my beautiful baby girl “Kira’,,,,,,

by haynes
(las vegas nv)

My beautiful 10-1/2 yr old rottie girl died in my arms this past sunday at 4:45pm…. i rushed her to the vet but of course she had already passed….

I can not even begin to explain the amount of pain I’m in, she was my best friend, my protector and my hero. She saved me from death from a bad man holding a gun, and who was going to kill me, my hero!!!!!!!

Kira was her name…… and full of life until about a wk ago, she started getting very sick,we ran blood tests, full body x-rays and nothing, but she did have very bad diarrhea, she was on meds. she was acting like she was getting better and then -a stroke and she died in my arms….

The pain and loss i feel are almost unbearable…. please someone tell him how to deal with the loss of my baby girl

Oh Haynes, I’m so sorry for your loss. Anyone who has ever loved a dog this way will totally understand and know what you’re going through!

I know how much it hurts, I’ve lost much-loved dogs over the years, some way before their time, and the pain can be heart-breakingly overwhelming. BUT, it does pass given time. I can’t tell you that it won’t completely go away, I still get a lump in my throat over mine at times, but you WILL be able to look back and remember Kira with love and a smile, even though you wish she was still with you.

It sounds as though she was a truly special girl, and that you’ve been through a lot together, and I’m absolutely certain that she knew how much you loved her and that you did everything you could possibly do to help her get well again. Sometimes things just happen out of the blue, things we don’t understand and find hard to accept, but Kira loved you and wouldn’t want to see you sad.

As a breed Rottweilers have a relatively short lifespan with the average being around 9 years, Kira had 10 1/2 great years with you and you with her. I know it’s hard but try to remember the good times and just hold onto the fact that you gave her a life of love and happiness, she was a lucky girl.

It feels as though you’re drowning in sorrow right now, but hang in there, as the days pass it will get easier I promise. I believe that Kira is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for the day when you will be together again, she’s happy and not in pain or distress. She would want you to be happy again too.

One day you may feel like adding another Rottweiler to your family. No other dog EVER replaces the beloved one that you lost, but giving another pup/dog a chance at a happy life full of love and companionship can help ease some of the pain. There are a lot of lonely Rottweilers (and of course other dogs) in shelters and pounds across the country who desperately need love and companionship too. Maybe one day two of you will be able to help each other.

Give it time though, everyone is different and grieves in a different way. I’m afraid that there’s probably nothing that anyone can say or do to make you feel better right now, and that’s normal. But you will get through this!

Every one who’s ever lost a pet and reads this will sympathize I hope some of them have words that will help. I’m sure many of them are more eloquent than me! I wish you all the best and hope that you are soon feeling less distraught. ~ Sue

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Mar 07, 2013

I am so sorry.. NEW
by: Judy & Angel

Condolences in the loss of your baby girl Kira.No words we can say will ease your pain but find comfort in knowing our thought and prayers are with you.I too have lost 2 of my girls prior Ciara age 6 in 2001 and Precious age 9.5 in 2010.I now have my Angel who is 2.3 and I still call her Precious..I can’t believe my 1st has been gone for 12 years as it feels like yesterday.For Kira to get to 10.5 yrs you both where blessed.No dog EVER replaces the last one but brings just as much love and joy.It took me months before I could get a new dog but knew I had to as life without a rottie to me is not an option.Each time I got my new girl I realized how much it helped me heal..When the time is right you will know it and I hope if you get another she helps ease your pain..Know in your heart Kira is over the Rainbow Bridge having a great time with my girls and all others that have passed and left us behind..RIP Kira your mommy misses you..

Mar 03, 2013

Kira NEW
by: debby kendall

My heart goes out to you in this very painful loss of your precious Kira & I too know this pain all to well for I am still grieving my loss of my Beloved Bruiser who died 03/30/2011 & my Precious Casper who died 05/27/2008. With Casper I am now learning to cope it’s been almost 4yrs but with Bruiser not at all still each day I feel the pain & shed the tears & at the end of this month it will have been 2yrs since his death. He as with your Kira was so very special to me in so many ways when he touched my heart he left an in print in my soul with a love that will forever live in my heart. And I knew in deep down I had to have another Rottweiler so my chance I found my now (Sam) who I got in may 2011 & the strange thing about Sam is he was born on the same day Bruiser died so I believe he is my gift from heaven sent to me by Bruiser & I love him so. But my advice to you would be this (CRY) let it out keep one of her favorite toys take walks where you used to go look at her pictures & even talk to her this may help you. I brought both of my dogs home to be with me after their death only now they sat in cherry wood boxes a top my dresser in my office where I spend most of my time,because it is my wish that they are to be buried with me. I had Casper for 10yrs & Bruiser for 12yrs & I hope to have Sam just as long. When you love a Rottweiler what you receive in return is a everlasting love of kindness & respect & honor that I have never found in any other breed of dog. They own my heart & rule my world. May god help you find the peace you so need to heel your broken heart.

Mar 01, 2013

Kira NEW
by: Jackie

Oh this is so so sad! God bless your special girl. The bond you must have had with her for saving your life must have been incredible. Thank god that neither of you were hurt or killed. I have my own story on here (Sam) who i loved dearly (and always will). It was so hard losing her I loved her so much. I hope there is a special Rottie out there waiting for you to find each other, not to replace Kira as that is not possible when you truely love them as you clearly did. We have to accept their life span and know that we will have heartache again and again. I have two now a brother and sister they have a loving and happy home. They are spoilt rotton and all because of my beautiful Sam who taught us how very special rottweilers are. Kira obviously had a happy loving home and perhaps because of her you may give another rottweiler a chance to love you as kira did. RIP Kira and may doggie heaven watch over you now until you are reunited with your loving family. Big big hugs to you xxx

Mar 01, 2013

truely so very sorry NEW
by: Cheryl

my heart hurts for you and what you are going through right now, i think in time you pain will ease some but you will never forget, i lost my bear in oct 2011 he was 11 1/2yrs old and my friends rottie 28 days before that had passed and i had gone to the shelter and adopted another and that fell through so i felt like i lost 3 rotties in 5 weeks, i was beyond consoling I even wanted to move from my home and area so I didn’t have that constant reminder of what I lost,and then 3 months later recieved a call from a friend that had bear’s sister and she had just passed. That evening I went outside and picked a group of stars that sparkled brighter than the rest and pick a star for each of them and thanked God for the special blessing of the time that I did have with them and just told myself that there must have been a child that left our world long before their time and god needed my friend as a companion for that child and what better match than a rottie and a child. I did adopt another rottie 2 weeks after bear’s passing and our story is posted on this site under “paying it forward” I will pray that god will comfort you though this difficult time and maybe when you are ready you will want to share your life again with another special friend.My thoughts and heart are with you.

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