RIP Chloe….lost too early!!

by Lisa

This was my beautiful 6yr old Rottie Chloe

She was the joy of my live….unfortunately she was taken away too soon!! She died on Feb 4th 2009, from an auto-immune disorder that appeared out of nowhere….1 day healthy…the next not, then gone in a week…..

I will miss her greatly!! She was responsible for many people no longer being afraid of Rottweilers!!

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Sep 01, 2015

RIP to you lovely rotti! NEW
by: Anonymous

I just put my dog down 2 days ago and I never experienced heartache like this before. He was just about 7 and suddenly appeared sick, we took him to the vet and she said it was cancer and he may have a week left unless we spent thousands to just buy time. I couldn’t believe my ears I love him so much I couldn’t picture life without him. They let us see him before he was euthanized and we kissed each other the whole time knowing the love we shared was incredible and irreplaceable. I took him home to our back yard and buried him, and everyday I visit the grave saying good morning and goodnight. I’m devastated and think about him every minute everyday. I feel your pain and know what you’re going through, we gave these beautiful rotti the best life they could ever ask for.

Nov 10, 2010

im so sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

i know and understand what your going through my female rotty passed away at 1 the vet checked her when she was a puppy and told me i might as well give up and put her down she was no use he said (some vet no heart)and that she wouldnt make it six months but i kept her anway untill she died one morning she was fine that night she died her heart gave out but i still and always will miss her i often think about all the good times we had and i no i gave her a chance to see the worldand i had a wonderful year with her by my side .. and i no your friend is thanking you too for all the love and friendship you gave dont worry just remember the good times and always keep her in your heart

Nov 04, 2010

sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

i have just lost my beloved spike he was nearly 9 and died of a massive heart attack in his sleep he was healthy he didnt know he was going to go i feel your pain its so deep but i gave him the best life and im ure you did with yours

Jul 30, 2010

I feel your pain!
by: Sherri

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my first Rottie, Brynna, about 1-1/2 years ago. She had bone cancer and was 10 years old. I still miss her every day!!! We finally got another one just recently, my little Maddie. She has a very different personality than my “Bryn Bryn”, but just as wonderful. We just need to hold on to our memories of their glorious years.

Apr 22, 2010

Thank you!!
by: Lisa

Thank you everyone…she brought alot of joy to my life and I still miss her everyday…..

Apr 21, 2010

My heart goes out to you
by: Claire

My heart goes out to you my boy Floydd died so unexpeted i no what a shock it is, but when you look back all you can see is love happyness & fun from the first day you brought her home…memoreys are all we have left thank goodness there all wonderfull ones of the love you boyh felt for each other and the joy she brought into your life xx

Mar 23, 2010

Sorry about your darling furbaby
by: Anonymous

My heart is with you. I feel your loss. I also lost my Czar this year. He was 10+. God bless and take care.

Mar 06, 2010

by: Jackie

I am so sorry for your loss..I know what you are going through. I lost my sweet Lucy on Feb 4 too. She had cancer..She went very quickly. It came as a surprise. I miss her very much. She was a rescue rottie. Best dog ever. I miss her very much. RIP Chloe and Lucy

Mar 02, 2010

sorry for the loss of a beautiful girl
by: priscilla

sorry for the loss of ur beautiful rottie she was a beautiful girl.ima rottie mom to a 7 month old named max.hes the joy of my life i couldnt imagine life without him.your girl died too young.i pray i have my boy for along time.hes my first rottie an i wnt ever own another breed of dog.rotties are the best they have an immense love for there owners an family.they are a joy to have in your heart goes out to you i dnt ever want to experiance ur pain but i know i will as for one day i will have to say bye to my boy.just keep ur head up be strong an god bless you in ur time of pain lots of love frm houston texas

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