hello again! I am uploading some new photos of my rottie Hulk! He is the most incredible dog – I love to have him! Enjoy! Tatiana, Athens …

Little Brother and Big Sister
Here is Gus at 12 weeks old with his big sister Miley.

Cherokee is grown
She just get more beautiful with time.She is so gentle and loving to everyone.Best dog ever!


This is Bear
1 year old Bear at a Memorial day parade.

Demo – Sleeping in the Car
Demo is 5 1/2 months and about 72 lbs, he loves riding in the car and my 2dr G6 is getting a little small…. ….but he manages to get comfortable …

Dilly watching over Daddy
My boy is 6 months old and my husband does dialysis gets tired and when he lays down my baby watches over him.

Loving puppy

He is 10 Month old, very friendly and great with Kids.

Flora turns 2!!!!
She is so loving and faithful. This is our second rottie. I can’t believe how much she loves all children! Babies especially 🙂

‘Heritage’ Deisel at 1 year
Deisel is growing up nicely. Weighing in at 97 lbs at 1 year.

Here is flora… She is almost two.. I wrote about her when she was 5 months old because she tore the ligaments in her knee..she was born with funny …

Here is flora… She is almost two.. I wrote about her when she was 5 months old because she tore the ligaments in her knee..she was born with funny …

Zues is a 15 year old American Rottweiler.

Just wanted to share some more of my pictures with u all of my gorgeous rottweiler shakira Here she is with our other dog noodles he is a staffie …

This is a little picture of me and my boyfriend’s dog, we got her at 6 weeks old, now 7 months, she was one of the smallest in the litter, and as soon …

I got lucky when he was only 4 weeks old he was not eating the mother would keep attacking him. He had 3 large seizures and was not sure he was going to …

5 months old and full of trouble.

These are my two gorgeous Boys Chico is my 8 week old Rotty and Diego is my 4 month old American Staffy!

She just got back from the vet( nails trimmed and got a bath)

Our boy at 2 1/2 yrs old. 135 lbs

UPDATED – SAINT “POOPER” PICS @ 7 & 8 months
Mamma’s boy – That’s all I can say. I was reading another post on here where the person was scared her puppy wouldn’t be protective because her rottie …

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RIP Mia..
My mommy lit a candle in memory of you Mia..RIP Your mommy & daddy miss you…. Hope your having fun with my sisters Ciara & Precious over the Rainbow …

My baby with her baby.

My baby with her baby.
My beloved Rottweiler.has had a rough start to his life so far,constant visits to the vets about his abnormal clumsiness.he has had x-rays scans,blood …

Busta Boy!
This is Busta, we rescued him from Mountsin Rottie Rescue

little and large
rocky at 3 years old

Taking it easy, waiting for an operation to correct Entropion

Jess at 19 months
Our little Jess, not a big Rottweiler apparently but gorgeous all the same

Lima is my first dog. I fell in love with Rotties


Our gorgeous wee Skye
Our wee Skye, born 18/08/2012, she’s 4 months in this pic. Shes so funny and clever and we love her to bits

King “Rex”
Rex @ 9months old 112 pounds. He loves to play in water and playing tug.

Amazing Rottweiler! He has learned extremely fast. Fully house trained, and extremely obedient. He is hilarious with toys and especially laser pointers. …

King’s domain…
This is our boy King, he is 6 yrs old and is truly spoiled… But we love him so.

Angel my New Years eve baby…
This is my girl Angel.. She turned 2 yesterday and is such a loyal sweetheart..Don’t ever think of hurting her mommy 🙂 Considered full grown now but …

Christmas Cody
Christmas 2012

Brooklyn (female) at 2 and a half months

Que at 15 weeks
He lost his sister over a month ago and has been very sad he now has a new sister, a boxer.

more Roktu & Koda
These guys bring a smile to all who meet them

The Grizzly
Grizzly came to us only a few months ago, he was very shy at first but quickly warmed up. He has been my greatest companion, always by my side and …

Jess and Billy
This is Jess, our 16 month old Rottweiler with my daughters 12 month old Labrador named Billy. ….Possession being nine tenths of the law.

