Butters my sexy rottie puppy

by Jes Vitale
(Portland area Oregon)

3 mnths old

3 mnths old

3 mnths old

this is butters at 8 months classic rottie stance

most recent pic at 1 year old. :)

We got butters last feb 2010, and she’s been such a wonderful puppy. playful, hyper, super loving and she absolutely loves our cats and kittens. she thinks she’s a big cat. 🙂

she is so spoiled and only sleeps on the couch or bed. lol. its so cute, she will whine and wake you up to make you move so she can sleep on the bed. when we’re in the living room watching a movie, she will make you move the cats or whatever else is on the couch just to make room for her. 🙂 she’s the sweetest friendliest dog ever.

i think she’s an american rottie, she’s smaller and pretty petite. she’s a year and 1 month old now, and she’s 74 lbs. my wife and i are hoping she gets bigger. i love big 100 lb rotties.

this picture was taken when she was 3 months old. it’s my favorite pic. her ears are so cute and perky. in the background, is our domesticated timberwolf hybrid. they are the best of friends. we have the two dogs and 3 cats. and our female cat just had a litter of 6 kittens.

our rottie was very protective of the mother about a week before she gave birth, and now that the kittens are born, every time they cry or whmper, she perks up her ears and runs over to them to check on them. and she licks and cleans them just like their mommy. 🙂 i’m so glad we got her she’s been such a great puppy so far and i’m looking forward to the rest of the time we spend with her.

i love rotties and i’m so lucky to have her. great dogs. wonderful friends and companions.

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Jan 09, 2012

Love this post 🙂 NEW
by: Michelle and Andy

Love this story! I dOnt have any other pets but my 6 month old male rottie Ziko follows my 3 yr old son about like a lost puppy and is blatantly sad when my 3 yr old goes or plays elsewhere. They are adorable together although Ziko doesn’t realise how strong he is but my son thinks it’s hysterical when Ziko accidentally knocks him over and looks at him like, what happened, what did I do? Lol

Jan 08, 2012

nice NEW
by: Captain Nancy

What a wonderful story. I wish peole who are afraid of this breed would log on to this site.
She is a beautiful dog and very nice profile photo.

Mine loves the cats too. I should ost that photo because the dog and cat are both smiling.

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