Miss Jackie

by Julie
(New Zealand)







I got Jackie after my very first Rottweiler, Sasha, passed away at 9 years after surviving parvo as a puppy and finally being diagnosed with bone cancer. I was devastated and it took me a long time to get over it.

A week after Sasha died I needed to fill the hole in my heart so went looking for another puppy, it had to be a Rottweiler. I found this 8 week old puppy in another town and took her home with me and fell in love all over again.

But as she started to get older I realised that she was not Sasha and was a bit hard on her. I threatened many a time to give her away. We went to obedience and even tried agility. While doing agility one of the jumps fell onto me and cut my head which bled a great deal. Jackie was a dog that did not like blood!!, so I could not get her to do agility ever again.

When she was 2 I got her a playmate, an English Pointer puppy. They were the best of friends and would always sleep and play together.

I remarried when Jackie was 3 years old and my husband fell in love with the breed. He had never had a dog as a pet before, let alone having a dog inside the house, but he was won over by Miss Jackie, who adored him. When Jackie had to be put to sleep we were both devastated. I wanted to get her cremated but my husband wanted to bury her himself, that was his way of dealing with his grief. My English Pointer was also devastated and had to be house trained all over again.

A year after Jackie passed I wanted to get a companion for my Pointer but my husband said that it had to be a Rottweiler, so we started talking to breeders. We picked up a wee puppy from a new breeder living in the country. It was the first litter for them but they had used father and daughter, which I thought would be okay as the pups were registered with the NZ Kennel club. As it turned out it was not good, Misty had 4 eye operations before she was 1 year old. At 20 months Misty got spinal cancer and after fighting to save her and putting her though some major surgery we made the hard and right decision to put her to sleep. Again our hearts were broken, but we went out again and talked to breeders, this time long term breeders and found this 10 week old puppy who had had part of her ear bitten off by one of her siblings therefore could not be sold as a show dog.

We have had her for a year now and she is going great at the dog obedience and has the most wonderful nature. She never nipped as a puppy and just loves everyone. Cindy (the Pointer) is not so keen on Penny but Penny is quite happy to play by herself.

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Jan 27, 2011

Preventing Bloat
by: Anonymous

One of the best ways to deal with bloat is to restrict any form of strenuous play or exercise for 1 hour or more after the Rotti has had a meal. We adopted 2 Rotties and learned of bloat when researching the breed. It’s a terrible and completely preventable condition so keep your baby calm after they eat and all should be well. Good health and long life to your Rottie!

Nov 17, 2010

Papered dogs + Bloat
by: Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom

So much sorrow, been there and it never gets easier.

1. IMHO, the AKC or varients in each country, do not monitor how closely the dogs are line bred. It is never ok to breed parent to child. Maybe first line cousins, but you could still have a problem. You are doubling up on both the good and bad genes. The dog may look ok, but could have a better chance of cancer or other leading dog illnesses. Cancer is one of the leading Rottweiler illnesses.

2. Bloat can happen to any dog, however the majority are deep chested breeds. It is quick and very painful. Going into a dog store you will see any and all manner of rawhide chews.
Tyson, one of our wonderful Rotts, who was known never to leave food anywhere (once vacuumed a dropped ice cream bar, stick and all, the stick passed in about a week without a bend in it).

He had been chewing a large knuckled rawhide bone and had it chewed down very soft. Upon telling him it was time for bed, he grabbed it and swallowed. It blocked his intestine, the morning food on top of it caused the stomach to twist. Though I got him quickly to the vet and they were able to deflate the stomach, it was too late and he had to be put down. No rawhide, pigs ears, etc. They kill.

Annie’s Mom

Nov 16, 2010

by: samantha

she is adorable I am glad they get along so so adorable. so for your loss

Nov 16, 2010

by: Anonymous

Once u have a Rottweiler it’s hard not to have another one even thought they have many health problems. My last one was only 5 yrs old when she died right before our eyes. We had no idea what was going on and as soon as we got her to the vet 1 blk away he could not walk. He was brought in by a stretcher and the took one look and said to immedialy go to Tinton Falls NJ 1 hr away a specialized hospital. Before my husband and I could make it there he died in the back seat of the car. For those that don’t know bloat is twisted intestines which they don’t know what causes it and if they were able to operate the poor baby would be sickly the rest of his life. Needless to say we were completly in shock. 4 days later we went and got a 12 wk old Rottweiler. She is beautiful but I am so afraid something is going to happen to her. I hope to lose this feeling and I guess I will as time goes by.

Nov 16, 2010

beautiful pictures
by: Anonymous

it is never easy when you loose a pet. i have had 3 female rotties 1- died in surgery 1 – died of natural causes at 13 years & 1 – i recently had to put to rest due to hip dysplasia in one hind leg and bone cancer in the other so she had no options for relief of pain. i also bury my pets on my property. as in life, also in death, i want them close to me. i have a male 11 mts and female at 8 mts both rotties. all my dog’s (and cats) are rescues so no family history. your pictures are beautiful. so sorry about your puppy. once you have a rottweiler it’s hard not to have another.

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