Rupert the bear
He enjoys to kiss usregularly and is an irreplaceable member of the family.

Bubba and Sarah
Bubba and Sarah

The most awesome little guy. His dad is zeppelin His mom is Bacardi He is 5 mos and weighs 60 lbs. He has the perfect temperament and intelligence. …

Ezekial “Zeke” Benjamin Bruner
Zeke truly was my best friend. He was by my side for 11 wonderful years. He was in my opinion best dog ever ! Unfortunately on 11/19/2012 I lost him …

Saint is the biggest mamma’s boy ever. He is a huge softy that loves to make-out with everybody. He needs to be the center of attention at all …

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our little man Harvey
Hi we have been a fan of the breed for sometime and we finaly brought home our little buddy “Harvey” he is only ten weeks old and shares his new home …

Bonnie’s First Thanksgiving. 2012 (6 months old)
Bonnie’s First Thanksgiving! Bonnie Belle (6 months old)

Have you seen my frog?? Please!
Max has grown so much at 4 months and 40lbs he is a big ol lap dog! Lover and so sweet!

Roktu & Koda
These two are inseparable!

Sarge. My boy and my best friend! <3
Sarge is my first Rottie. I have loved the look of the breed but have never personally owned one nor have I been around one. After doing a lot of researching …

My Boy Max
Max is a real character. Loves the dog park, playing in the back yard and meeting new people. He’s 8 1/2 months and 100 lbs.

Max, the chew master
Max is my 8 month old Rottie. Besides working out at the dog park with much faster dogs he enjoys bone chewing. Max is at his trying age and trust …

Our Beautiful Blue Rottie Max
Max is 13 weeks old and doing well with his new family! We have 3 kids and I run a private daycare so he loves all the attention he gets. He is …

Rocky the Rottweiler – 2 years 4 months
Big on body.. kid by mind. the little kid at our home 🙂 ( he surely feel so :-p) Girish – Rocky has certainly fulfilled that promise he had …

Beautiful Baby Rosy
This is our beautiful Rosy at 11 weeks. She’s almost 6 months now, and she gets more loving and gorgeous every day!

This is CHeyenne. We don’t know her breed. Best guess is Black Lab x Rottweiller. She is only 51 lbs and is about 2 y.o. Whadda’ think? What’re …

When we went to the breeder to pick out our new baby boy , he looked just like a little black bear. We had already decided on two possible names prior …

Laya my 4mth old female Rottie.

Tired Jess
Thanx everyone for there great comments and making us feel welcome but i think the stardom got to our Jess and tired her out.

Layla sleeping with her tongue out.. Lol

Big Bear! 185 pound of pure LOVE!!!!!
So my husband and i were talking about getting a dog… so one day at work a guy had came to him and was asking if he knew of anyone who would love to …

Sassee Bones
My Sassee Bones she is our 140 lb baby

Gorgeous Roxy
My boyfriend rescued Roxy at 6 months old after she had been seriously abused and locked in a cupboard when her owners couldn’t be bothered with her . …

Marley was a rescue from a local animal shelter. We had just lost our beloved dog Succo. We weren’t looking for a rottie, and we almost left without …

This is my Cherry, she is too cute and funny. To get my attention while I am washing dishes she makes this growling sound until I stop and play with …

My Boy Cannonball
Cannonball, My first Rottweiler. I got him while I was in Fulda Germany.

my girl bella
Hello this is and update on bella she is almost two, she is here with my male who is one.

more Roktu & Koda
Some more of Roktu & Koda

Tiny is a male rottie and Demon is half Rottie with King Shepherd

roktu kicking and koda in their new house

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This is loving Kristi. She is a nice dog.
This is loving Kristi. She is a nice dog. On 19 of November she got 10:).

