–Jayda & Me–

by Liz
(New York)

Hello everyone! this is our baby Jayda, she is approximately 13 years old, sorry I don’t know her exact age, as her previous owner was not sure if she was 3 or 4 when she gave Jayda to us about 10-11yrs ago.

Jayda is such a happy girl despite her mild hip dysplasia, and a recent bout with some health issues which was first diagnosed as facial paralysis,and an inner ear infection, she was put on numerous antibiotics, had an ear cleaning, but things just started going down hill from there, antibiotics did not work, she was hospitalized for 4 days @ NYC Veterinary Specialists Hospital. Jayda has had numerous blood/urine cultures/tests, a spinal tap, CT scan of the head,and chest/head X-rays, all tests came back negative. She has been on countless antibiotics, steroids, and most recently they suspect her thyroid but that test was also negative.

Whatever it is, has begun to affect her eyes and her nasal passage, we use a childrens’ nasal spray to help with the dryness in her nose, her left eye is completely shut now and her right eye is slightly open and is mostly blood shot red, we constantly apply vet dispensed eye ointment and eye wash to refresh her eyes, we are so lucky that my parents can babysit her during the day and are able to do this for us, as me and my husband both work.

Jayda has also begun to lose some muscle mass on her head and is unable to open her mouth completely, it takes her about an hour to eat but she makes sure she licks her plate clean!..I sometimes wonder if I am prolonging the inevitable but her vet has assured me that she is not suffering, I sometimes wonder about his response. Our girl still nudges me in the morning for her walk, is able to make her way to her favorite spot on the sofa,eats constantly and is always looking for someone to play with!..

I apologize for such a long post, but we are at our wits end and frustrated, we have been to 3 vets and neither is able to give a diagnosis. We’re hoping that maybe someone has experienced something familiar with their baby, or can share some insight.

Thank you for listening 🙂

from Sue at a-love-of-rottweilers.com..

Liz, I’m so sorry to hear about what is happening with Jayda, it must be so heartbreaking for you all.

At 13 (or so), she has already passed the average life expectancy for a Rottweiler by quite a bit, but what you describe definitely doesn’t sound like normal aging. I’m a little surprised that CT scans and X-rays haven’t shown anything as Rottweilers are unfortunately a very cancer-prone breed, and that would have been one of my first guesses.

It’s obvious how much you love her and it sounds as though that love is reciprocated 100 times over, Jayda is a very lucky girl and I’m sure you’re also very lucky to have been able to share your lives with her.

If your vet says she’s not in pain, then I would be inclined to believe him, in my experience they will usually err on the side of caution. You are doing everything possible for her and it sounds as though she still has a reasonable quality of life and is content with her place in the family. It’s a very personal decision, and totally different for every dog, every situation etc., as to when to continue and when it’s best to put an end to things, but I would say go with your instincts here and do what you think is best – you know Jayda best and I think you’ll know when the time comes. She knows she’s loved and you’ve given her a great life, she’s one of the lucky ones.

I really hope someone here can give you some more info. or support and I wish you all the very best of luck. My prayers are with Jayda and your family. God Bless

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Dec 29, 2010

My male had similar symptoms
by: Stephanie

We had to put my 11 year old male down in August of this year. At the beginning of this year we notice that the left side of his skull was starting to cave in and when we noticed it we thought something had fallen on his head so we looked for marks or blood and nothing so we took him to the vet and they said that the muscle was just soft and deteriorating and with it doing that it wasnt able to hold up his skull so his eye started to sink in and when it was bright out he wouldnt even try to open his eye but when it was overcast boy his eye was wide open. Then we noticed a few months later that the other side started to do it and he was actually going blind in that eye, then he got really sick and had a diarreah accident where it was just blood and it was so sad because i would have thought to lose so much blood nothing could still be living but he was and his normal sweet loving self and again we went to the vet and they did say that with both sides of his head doing that they could almost guarantee it was cancer and that his immune system was just shutting down slowly bit by bit because he started having urinary accidents also and with him being as old as he was they said that antibiotics wouldnt be able to help him and that if we waited anylonger it would just prolong it and he would really start to suffer and that was the last thing i wanted was to see my boy in pain or suffering, so the only option we had was to love him, and let him know we loved him and put him down peacefully so he wouldnt suffer and it was so hard but i couldnt bear to have him in pain. Thank you for letting me share. Good luck to you and your mama girl, i wish you both the best.

