“Hannibal” my 8 year old Rottie

by Gary Beaver
(Lakewood, Colorado)

Hannibal 10 weeks old

Hannibal 10 weeks old

Hannibal 10 weeks old

Hannibal loving Dad..

Hannibal is one sweet loving guy, he has been a very loyal companion for my family.

Almost 2 years ago he was near death, he was rushed to emergency with a 104 degree temperature during the summer when temp outside was in high 90’s.. he fought the virus that caused the illness for almost 2 weeks, and overcame it with help of a very caring staff at the animal hospital..since then he has made a full recovery.

Recently during one of his walks with my wife, they were attacked by a pit bull who was off the leash.. the pit went for my wife and Hannibal immediately placed him self between the running oncoming dog and my wife.. the pit jumped for my wife’s upper body and Hannibal countered with jumping in the way and deflecting the pit.. the pit tried several more times to attack my wife and Hannibal blocked him from getting to her.. not once did he use his mouth to ward off the dog which weighed about 80 lbs.. Hannibal is a healthy 140 lbs..

Eventually the owners came and got control over their dog and apologized .. if Hannibal was not with my wife the outcome would have been bad.. possibly fatal.

Hannibal is the 3rd Rottie I have owned and all ” Gentle Ben” , “Bear”, now Hannibal have all been very protective and have a very good temperament toward other pets and humans.. but their protective instinct is also very strong.

I dread the day we will have to say good bye to Hannibal as he is up there in years. The pain of losing such a loyal companion is nothing less than losing a dear family member.. but I will do it all over again with another gentle giant …. wouldn’t have it any other way

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Mar 12, 2013

Hannibal the Rock Star NEW
by: Anonymous

Way to go Hannibal! Awesome dog, I’m on my third Rottie now, they are great dogs! I agree with Nancy, it would be good for your dog to be in the news for his bravery, people need to know the quality of these dogs, their inherent wisdom and love for family. They are a take charge kind of dog, they do what needs to be done. But the owners of the pit should be dealt with.
Someone broke into our home when we were gone, the alarm company fotified our kids at church, when they came home the door was open and blood was on it in the shape of a hand, an overstuffed chair was knocked over with blood on it and our dogs (1 rottie, one bluetic coonhound) were just sitting by the door waiting like nothing happened.

Mar 12, 2013

Hero NEW
by: Captain Nancy

Hannibal is a HERO any way you look at it. What a brave and loyal dog! I’m glad Hannibal is ok after that encounter. He should have his story in the newspaper and that pit should be taken before a board and labeled as a “dangerous dog” or be put down for attacking your wife. Unacceptable under any circumstances. I had the experience of a pitbull jumping out of the window of a moving car passing by to attack my dog. I now carry pepper spray.
You have an amazing companion, hugs from us.

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