4month old Cronus with his pal Rascal the cat

by Patrina Knowles
(Freeport, Bahamas)

Cronus and Rascal

Cronus and Rascal

Hi, we are hailing from the Bahamas. This is Cronus, almost 4mnth old rottie puppy.. He has a lot of weird antics which include sitting on you, licking the lotion off your leg…and just being lazy…

I actually thought something was wrong with him when i brought him home and he was just laying there….. but he is just an extremely laid back dog…a little shy at first but a real gentleman and lover

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Nov 10, 2012

Loving rotts NEW
by: Antoinette

I browsed your babies pic and I must say your rottie is amazing. My Bullet loves to lick the lotion off my legs to and anything sweet on me. The rotts are such loveable dogs and I wouldnt trade mines for anything. My Bullet weighs 105pds so you have a long way to go, good luck!

Nov 08, 2012

What a GREAT looking pup NEW
by: Scott – (Striders Friend)

I’ve had Rottweilers for more than 20 years and I can tell a lot by looking into their eyes. Your dog has a heart to please, he’s going to want to be close to you, to “connect” with you… When I saw that your dog is going to be protective it’s not just your physical safety… he’s going to be one that will watch over your health – so pay attention.
The reason he sits on you is because he is “claiming” you as his…LOL It’s just easier to deal with if they only weigh 10 lbs and not 120 lbs.
Cronus really is a fine looking dog… please keep us up to date as he grows.

Nov 08, 2012

How lucky you are NEW
by: Captain Nancy

My rottweiler, Tugboat, is very laid back too. Out of the litter of 11, he is the only laid back dog. The others ended up being hyper and after seeing how they still act at 2 yrs old, be happy with what you have. Lucky you have one like this, they are easier to train too. ENJOY Cronus is very handsome indeed.

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