Daphne Alexandra- 10 months
This is our Rottie, Daphne Alexandra! She is a beautiful girl! She is literally a ‘Big Baby’! LOL! She is the sweetest dog I have ever seen!

Diesel the Weasel 7.5 months
Diesel is our first Rotti. We brought him home at 8 weeks. He is super smart, sweet and the biggest clown you could ever meet! He loves everyone …

“Heritage Deisel” Born 1-29-12
Newest member of the family and he is a large ball of energy as well as such a joy to be around.

6 months of joy – Polly and her pal in oz
Polly and her bud Dave at the beach

Heritage Deisel
Born 1-29-12

Rottweiler i used to call hm sesar. when he came to my home i literally scared of him, but day by day sesar understand me very well before i’m saying something …

Meet Joe


Limping after rest !
Hi dear, The last time i wrote to you, my boy was just over 6 months old and now France is 10 months. Im such a big fan of how you have chosen to help …

My love Kalias
My Kalias is the sweetest boy I fall in love with him more everyday

Hugo 5 mth
He’s 5 mths old , very playful & obedient.

Mila aka
I posted to this site when we first brought our baby Rottie home in January of 2011, and I’ve not visited the page since then!! My daughter and I got …

Sasha – 10wks. old
She’s getting bigger!! 6-9-12

Jess, 1 yesterday getting a little sun

Cleopatra “cleo”
I am a 7yr old 100% german female rotti.. i am a lover and i love to be loved.

Gunther and his buddies
My Rottweiler and his buddies always join him for a romp in our local park. His friends include Roxy the Pug, Brooklyn a Blue American Stafford Terrier, …

1st birthday, had a bath, had an ice cube now for some loving

Hugo Bear – our family pet
my ex brought him home at 6 weeks old. it was a surprise that he’d chosen a dog breed that grows to be huge and i was pretty freaked out. Also because …

We got Nala when she was eleven months old. She is now a year old and is the most playful pup I’ve ever met. She loves to play with Lucy our three …

koda&roktu at 6 weeks
hard to believe these guys were this small

Sarah and Bubba
Sarah and Bubba posing in the office.

koda & roktu at 22 months
another pic of my pups

koda&roktu at 18 months
another pic of my “kids”

Coojo with his 4 months

Come on Dad please!
Kush watching a deer but all he keeps hearing is stay…stay… GOOD DOG! He loves his adventures out in the woods.

Tayshia is a lovely dog, she would be 7 month in two days time
I got her about seven months ago, she has been incredible in her attitude, a bit playful especially when i am around her as the alpha. She is so much …

Roxy the Rottweiler
Roxy us very smart and growing fast she loves following my little sister around everywhere. Right now to me she seems to be all legs. Here is a few …


Just a couple of pici’s

Rescued at 18 weeks old, she is now 9 months old and is described by all visitors as a darling

Roman is age 2, had him since 4 months old. Great dog but lately when he’s on the lead and my mates try to pat him he goes bite them. He’s fine with …

Claire at 3 months
Claire at 3 months

People often ask “what is she mixed with?” We have birth papers, AKC registered papers and her parents lineage….all stating that she is full Rottweiler…. …

Tessie my best friend!
Tessie is a 2 year old female. She’s named after the Red Sox song, “Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphys, as we’re avid Red Sox fans. If we had chosen a …

Shadow is a 3 yr. old male. Goofy, silly, loveable, but serious when strangers come around. We had a 10yr. old male that died and my husband and I …

Strider is my third Rottweiler, so for the last 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life, home and family with one of the greatest companions …

Our boy Dale!
This is our boy Dale just about to turn 10 months old. He is 26″ tall (wish he’d stop there) and 105 pounds. He is incredibly strong and smart–he …



Roxie the Rottweiler
Her names roxie she will be 5 months the 2nd. In pics she is 4 1/2 months She’s out of Kron Vom Hochklasse X Asha Vom Dieter. Let me know what …

Our new baby
This is Liberty, our 1st Rotty for our family! She is 8 weeks in this picture, now she is 12 weeks and such a great addition! In this picture she is …

My Bossy Little boy!

