by Mark Dicken
(West Midlands)

Brucey sulking for his walk lol

He’s 8 months old as of the 24 march 2013.

Most incredible little chap lol, after going to town on advice from books and breeders (this is my 1st rottie) i’ve raised the most loveable, obedient, friendliest pup.

He’s an excellent credit to the breed, and he fits in perfect with our mad family especially the kids lol…. just gta keep him in check lol 😛

they don’t deserve their bad rep, like all dogs they just need the right love, attention and ownership.

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Mar 19, 2013

Great companions NEW
by: Gary

thanks for sharing bruce, he sounds like a typical rottie…I am now on my 3rd rottie and once you fall in love with their devotion and loyalty to you and your family another breed will not compare.

However i am a firm believer that any breeds disposition is really a direct reflection of their owner and how they raised their pets..and a rottie is no different.. when raised to be guard dogs they do very well..when raised to be loving family pet/companion they are the most gentle breed. My current rottie Hannibal is 8 years old and is 140 lbs. but acts like a lap dog trying to crawl into your lap.. would not want him any other way..

hope Bruce brings you and your family many years of love and devotion.. he is a very nice looking dog..

Mar 18, 2013

Great looking dog – congratulations! NEW
by: Scott – (Striders Friend)

Thank you for sharing your pictures of Bruce… once you have a rottie you really are ruined for the rest of your life because there’s no do like a rottweiler. I know there are other good dogs, but there really is something special about the rottweiler. But you DO have to stay on them, reminding they have to listen to everyone in the house, my rottweilers have always listened and obeyed but it took consistency. I’m sure you and your family are going to have a great relationship with your dog.

Mar 18, 2013

How Handsome! NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

He looks wonderful,beautiful markings,you will find they are truely a wonderful breed if raised right. I have felt blessed over the past years to either own or to be around this breed I lost my 11 1/2yr old Oct 2011 and my friends could not believe a week later I wanted another dog but it wasn’t just another dog it had to be a rottie,I adopted Max from a rescue and is so laid back that the trainer thought I was medicating him before class because he would get bored and fall asleep he will be 2yrs old April 1 and still so calm and gentle,you can check out his page on “paying it forward”thanks for sharing your wonderful new family member

Mar 18, 2013

handsome boy NEW
by: Captain Nancy

He looks wonderful, healthy and very handsome in your pictures. I bet he just adores the kids and they can’t really hurt him by mistake just playing.
I have Tugboat who is very laid back and LOVES every person he meets. They do have a bad rap. Thanks for sending the photos! I enjoyed looking a them.

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