by Andy



Our lovely Jess. Just 1 year old best dog ever.

We are new to this site so would be grateful for a little feed back…

Hi Andy. Jess looks lovely, she’s got a beautiful coat and very alert expression. I’m sure she’s your pride and joy. Welcome to my website, I hope you come back to visit often 🙂 ~ Sue

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Oct 17, 2012

reply NEW
by: andy and Jess

Im sorry to hear of your loss and you are correct she is a very loyal and loving dog would not be without her, Luucky for us she has never chewed or caused any problems since i had her at 7 weeks old gave her lots of chewing bones and toys. thank you for your commets i realy appreciate them all

Oct 16, 2012

beautiful !!!! NEW
by: cheryl & max

i was scared of this breed too!i lost mt 1st one to cancer last year at 11 1/2, and had been with atleast 5 rotties over those years through friends and after bear’s passing i rescued another rottie from a shelter,you will find that after this breed you will to be hooked and want nothing else,their loyality,friendship,total love for their owner will be unexplainable until you live the experience,enjoy every moment!!! even when they tear up your things,and you get that “i didn”t do it look on that face”you’ll laugh and next time find a house sitter

Oct 11, 2012

nice! NEW
by: Captain Nancy

That is a great picture of Jess. Big head too, I
just love that. Jess looks so alert and happy.
They do stay puppies in spirit for a while so enjoy.

Oct 11, 2012

thanx NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone for your comments,And yes she my first rottie i was a bit hesitant at first because of there bad reputation and having German shepards before love her to bits

Oct 11, 2012

by: Judy & Angel

WELCOME to the site..You have one beautiful girl there.She is my girls twin! Is this your first rottie? She will bring you nothing but joy.Please keep the picture coming and I will post one of mine soon also.Thanks for sharing your girl with us..

Oct 11, 2012

Nice pup NEW
by: Striders friend Scott

There is a lot of thought behind her eyes. I love her color and clear markings.
Send more pictures.

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