Diesel the Christmas elf
My little Diesel (about 5 1/2 months) on Christmas Eve wondering what all the excitement was about

My Rockie.

This is Iv Von Avalon (aka Karl) on his 7th birthday. For his birthday treat, we took him to get ice cream. This picture is him waiting not so …

Heidi Herzenbrecher at the beach…
Heidi at Assateague National Seashore, Md. Age 11 weeks.


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Madelyn, a wonderful dog.
Madelyn likes to be involved with everything that’s going on at the moment, and loves to play hard. She’s a very good girl.

Geoff is our 4 month old handsome boy. He loves playing with the children, leaf hunting in the orchard and cuddles

Deak my best friend…….
Deak is such a big baby. My fiancee bought him for me when my dad passed and we have been inseparable ever since. Rottweiler’s Rock !

Diesel (16 weeks)
Diesel is a super goofy guy who LOVES the kids and playtime.

My baby beast Chloe
I picked Chloe out when she was 7 days old and took her home when she was 8 weeks old. We have gone thru many trials and tests and learning each other …

My little kiddo AMMO, 29 Days.

my baby boy
This is Kato (pure, all knowing), I lucked out and found the perfect best friend with an amazing temperament and personality!

I’m 4 mos old now, ole Thor in the back is 2 months shy of being 2 yrs.

Harley In the Snow
This is Harley the very first snow in November

my little nero giving me a head massage
Sorry the pic didn’t come out that clean

Kayne, the Rotten Rottie
Hi! My name is Kayne and I am a 9 week old Rottie. I am a VERY sweet and loving boy. I always stick close to my mom wherever she goes! We have a game …

Vom Dobkins
Sascha is our first she is three now, Diesel is our baby boy our second rottie…but as we all know rotties are like Lays potato chips you can’t just have …

First snow fall..
Angel enjoying her first snowfall… Amazing to see the fun they have… It’s a dogs life..

Atena is a perfect rottie, and i love her sooo much.

She is my second rotty

I wish he will ONLY chew his bone! 🙂
Hi All, Here is Romulus the “great”! (at +- 4 1/2 months):) He is now 8 months already, and we will share some more recent pics soon. He’s a very …

6 month old ”Tiny”
He is fun to be around loves my kids a little ball of energy and talkative!! I was told he is a bulldog/ rottweiler mix I got him at 10 weeks of age, …

Walk in the Blue Mountains with Merlin
When I adopted my canine son Merlin, everyone asked me where am I going to keep “such a big dog”… I live in a two bedroom town house with little yard …

Gia- Mom I wasn’t eating the sheets a swear!
Gia is a 4 month old pup, and she is the biggest joy! She is so sweet and just an amazing best friend.

my best mate roman 2011 nearly 2
got him at 4 months, turned out be my best friend.

Kaiser @ 13 Months
Kaiser @13 months S/o Grewal’s Jack (Jogi)

Ellie at 5 months old
Ellie is full of energy! She likes to “help” with everything that we do.

AXXEL pics
Here are some pictures of Axxel.. 1. Being lazy on the bed 2. Just got back from a walk thru the woods waiting for supper 3. on point guarding …

Gunther at 17 Months old
This is Gunther he is currently 17 months old and he is becoming one fine Rottweiler.

Kacey and Kaiser
Kacey is my 2 year old bitch and Kaiser my 9 month old male. Both rescues and both perfect!! I have three children aged 8,7 and 2 and the dogs are …

Rosie & Brandy
Just relaxing

More from the lost archives of Thorin and Natasha
Just came across a big box of pictures last night that I had thought lost of the kids. Figured I shoot over a couple you can do as you see fit. K.D.L.H. …

Nhala My Best Friend
In the photo she was about 8 months old. Nhala is my 2 year and 3 month old Rottweiler, she is full of life and protects us with her life. She …

Maximus my 11 month old rottie watching our house.

