Hulk The Incredible (From Athens, Greece)

by Tatiana
(Athens, Greece)

4 month old

4 month old

4 month old

1,5 month old


this is my rottie pup, Hulk the Incredible.

We live in Athens, Greece.

He is 4.5 month old now!

He loves his blankie and the sun!

He is an excessive chewer, but only to the toys that we have for him!

Thanx to your blog, we have bought him the Kong and he is more happy than ever!

Enjoy our puppy!


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Feb 18, 2013

Thank you! NEW
by: Tatiana

Thank you all for your comments!
We start training at the end of the month!

Shortly I will upload some more photos of my rottie!


Feb 15, 2013

Dog Train NEW
by: Magda

Beautiful Dogs and better to be trained if the owner is inexperienced.The sooner the better.We start trainng since she was 4months old.After all we are talking dogs with 130lbs wight with 240 pounds bite force.With training you take the best from you dog
and enjoy each other.
This is my personal view as inexperienced owner of a Rottie.And another thing.Choose you trainer carefuly.

Feb 13, 2013

Nice Rottweiler NEW

A very nice Rottie.
I have Rottweiler over 5 years and this appear to be a fearless one if i can judge from the way he sits.
Add some more pictures if you have because one is little blur

Feb 07, 2013

to Vera NEW
by: Tatiana

Thanx Vera for your advices!

At the end of the month we begin his training, although we practised orders from day 1!
Now he listens to sit,down,come,leave it and he is adjusted to our daily program and the potty.
He is a very good dog, obedient enough – especially when treats are involved – and he has never made any damages inside the house. But he is stubborn enough, so we will train him shortly, now that he only weighs 22kg and we can manage!!

We are also very careful with his nutrition and we follow our vet’s orders.


Feb 07, 2013

***** NEW
by: Vera

From the photo i can see he will be a big Rottie

You MUST pay close attetion to his nutrition and his train.He will be a very strong stubborn dog.All are.

So my little advice is the sooner he is trained the easier would be for you to handle and enjoy.

And always be careful with his food.

Enjoy you Rottweiler

Feb 07, 2013

Nice Rottie NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice Rottie

Feb 07, 2013

Thanx NEW
by: Tatiana

Thanx for uploading!

I hope you enjoy our dog!


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