Oct 16, 2010

by: Maria

I hope things work at with u and Jayda. U can usually tell when it is time. My shepherd was 9 with hip dysplasia with which we had no problem with but when she could not walk on her back legs anymore I would pick her up or she would drag herself with her 2 front paws outside or where ever she wanted to go. She also was incontinent which was the least of my problem with my baby girl. My husband was in complete denial and kept telling me she was alright. Then when her front legs gave out I looked at her face and knew it was time. That was the very worse day of my life since she was so special to me. We called the ASPCA who sent an ambulance to take her to the vet where we were all together when she was euthanized. It was almost like a relief to see her in peace. It took a matter of 1 minute or less. We kissed her good bye and went home to mourn. This was about 5 yrs ago and I still have days where I sob. Even though I have 1 rottweiler, 1 shepherd and one small dog we rescued from Katrina plus 2 kitties She left a footprint on my heart that will remain there forever. Please don’t keep her alive for your sake. Be sure u stay with her all the way until the end no matter how frighted u are to go to the other side. Remember she had a good life with u, and u will always have memories with her. I know that sounds horrible now but as time passes u will find out for yourself. Life is horrible when things like this happen and I will pray for u and her and your family. May God help u to be strong and except the things u can not change.

Oct 16, 2010

My heart is hurting for you.
by: Tasha

Hi Liz I am so sorry to here about Jayda. I was where you are in June of last year. We had to put our 11yr old Rottie Axel to sleep. He had what you would call a twisted bowel.
I have been a dog owner since the time I could talk. I love dogs and always told myself as a owner, that when it got to the place where my dogs could not do what they loved to do anymore, I would put them down.
I trust my vets and if you truly trust your vet, then I would say make Jayda as comfortable as you can. But on the other hand, some vets can pray on the weak, and run up a huge bill knowing that there is nothing they can do for your dog.
When I had to put axel down, my vet was very honest with me and said, even though they could do the surgery to untwist his bowel, there was no guarantee that it would not twist up again. I told her that I would never let my animals suffer and that I felt like I had given him an excellent life and that I would not allow him to go through any pain, with surgery, stiches and not beiing able to do what he liked to do and that was play play play. She told me that I was making the right decision and to this day I know I did the right thing. My heart goes out to you, but please do what is best for Jayda. It’s hard to let go, but sometimes it is best to let go. She will go to doggie heaven. Blessing to you. Tasha

Sep 15, 2010

Quality of life
by: Maria

I’ve been where u are now. I would believe the vet. As long as she is not in pain let her be happy for the rest of her life with u. I’m sure she had a good life with u. She will let u know when it’s time. My Shepard would drag her back legs and I would carry her in from the back deck and wash her. Than I knew it was time when she could not walk anymore. She had no quality of life so I just must remember all the joy she has given me and she will always be #1 in my heart with many broken pieces. I miss her so much. I have pictures of her all over the house along with about 10 other dogs that I had. Sandy was 10 but had arthritis and hip displasia since she was 5 months old when my son brought her home. I always think she had a good life and is now waiting for me.Double

Sep 12, 2010

Sunset Dog
by: Maci

In February, I had to put my eleven year old Rottie names Pua to sleep. She also experienced similar symptoms you describe and was on thyroid medication for years. Eventually, her body began to break down via diabetes. When we found out she had bone cancer after she suddenly broke her leg, we knew we had to consider her quality of life. This was the toughest decision our family had to make considering how much a part of the family our Pua-girl was.

I miss her everyday. The sunset dog is so much the a gift to their human family. My best wishes to you and your Jayda.

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