She loves to bite, still just a baby

“Courage” with a very lazy bum
This 5 month old is the greediest of its species I have come across so far. After having his food, to change taste he can feed on toads, crows etc.. …

Sylar is 14 weeks old. He was born on April 5, 2011. He has the biggest feet I have ever seen. He is my monster puppy. We also have a boston …

Ruger – the Love of my life!
Ruger came to us after we had lost Buckwheat to cancer at 9 years and Jax to a hernia at 8 weeks. We were heartbroken and didn’t want another puppy …

Our girls Maddy and Nikka
These are our 13 week old rotties. Maddy and Nikka…they are exploding with character.

cherokee born 3-24-11
She is just a joy to have. In three weeks she is house broken except for an occasional night time pee. She cried the first night for one hour when she …

My rotti girl Shadow, 15 months old
Shadow is such a great girl. She is so friendly and loves everyone. Just got a new male rottie pup 8 weeks old and in the one photo she is checking …

Rottweilers: A Chance To Shine
Rottweilers: A Chance To Shine This is a poem that I wrote about rottweilers and how misunderstood they are. I don’t normally write too much poetry, …

You just got to love them!!!
One thing I adore about the breed is their animated expressions! Boris my big baby, 9 months old.

Tia – Our little princess
Tia is a 7 month old Rottweiler. She is so beautiful, clever and good natured (like all Rotties). She used to hate water (would refuse to walk through …

KANE @ 7 months
This is my baby Kane he is such a smart dog! I love him so much.

This is Tyson, we got him from Missouri and had him shipped here in Massachussetts. We love him, isn’t he a real cutie!!!!

It was puppy love at first sight with Plat-Num
Plat-Num who we call Plats for short has brought so much love, happiness, and laughter into our lives that she has to be the Comedian of the Rottweiler …

Topaz, the best Rottweiler in every way!
Topaz is a puppy that we whelped from our Girl Bear, We found the right Rottweiler (Hungary Import) V. Furtchols Artur he was temperament tested, V3 Rated …

Hi this is Willow at six months. She is such a happy dog and loves everyone, dogs, people and especially children.

the big lads!!!
Great help when changing the van tyres!!!!

i just wanna ask if my rottweiler german or american, and if it’s gonna be with a big head or small head and about his hair it’s long little bit?? 🙂 …

Rocky – Rottweiler pup 11 months
My little rotty – 11 months

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There’s nothing like the faithfulness of a Rottie
He is our third Rottie and he has NEVER been a disappointment. Our second Rottie had just passed away and I was bugging my husband to go take a look at …

Lilly is 14 weeks old in this photo.

Angel my ray of sunshine…
Angel is now 16 weeks old and growing wonderful. She’s also a part of the new “puppy pics” site here but I just had to share this picture..She was …

Enjoying spring in the air…
Angel is now 16 weeks old and growing wonderful. She’s also a part of the new “puppy pics” site here but I just had to share this picture…. She was …

Diva! Our soon to be new addition!
I met Diva when she was 3 weeks old! We are now picking her up in the next week and I couldn’t be more thrilled! 🙂

Liebe Von Gott (Love of God)
We added Liebe to our family on March 3, 2011. She is now 13 weeks old and growing beautifully. She brings lots of energy, love and completeness …

Gunther is almost 12 months old (1st May 2011). He has been having a run a round with my son today. Took some photos some are good some are a little …

Tito Jermaine
This is Tito when he was less than two months old in the yard with my pit mix Prince. Tito’s ten months now, but it’s hard to get a picture of him …

This is Bolo> He is now 8 months old and 90 lbs. He is a very large boy but loves to give kisses and play with his sister. You can help but want …

Zues will use anything as a headrest…..
Zues has personality for days!!!! … anything from doorways, walls, even my hubby’s work boots have been used as a headrest… Gotta love him!!

