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by Melanie

Can we go now? (Vet's office)

Can we go now? (Vet’s office)

My boy Moose was dumped in a shelter in South Carolina with his littermates when they were still too young to be taken away from their mother.

He was brought to Connecticut through a local rescue which is where we adopted him. The runt of the litter at only 4lbs 6 oz. He was clearly not well and I couldn’t leave him there.

He was loaded with parasites which took two courses of treatment to remedy.

When he started limping X-rays revealed severe hip dysplasia. He is already not doing well at only 11 months. In constant pain, taking pain medication daily.

He needs FHO surgery. We are doing our best to raise the funds needed for surgery. We have hock braces being ordered and have started physical therapy but the fact remains if we are not able to get him the surgery he needs he will most likely have to be euthanized. I am trying to assure that does not happen.

Moose is my fourth Rottweiler. My first, Thor died suddenly at the age of three. Most probably caused by a heart condition, not uncommon in Rottweilers. My second Maximus had Addison’s disease. We treated him with monthly injections for 6 years, he ultimately developed cancer and was pts at the age of 9 1/2. Diesel is my third and is still with us although he also has hip and elbow dysplasia and now Moose.

I say my dogs chose me because they knew I would do everything in my power to make sure they got the care and love they deserve. So I will continue to try.

If you can donate to Moose’s cause we would be eternally grateful. If you can’t if you can share his story that would be appreciated too.
GoFundMe – Moose

Thank you.
Moose’s mom

Hi Melanie, I’m so sorry to hear about Moose’s hip dysplasia, my heart goes out to him – and to you. Your Rottweilers have all been very lucky to find such a loving, forever home, and I can imagine how difficult it must have been (and still is) for you to take care of their needs.

I wish I could help financially in a significant way, I donate wherever and whenever I can.. to rescues, individual needs, charities and so on, but my finances are limited. I will go to Moose’s page and donate the little that I can though!

I’m also happy to share Moose’s story and hope that others will step up and give some type of help, no matter how small.

I also wanted to let you know that there is another crowdfunding platform called and there you can get 100% of any donations, as the site doesn’t take a ‘cut’ for themselves. You might want to set up a page for Moose there too.

I wish you all the very best of luck and will pray that Moose gets the surgery that he so desperately needs. Thanks for sharing his story here. ~ Sue

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