Tank & Haven

by Connie Lunn
(midlothian, tx, usa)





Haven at 3 mts.

Haven today

I adopted Tank from my local shelter. He was on his last day at 3 months.

Little did I know he had kennel cough when I got him. It takes kennel cough 4 days to show signs of infection. He had a sever case and infected 2 of my other dog’s. I had a really large vet bill that month but all survived and that is what it was all about to begin with.

Tank has 2 brother k9s & 1 sister. He also shares his home with 10 felines and he likes them all. Oh… he likes me top. 🙂

Haven is my 1 female. She also has 3 brother K9s and 10 fellow felines. Her best friend is Chance as she was also adopted from a rescue a few days before I got Haven so they have grown together. Well, Haven has grown. Chance is my youngest kitty.

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Dec 05, 2010

Yearly kennel cough (Bordetella) update shots …
by: Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom

Getting past kennel cough can be long winded.

Unfortunately, we made the same mistake, in somewhat a different manner. We rescued a puppy and he was given the nasal Bordetella nose drops. They are only a partially killed virus and a pup can, and did, get Bordetella from it. Insist on the shot, not nose drops.

We also went through the same high vet bills because we didn’t realize that each dog you have needs a yearly vaccine for kennel cough/Bordetella.

We brought a rescue home and he developed kennel cough like yours and it started rotating through each of our 4 dogs. E x p e n s i v e!

Now we (and you)know about the yearly updates.

Be safe.

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