Caesar King of the house !

by Carla Patrick
(United Kingdon)

This is a picture of my two year old Caesar he is an absolute joy to be around he is funny , cute and the most friendly dog in the world. People ask if they can stroke my dogs and always go to stroke my much smaller dog which is a Jack Russell . I in turn inform people my JR is called Nibbles and he certainly lives up to his name .

People cross the road , walk into traffic , climb walls the works just to get away from my Big Friendly Giant . WHY !!!! Ignorance of the breed .

But hey it’s their loss . It’s a shame 🙁 . Isn’t he a cutie . x

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Nov 13, 2011


Me Time NEW
by: Debby Kendall

This is a priceless pic & a gorgeoues dog. WOW!!

Apr 07, 2011


by: Charlotte

Agree!!!!! It is a shame most people miss out just becauce of ignorance of what the breed has to offer… ****ROTTIES ROCK****

Mar 29, 2011


i agree…
by: Munir

i agree… i also hate these kinds of ppl….mine r so lovable…i must say ignore those ppl…u will feel gud … lol

Mar 28, 2011


by: Julie

I agree, I have the same problem with people crossing the road, lifting up their dogs and children. I get more problems from the little dogs which don’t seem to be controlled. Rottie love people and most other dogs. They are the clowns of the canine world.

My present rottie has a look she gives me when I tell her off, which says “get over it, I’m loveable” it is so hard not to laugh at her.

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