All about Bullet, my best friend for life

by Antoinette
(Little Rock Ar.)

Bullet is 2yrs. old. I’ve had him since he was 4wks. old. He had to leave the litter early and he was also the runt and since then I became his mom.

We have a good relationship and he loves his family which includes my husband Carl, my son Shane and myself.

Bullet was given to me as a birthday present and from that day forward I fell head over heels with him.

He’s a bit stubborn but we train and spend time with him on a regular basis. Everyday he learns something different. I am disabled and he keeps a close eye on me. My husband and son take him out for exercise everyday,and everyday while outside he is also taught the things he needs to learn especially stopping to cross the street, but he gives a problem sometimes when it’s a hot day cause Bullet hates the heat.

He is very well trained when it comes to potty time. He will hold it for hours sometimes just to avoid the walk in the heat. As you can tell Bullet is an inside pet and loves the fan and air-conditioning. He has plenty of toys and busy treats so he doesn’t get bored inside. He loves his treats and that’s what we use most to train him.

He gives hi-5, he speaks, he sits, he rolls over and really a lot of other things that he’s trained to do. Sometimes he gets a lil stubborn and wants things his way, and oh yes he also knows what time out is and gets punished when he is disobedient. He hates to be punished and all you have to do is mention the word. He has tested us a few times but my husband and I firmly let him know who’s boss. we can never let our guard down cause he will try to do what he wants.

As for my 20yr. old son well, we have to work on him too cause he tends to give Bullet his way just like any kid, lol. We never ever use abuse even if Bullet does something really bad. Bullet takes his regular trips to the vet and we make sure he is properly vaccinated. He also takes allergy and separation anxiety meds cause he has a bad case of anxiety when we have to leave him.

We live in Arkansas and the allergy seasons are so bad for him. He is so protective of us especially at night when we are walking him to go do his business. I wouldn’t say Bullet is aggressive although his vet thinks he is. I think too when Bullet is out of his comfort zone he acts up too and like children he doesn’t like going to the doctor.

I just think because he is a rottie I tend to get a lil nervous cause sometimes he is unpredictable. He can tell a bad person right away. He doesn’t like to be held back when he sees other dogs but I have been gradually giving him a lil more space when it comes to introducing him to other dogs cause I learned that holding him back from doing what dogs do to introduce themselves was frustrating him. He has gotten better with the introducing area and now he loves to play with other dogs but sometimes when he is near another male I think this man thing kicks in and he becomes territorial as well as showing the other male who the boss is, you know like they trying to see who has the biggest muscles, lol.

His diet is good and he weighs 105lbs. I feed him Chef Michaels which is a beef, which is sirloin steak, a potato and a veggie of green beans. It’s a bagged dry food that only certain stores carry it. I had to try different foods to see which one he would like. The first full yr. I gave him Beneful. He also likes a can of wet food in his dry food which is his lamb and rice. He loves lamb and rice which I think is the best healthiest for a dog.

When Bullet has an upset stomach we let him eat some grass or I will fix him some plain brown rice with plain cooked ground beef if I’m worried about him eating. Sometimes I noticed some white foaming that he throws up when he’s not feeling well and most time that’s cause he has eaten something that was not ingestible or digestible.

Whenever I want to learn something about my rottie I either go to the akc websites or I’ll go online to other websites that have the best info. You can learn a lot just by doing research if you are serious about learning about your rottie and this is how I came across this website and I love it.

I also have him on a alaskan fish oil vitamin which is good for his heart, coat, skin, and a few other things. It is also good for their behavior. Just read up on fish oil for dogs. I also have the pump bottled liquid but Bullet doesn’t like the smell. I try to give him everything that’s good for him although you know sometimes everything is impossible.

We live in an apt. but if you give him plenty exercise and have many toys and things to keep him busy he will not and has not gotten into anything that’s not for a doggie. Just like people dogs get bored with the same things.

Well this is about sums it up and how I love my rottie. Always go online to websites like this one to learn what’s best for your baby.

I hope some things might be of good help. Keep your dog exercised and with good nutrition, vaccinated and walking and fetching are the two most important things to do to keep your dog happy and healthy not to mention LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

To see more recent photos of Bullet and hear about how he’s doing, check out this page… Bullet… Part II 🙂

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Nov 27, 2012

All about Bullet NEW
by: Antoinette

My Bullet loves to sleep on his back although what I believe is he loves his tummy rubs. Ive ben testing him to see if he’ll keep his manners cuz Ive done some living room rearranging with my what nots and my baby looks at my things as if to hummmmm my mommy has changed things around abit.So he has passed and doesnt touch anything. As big as Bullets getting he doesnt destroy anything in my home. I always say jus like people get bored so do animals.So Bullet has every kind of toy imaginable and I also get him just about every busy chew that he likes.The things he likes most is a pair of my old slippers, and I mean to tell you he carries those slippers everywhere, even in his lil private space that my husband made jus for Bullet cuz I didnt want Bullet to have to be a kennel baby so it took lots a working with him for him to have his freedom on a daily basis.So as long as I keep Bullets mind entertained it doesnt give him time to focus on trouble, although he knows about time out.The only area Im really trying to work on is Bullet is so protective of my family but mostly of me. He doesnt want my husband to put the seat belt around me and he doesnt want anyone to touch me. Im disabled and sometimes need help getting in and out of our vehicle and Bullet wont have it. If my older son and I play Bullet thinks my son is trying to hurt me and he runs to my rescue. One night my son put on his scary Halloween mask, I mean scary, he came in my room and Bullet and I wetre sleeping, Bullet jumped up and dove across my entire boby as if to say, dont hurt my mama, take me instead. Of course I have a very playful and funny son for 20yrs old,lol.So Im trying really hard to get Bullet to realize my family is not going to hurt me.Another thing Im trying to work on is getting Bullet to walk gently when I want to take him for a walk because Im so frail with my illness. I have fibromyalga and need 2 knee replacments and that might be why Bullet is so protective, not to mention I might have ouch outburst so that can be it too why he thinks that someone is hurting me. So if anyone has any suggestions Im open for opions.I can say for sure rottweilers are the most affectionate and lovable dogs. I wouldnt have no other breed.Hes an inside baby and I try really hard to keep him healthy and fit cause I dont know what I would do without him. I know thats not good to feel that way but my love for Bullet is a love that runs so deep.Bullet, My friend for life!

Nov 05, 2012

Bullet, well loved NEW
by: Ralphy(Narelle)

My boy also lays on his back and looks extremely rude but he’s my 3rd and they’ve all done it. Bullet is lovely.

Sep 17, 2012

Kane NEW
by: Anonymous

My Kane does the same when he is in trouble. When I get mad at my 12 year old he runs to his crate! lol He is so well trained.

Sep 14, 2012

napping style NEW
by: Misty

my rottie sleeps like bullet, lol. Its her favorite sleeping position.

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