This is the greatest dog I have ever met! He is very loving and chews up everything, climbs on everyone but I just can’t stay mad at him! We almost …

bear 9 months old
is she the right size for her age, she looks bit small? Roman – it’s impossible to tell from a photo and all pups grow at different rates, …

(Kyra) Faith De Lla Guardia Imperiale
If I can get it from you it’s mine and you will never see it again. And if you put me in my crate and I want out I will stomp in my food dish and throw …

Here he is again, with his big brother Thor.

My zeus is growing up well, he’s going to be 4 mos old on the 30th. At 3 mos he was 30lbs, his next appointment is the 24th of march.

~ JoJo~ 4- month old Birthday picture! 3/16/2011
My baby turned 4 months old yesterday and I can’t believe it! I have taken weekly pictures and driven him insane I’m sure but I just can’t help myself! …

JoJo is growing up! His weekly/ monthly update picture!
JoJo is 15 weeks in this picture which was taken 3/9/11 and he weighed 40.2 lbs on 3/5/11 at his vet visit. He has the most wonderful personality.. …

You can’t buy loyalty, they say. I bought it though, the other day. You can’t buy friendship, tried and true. Well just the same, I bought that too. …

How Rottweilers Got Their Markings
A long time ago, when men were alone and afraid on this new earth, the Great Being looked over all the dogs that had been created. He wanted that one special …

MOLLY – our lovely “little” girl at 9 weeks
This is Molly at 9 weeks she is now 3 months and is fitting in beautifully with the family, she is a constant reminder to me of my lovely old boy Tango …

hhhmmm lets c, Augustus is with me since he was just a month old. Presently he is close to 13mths old. He is just one naughty pal i ever have come across. …

princess ruby
we rescued princess ruby at 16 wks she was very underweight and nervous we have had her now for 5wks and the difference in her has been just amazing. …

my lovely rottie called sasha
Hi this is my 19 month old rottie, she is perfect to me, loves going on walks, likes playing ball & loves sleeping at the bottom of my bed. During …

Jetta is a 10 month old rottweiler and is an adorable dog, we’ve had since she was 9 weeks. We bought her from a reputable breeder and got to view her …

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As our first rottie, Hilda will will always hold a special place in our hearts.

This is one of our handsome boys!! He’s 10 month old and already 7 stone!!!

Snickers “Baby Girl”
Snickers loves to play with the flashlite, or anything that reflects light. She’s sweet, smart and a peace maker.

Sarah with her paco collar and backpack

Maxximus’ first trip to the beach, 5 1/2 months old.

Jax at 5 months and 8 weeks old
Jax is awesome, he follows me everywhere! Even to the bathroom. When I go to the bathroom he jumps in the bathtub and waits for me! LOL I love him and …

Our little Sarah growing up

JuJu Pretty Baby
JuJu first snow at 10 months. She prefers the cold weather and has been getting her share of fun this winter.

Cocaine Paddy
Paddy is a 9 month old Rottie/Border Collie Mix. A great dog, we live in Iceland and it makes me howl laughing when he eats snow and comes up looking …

This is Sarah warming by the heater.

sandy singh
my rott he is very moody all time…………but he is smart he grasp very quickly, i love him very much….

My husband and I got Medusa as a pup for our son’s first birthday. The best choice for us was a rottweiler and we are so happy we chose her. She has …

My husband and I got Medusa as a pup for our son’s first birthday. The best choice for us was a rottweiler and we are so happy we chose her. She has …

Little Dastan
Good boy….

My Precious Dante
Dante is my 4 month old rottie. He is loving, sweet and so very smart. This pic was taken while he was showing me how pretty he could sit while waiting …

This is Goliath & bella
“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the …

Rome 10 months old german rottie
this is my 10 month old baby .. he is amazing !!

Roxie has been living with us for 2 1/2 years now. She came to us in need of a home, as she was returned to a breeder at age 5. She came to us titled …

Lexi. Great tempered bitch!!

