Ronnie (female)….Born 18/02/11…Our 8 week old guard dog!

by jacqueline stuart

This is ronnie.

She is so confident, fearless and has even stood on guard growling and barking at the door.

She is so clever and picks things up very quickly. On the first day, we gave her a warm bath, wrapped and cuddled her in warm towels, she loved it! It’s like she accepted us instantly as her new pack. The first night left alone she howled her head off.

By day two she has learnt( a little hesitant with some commands but getting there) her name, to sit, give paw, release, no, leave it, come here and walks a little on her lead before she decides it’s a toy, all with the help of treats. She does look expectantly for a treat every time we say ‘good girl’ bless her. We don’t always give her one, maybe eighty percent of the time we do. Night two less howling but still plenty to wake us up.

I don’t think ronnie was the runt of the litter, judging by her character, but she acts like it with food. This is getting better though, we give her little and often and part of her daily food is used for rewards. We make her sit before we give it to her because she can’t get to it fast enough – we don’t want her doing that when she’s a big girl! Night three howling much less often.

Ronnie did start the dreaded ‘eating poo’ but with a firm ‘no’ and getting her away from it quickly she appears to be getting the message. We think she may have wanted the runnier ones more but we do find a poo in the morning so we are getting there. She just walked away from one now we’re very pleased to say! Night four howled for an hour during the night.

The vet here in Italy advised us not to give her her first shot immediately we got her ( i think he thought we shouldn’t put her through that when we first got her), to wait till after easter. We didn’t want to do this but he’s the vet!

Ronnie greets us all like she has been with us forever. It’s so amazing considering she has only been with us for four days.

We do spoil her rotten and give her the freedom we gave our previous rottie (we lost our beauty ‘sam’ on 21/02/11 after 10yrs – we have a web page for her on this site) she is only gated at night and when she is unattended.

Toys: we have the kong toy but she gets bored easily. We play (ALWAYS SUPERVISED) with an empty water bottle attached to a string (with stones in it sometimes for noise), a string with a small soft chewy bone tied on the end, empty yogurt pots (she licks the very little remains), toilet paper and paper towel, anything to distract from the out of bounds things.

I will post more pictures as she grows. Now I’m going to check out the site for other pups. Oh, don’t you just love the sweet rottie!

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Jul 30, 2011

Hallo Jackie
by: Dario & Anna

Hello Jackie, I would like to inform you that I still have one of the brothers of Ronnie. Now is still with us but for reasons of transfer can not take it with us. I gladly give it to you because I saw the love you give to dogs that have been part of your life. If you can not hold it, look for a beautiful family for Brutus who is still looking for a lovely home and a family like yours. Anna & Dario soon.
My number telephone 3290085492 e-mail

Jun 12, 2011

by: jackie

Hi Dario and Ana,
Thank you for your lovely comments.
I will put more pictures of ronnie up very soon.
Ronnie is spoilt rotten.
Bye for now Jackie and Steve

Jun 01, 2011

hello ronnie!!!
by: dario and ana

Congratulations … we are very happy to have found such a beautiful family like yours … and we are sure that ronnie is happy and give you much love … from picoline was very sweet .. hope to see some photos of more recent because we are missing: (.. thanks for the love that you give it … See you soon! a hug to you and ronnie! ana

Apr 20, 2011

by: rahul

hey congrates such a cute puppy so cute so plz takecare of her……..enjoy

Apr 20, 2011

by: judy

Congratulations on the new addition..she sound like a handful as is mine,Angel.Mine is 16 weeks now and is on the site under “Rotti puppy pics”..she also loves toilet paper and if she goes to the bathroom she sometimes comes out with the end in her mouth still attached to the roll strewn through out the I suggest you be careful with eating the poop as this is the way round worms are spread. Angel had round worm(see blog w/photo)and I understand that 80% of puppies have them from their mother.They become adults once ingested and feed off the blood stream.Just want to be careful that once you treat them they don’t get them again..Sorry to read about your Sam and though Ronnie will never replace Sam she will help heal the wounds.Trust me I know as we lost our last baby in Oct. Thank you for sharing Ronnie with us and please keep her photos coming.You may notice that Sue set up a site(the one Angels on) to document the growth of puppies male and female.You may still be able to sign Ronnie up as she was looking for more females..good luck with Ronnie as she sound like she’s on her way to being another loved Rotti..

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