My Best Friend Daisy May

She was afraid and alone in a shelter. I saw her photo and it was love at first sight! When I went to visit her, the aid at the shelter wanted to bring her out to me, as walking through the kennel with all of the other dogs barking sent her into uncontrollable shaking. So… when the aid came forward with her, I knew right then and there, this was my new best friend!

Sadly, someone had put a cigarette out on her back end, but the hair grew back, Daisy got a new lease on life and six years later, she sleeps soundly at the foot of my bed. Daisy is the love of my life. Never, ever, have I owned a dog so loyal, sweet, or incredibly humorous! Serious about protecting me, yet smart enough to know when it’s ‘ok’ to like a new person, she’s also VERY intelligent.

Swimming and retrieving seem to be her all time favorite hobbies, along with tilting her head in the most adorable fashion when I ask her if she would like to go bye bye or take a swim. Daisy is so happy now in life, that her little nub for a tail even wiggles when she is sleeping. I guess that means she is having a really fun dream!

How I LOVE this girl, and what a difference she has made in my life!!! I would tell anyone looking to rescue a dog, that the Rottweiler will NEVER be a regret. They are worth their weight in gold and then some – GOD’S ANGELS!!!!

If you think you could give an abandoned, lonely or neglected Rottweiler a second chance at love, visit my Rottweiler Rescue page to learn more!

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Oct 05, 2010

a very big yes you are right
by: lee castle

wow you got it so right every word and thought daisy may has the rottweiler match made in heaven having you for its owner
the public in the uk could do with this sort of remarks in those scare mongering news papers the pr is so very negative to the breed
a rescue rotti saved it lady owner from a sexual assult the dog was awarded a medal from the RSPCA that hit the middle pages of those papers for one edition only

Sep 19, 2010

Miss Daisy
by: Poochie

Thank God for people like you with love in your heart I know Daisy is having a great time with her new family. I know the joy a Rottweiler can bring to a person’s life I had one but I lost him to cancer 4/9/10 that was the worst day of my life he was eight years old. I know you are going to give Daisy a great life she look so cozy on the sofa. Enjoy every moment you have with her and God bless you both.

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