Rocky – the rottweiler , A clown with family

by Girish
(Kalyan, Thane, India)

Rocky - little spoiled kid of mumma

Rocky – little spoiled kid of mumma

My little kiddo rocky

who is 18 months now, weighing 43 kgs, height 26.5 inches at shoulder

He behaves like a clown running to hide behind my wife’s legs or geting into her lap to escape when my two naughty daughters harass him 🙂

When some one from family visit, he is so friendly, wagging his tail getting their attention….

but totally different when any stranger or guests arrive.

like a gentleman 🙂 grownup security in charge

NO BARKING or unwanted noises. Just sniff them, inspect them and sit near to family observing them till they are at home and only leave to his place after they leave our house 🙂

a perfect combination of companionship and guarding 🙂

love this breed and the inbuilt intelligence this breed possess.

Girish – you just described perfect Rottweiler guarding, it’s exactly the way they should handle it!

Sadly so many people feel that their Rottie should bark, or growl or act threatening to strangers. Not true. They only do that if they feel that their family is in imminent danger.

Rocky displays the discerning guardian behavior that is correct…. he’s intelligent enough to know what is needed. I’m feel more proud of this dog every day 🙂

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Nov 30, 2011

Rocky NEW
by: Debby Kendall

I have learned over the yrs with all my Rottweiller’s that I have worked with & trained on a personal level & my son’s & mine is that you don’t have to train them to be a guard dog they are born with this it is in the breed. And I for one have & would trust my life @ any given time with my Rottweiller’s by my side. And when they bark I don’t get alarmed but @ night when the lights go out & they roam free through the house & if I hear a low very low growl I pay attention, because that means there’s a problem somewhere & it’s not the wind or an animal, they are guarding me,my family & my home & for this they were not trained. So all you need to do as a owner is give them your love & they will do the rest on their own.

Nov 30, 2011

another experience to share NEW
by: Girish

One of my another friend too had similar question to me saying it seems my roty is not having guarding instinct. Will he guard me !

even I advised him same way. even he tried testing his rottys guarding instinct by asking his friends to push him etc infront of his rotty

Rather his rotty just came close and watched but did not barked or shown aggression to his friends.


(thats why need more training too 🙂 as he have capability to think himself, he will challenge you to take the pack leader position )

same rotty again on road been walked by my friends younger brother, and end up a quarrel with some one and that other man came and got hold of his collar and pushed. the reaction from his rotty was so fast, he jumped upon the other man and bite him

and the moment my friends bro called him to leave and calm. he was again sitting silently waiting for next order

the man who got biten had registered a police case 😀 but I rather pity on the victim for trying to ge physical with a rotty owner with a rotty nearby 🙂

Nov 30, 2011

our similar experience NEW
by: Girish

we have a pom in our complex, who keep barking and try to get near rocky pushing the soil below with his legs.

and our rocky used to just stand and stare at him.

even we got comment from people saying. your dog seems very lazy no reaction 😛

and we used to smile and tell them, its better he is like that 🙂

but recently when my elder daugher was walking rocky and the pom came across , as usual the pom owner let the leash loose and pom came near to rocky barking, within a glance rocky jumped and got hold of that little one.
luckily my daughter could pull him with all her strengh and made him leave that pom.

pom survived with few wound on his bums. and then what ??

as usual

the owner who been enjoying her pom doing this behviour and leaving the leash loose ! STarted complaining

your dog is big so you had to take more care, he almost killed my little baby etc etc.

I repeat, barking, growling and showing aggression is not part of guarding. thats actually show the weakness and fear of those dogs

Nov 30, 2011

Guard Instinct Inbuilt in this breed NEW
by: Girish


Rotty have inbuilt capability to rise to the occassion and ready to give up his own life for the safety of family. What differ from bloodlines to bloodlines or pups to pup is the range of aceptance to others, and how well they are trained and socialised.

a pup let it be any breed, (even a lab) if kept tied and not socialised when face a unknown situation or diff. look person he will attack, bark even without provocation due to fear

the conept is before you get me , let me get you

its not guarding. its fear more in that part

As Sue highlighted, barking, growling is not a sign of Guarding.

about the comment by Ignorants that your dog dont bark better you had gone for lab 😀

i will rather appreciate and congratulate you for having a cool rotty 🙂 who dont keep barking like a pom /dashund or chihua

a rotty like the above is like driving a oil tanker without break :d and a small dog aggressive is more like cycle without break

understand the diff. responsibility of being owner of such powerful breed is big.

Nov 30, 2011

My rottie NEW
by: Sanu


But when we will come to know whether he can protect us or not. Dangers to the family will come very very rarely or not at all. My dog also behaves the same, I am just wondering whether my dog dont have any guarding quality at all. Some people teases me also 🙁 saying your dog never barks at anyone, why cant you buy a Labrador then. It makes me sick !!! Anyway I love my dog.

Nov 29, 2011

Thanks sue NEW
by: Girish

Thanks Sue.
We are also proud of his temperement 🙂

We want a guard, but not a nuisance for every one around 🙂

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