Aunt Rose

by Anna Brown
(la Alqueria Spain)

I lost my rottie aunt Rose last September we had her for nine and a half years. I moved to Spain ten years ago with my children all boys aged 10, 3 and 2. I was a single mother on a new adventure I didn’t know anyone in Spain and I felt in order to settle us all in to our new surroundings a dog would put the icing on the cake!

So we all set off to a shopping centre called La Cananda as we knew there was a pet shop there.
We looked in all the cages going ‘aah ooh look that one’, and then that one, but the boys kept going back to a little puppy which I thought was a labrador.

We asked the assistant could we hold it and say hello within minutes this little seal like animal was being passed around and the boys had made their minds up that this was the puppy they wanted. We carried her to the checkout and the man showed me a book with a Rottweiler on it .. oh no I said to the boys we are not having one of those .. they looked at me and said mummy please don’t make us put her back .. and how could I refuse.

I was a little nervous I had heard so many things about them yet as time passed I began to feel the most overwhelming feeling of love for this dog .. as she grew the boys grew, she would follow them everywhere, she would sit in the garden with them watching them proudly, she nursed a kitten we found by the bins .. she took the boys down the stairs, she cuddled me when I was sad.

One day a man was outside my gate, he said he had a delivery for me I said I’m sure it’s not for me and I went to open the gate and aunt Rose grabbed my hand with her jaw as gentle as cotton wool yet as strong as a mother protecting her young, the man ran off.

Due to some problems the boys and I had to spend some time in the UK last year. My neighbours were taking care of Aunt Rose but in time she became weak then paralyzed, she gave up. I miss her so much she was here in Spain when it all began she was my rock my friend, she made me feel safe I didn’t feel alone here I felt I had a grown up helping me take care of the boys. She would always listen to me she made us laugh .. we got a goat and she would chase him around the garden we got chickens, pigs, stray dog,s cats and there she would be nudging them all into place sorting out the squabbles watching over all of them like a big mother hen.

There is this funny little man who pops around our house when aunt Rose was here every time he left she would skip behind him and nip him on his backside .. I laughed so much he’d say you know she bit me you know she bit me .. but she didn’t really she just use to show him out the gate.
he is very annoying.

So aunt Rose went off to the vets and now I have her in a lovely pot at the front of the house. I take her a rose most days and say hi and tell her to watch over us and that I miss and love her.
We have lots of photos of her and my eldest son painted her portrait just before we left for England I’m so glad that he did that because its as if her path was already known.

Well now I have Buck, he’s five months old full of beans and right now he is laying at my feet he is a lump of bear with a toe missing at the back and a long tail which I feel doesn’t suit Rottweilers! He follows me everywhere he puts his paws up to the bed every morning and tells me to wake up, get up and let me out .. I moan oh Buck go away I’m sleepy but no he doesn’t he just sits looking at me with his big eyes and up comes the paw again!

So now I’m up in the mornings early, Buck out the back door me cup of tea and then a lovely stroll around the garden with Buck!

Uncle Buck .. he is funny yet kind, loving and I know he will be a fantastic dog just like aunt Rose .. OK No he will never be like Aunt Rose but he will be just as wonderful and just as special .
I’m going up stairs now to read my book I will have with me a companion who will make the room less lonely who will shuffle around in the night and I will feel comfort .. he may have a visit to the kitchen for a drink of water and a wander but he will be there when I wake up .. well when I get woken up.

So here’s to Aunt Rose and Uncle Buck .. God bless them for being so wonderful for making my sons loving and caring for being what Rottweilers are meant to be .. mans best friend and women’s too.

Anna Brown, Spain.

Anna – what a wonderful tribute to this amazing breed! I’m so sorry for your loss of Aunt Rose, I know the heartbreak of losing a pet that you love so much, it takes a long time to come to terms with it. Uncle Buck sounds as though he’s helping you with that and both your Rotties are lucky to have (or have had) such a loving home and family.

Your story brought tears to my eyes and made me run over and hug my Bonnie! If only everyone was willing to give this awesome breed a chance to show what they’re REALLY like I think there would be a lot less fear and hysteria surrounding them.

Thanks so much for sharing. I wish your whole family all the best – Sue from

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Sep 04, 2011

Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Hi thank you all so much for understanding what it means to love our dogs so much.
I think Rottweilers have something very special going on ..and its so lovely to be able to share out thoughts and experiences of just how wonderful these animals are. Anna.

Sep 01, 2011

To Aunt Rose
by: Julie

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. Best of luck to you and your boys and Uncle Buck.


Sep 01, 2011


What a wonderful tribute, I am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes hoping that no one will walk into my office. I have lost 2 rotties to cancer so I know the heartache and the pleasure as I was on my own with my first rottie.
I have a 2 year old female at the moment and she is such a joy.

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