Kaiser 85 days old ROTT
He is grandson of Ch.Turbo power (the best bred in India male with most winnings) His grand father is Ch.Zap flash rouse (Imp) and his mother is a …

KAISER 85 days old male ROTT
He is very playful rotty

Gunther my 6 month old pup
This is Gunther a pedigree German Rottweiler. His show name is Pocket Rocket Rottbaron. But to us he is just a family member. He is currently 6 months …

Nevada – This Holloween
Yes, Nevada does have a candy cane in front of her. We are in central New York the weather is just as scary as Holloween. Nevada is now 17 months. …

rottie pup
how much bigger will he get, he’s 10 months now and 41 kilos? Hi Jay It’s impossible to say for sure how big your pup will be when he’s …

Annie in WA
Annie is a beautiful Black/Mahogany Rott’n Dog. Posted are pup photo and a recent 10 mo. old, 75 lb. beauty. Having raised a number of Rottweilers …

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my dog is dangerous!!

Gunner at 8 weeks old
Gunner is a playful little guy. We love him very much.

Diesel our new puppy at 6 weeks.
We bought our puppy over the internet. He is an amazing dog so full of life. He is great with my kids and I couldn’t be happier. The person who I bought …

My Sweet Maddie
This is my adorable little girl, Maddie. She loves to play and keeps her sisters (Rottie/Shepard Mix and Mastiff) young and on their toes. She …

He’s a really goofy pup!!!…. We adopted Mojo from the HSO-Yuma last October. Since we saw his cute face we fell in love and we decided right there …

We got Raven after we lost our first Rottie Sable. We had Sable for 14 years and were devastated to lose her. We waited to get another dog and I did …

This is Sarah at 5 months.

He is almost three month old, very nice and naughty one, most loved one in my house, on the way his training and serious will start after 4 month

my rottie is now 4 monthes old i got him at about 8 or 9 weeks old. i’ve never owned a rottweiler b4 an i instantly fell in love with jeezy the minute …

Maggie and Lizzie
Maggie is a Rottie Shepherd mix that we adopted from a shelter in Arkansas while on vacation! She rode home to Kansas City in the floor of our Corvette …

holly aged 10
holly accepted everybody and loved them all.


Rocky (Vom Bullenford) Serrone
Rocky is like a typical teenager right now, you never know what side of the bed he’s waking up on. He’s like a big teddy bear with fangs! We love …

1st year birthday for Dakota – she is such fun!
Dakota has been a blast. She is one year old on the 26th and I cannot believe it. She isn’t spoiled, of course!

can’t wait for my cake
This is Chivas our first Rottie. He’s so friendly and playful. He just turned 1 year old

Our newest addition.

My favourite breed – My Dog – Rott

chico a life changer
This is chico a rescued rottie who i adopted two years ago – he had been thrown out when his owners moved house and quite literally turned up at my door. …

The Newest Member of the Family BB Morales
BB is a handful but you got to love her. She is a rottweiler mix. Now she is 11 weeks old. She came to our family on April 4, 2010. She was given to …

Stark- 3 Months Old
This is Stark. We wanted a good german name for our little boy. I looked up what ‘strong’ would be in german and it means Stark. Stark means strong, …

This is Lars. My Three-month old German Rottweiler.

New Baby Sophie!!!
Couldn’t ask for a more perfect puppy!!!

My love empty without Rottie around me
Boeftje (6y.o) is my one of my favorite dog. Well Heart-Loving by family and our kennel visitors. He’s even taken a role as “front office and marketing …

Just wanted to say what a great site!!
Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic site – well done!!

Harley and Hershey
Harley and Hershey are just 6 weeks old and full of energy. I love spending my days with them and watching them play together. They have very different …

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Bella was only a few weeks old when i got her in november 2009. she is a full bred rottie and very playful. Bella is 4 months old tommorrow and i’m …

Babygirl and baby Dingo
The rotties and my bro

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