by Charlotte

mekayla working with zues...

mekayla working with zues…

mekayla working with zues...

I love this look!!!

pretty boy!!!

he really took her truck!!!

I have always been a pitbull person, that is until i met this pretty boy!!!! He is the most wonderful dog i have ever had!!!

Zues loves nothing more then to sit with the family in the evenings or play tug of war with the kids. He is truly part of our family… If i didn’t know better i would say that he completely understands when we talk to him..

He has one heck of a sense of humor… He will make you laugh! I love this breed, they truly are gentle giants!!!!!!!


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Apr 03, 2013

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by: thomas37

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Feb 10, 2011

Beautiful Dog!
by: Sherry

I too have had my share of pit-bulls and as much as I love them, they are a breed that requires a lot of diligence at all times. You always had to be on guard and know your dog as they aged so as to avoid problems with other pets or strangers. I loved mine dearly, but was so glad when we got our first Rottweiler that we lost last summer. We have replaced him with a female that has quickly placed herself in our hearts deeply.

I know exactly what you mean about these dogs seeming to know what you are saying to them. They are extremely smart and when given an environment that they can show their personality, they will reward you with such a diverse and extremely playful one that you get the feeling they think they are human themselves. Ours gave us such quizzical looks at all the right times…you couldn’t help but laugh…funny thing is our pup Angelika is promising to be so remarkably like the one she is replacing that it is a little spooky. They will, given the chance, ingratiate themselves right into your heart and never leave you feeling sad long.

May you and your family have many wonderful years with Zues. He looks very happy and healthy which says he is well cared for…thank you for being someone who deserves to have such a magnificent animal.

Feb 09, 2011

by: Anonymous

hes very beautiful rottys are the best dogs i will never own any other breed i got my first rotty when i ived in erie 8 years ago enjoy your bundle of love

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