by Mr Ray bird
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would like to know if she is a full rotty

It’s impossible to say for sure whether a dog is purebred or not by just looking I’m afraid 🙁 The only PROOF you can have are:

a)paperwork and pedigree information from a reputable organization, such as the KC in the UK.

b)DNA tests (there are at-home kits available) can tell you whether or not she’s purebred or has other breeds in her genetic make-up.

BUT from that photo of Rikku I would say that she looks likes a Rottweiler. Just like any breed, there can be a big difference in coat, color, height, weight, ear-set and so on between individual pups/dogs.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but your girl looks like a sweetheart and most definitely has a lot of Rottweiler blood (even if she turned out not to be 100% purebred) and I’m sure she’s a fantastic dog. Enjoy her.

Best of luck with her ~ Sue

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Sep 05, 2013

beautiful !!! NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

My Max looks just like her, I adopted Max at 7 months old from a rescue and both the shelter that had him first and the rescue had him listed as a rottie which even myself questioned I had just lost my 11 1/2 rottie to cancer at the time and he had the typical rottie look of that short,stocky,thicker hair and that walk as if to say “hey I have a attitude” when I got Max all I saw was legs but I also had a friend that had a pure bred german blockhead and he to had long legs,sleek body. Max now is almost 2 1/2 yrs and tall,sleek and when he walks or runs looks like a purebred race horse,sometimes I question if he may have some great dane blood because he is so tall that he looks over the backyard block wall to watch the neighbors and that wall is 5 to 6 feet high,but he is my best bud!and he loves me more than anything and doesn’t care what breed I am,just love and enjoy her and you will get more love then you could ever imagine,best to both of you

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