Maximo: 41 lbs 1-11-2011

by Tina
(Glendora, CA)

Curious Max

Curious Max

Curious Max

Here with our Pit Tiggy

peek a boo

WEll Max is doing a lot better with the digestive situation- we have had him for about 8 weeks now- he was at least 6 weeks old we we adopted him- so I would estimate his age to be just over 3 months.

Here is the updates: since we had him he has had diarrhea for 1 month everyday, I have had him in the vet 4 times each time with a sample to test for worms and parasites etc..

He has been on flagyl, (twice)and other broadspectrum meds.

Well most sites will tell you that to make sure check the food situation: protein(source meat)24-28%-, no meal by products etc..

well the top rated food that was suggested and sold by our vet has the first ingredient: whole grain Meal, chicken by-product as the second.

An unknown brand: not as expensive: has chicken meat as first ingredient and the other flavor has lamb meat as the first ingredient, whole brown rice, and list of vegies– well I have had him on this brand now for this week and low and behold – normal movements. He is not as nippy, he is learning and paying attention.

He was probably in so much discomfort and little nutrition no wonder he was not listening and seemed to be agitated.

Food is a major item for these little guys.

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Jan 29, 2011

Max A Million
by: Connie

When you first adopted him, did you post a picture of him asking if he was full blood rottie? I remember someone doing that and I think it may have been you. He is so cute. A good puppy/adult all natural dog food is Exclusive. It is not in pet supply stores or regular stores but at feed stores. The cost of a lg. bag here (TX) with tax $40.01 but after your 6th purchase, you get a free bag and then it starts all over again so every 7th bag is free, saving $40.00. I have 4 dog’s, all large so it is a bargin for me. The dog food being all natural is great. I am glad to see Maximo is doing better. He looks so happy and fun.

Jan 27, 2011

Update 1/27/2011 Max is 48.5 lbs
by: Anonymous

Ok – vet visit- he had his side claws removed – they were so sharp- they looked like eagle claws Vet suggested we have them removed safety for Max-

His weight at this point almost 4 months old is 48.5 lbs.

Note: he is a shepard/rottie mix.

Jan 13, 2011

Mighty Max
by: Connie

The most touching thing to this story is the fact that you care for this little guy enough to find out what ails him. we all know people who don’t think a “dog’s life” needs med care, “it will go away…” max is a very lucky boy and will be your best friend for life. i love the people who adopt and actually care for that animal properly. I do a lot of work with my local shelter and see so much sadness in these poor animals so thank you for adopting and thank you for careing and and keep posting max as he grows.

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