by Daryl
(Ontario, Canada)

This is my girl “China”, or my “China Doll.” I was sitting around one day on my computer and a friend asked me if I was interested in buying a rottweiler pup for $100.

I had no information on her background, parents, breeders or even the current home she was living in but I agreed. Later that day, someone came by my place with an adorable, but thin, 12 week old female. I was given a little information (which I was later informed to be false) and five minutes later brought her into my home.

We’ve had our up’s and downs, from pooping on my white leather couches to chewing up about 10 of my iPhone chargers and more, but I wouldn’t trade her for a thing.

She turned a year on the 1st of June 2012 (turns out her birth date was about the only correct thing I was told about her), and weighs 100lbs. I found it odd to see she weighed so much at such a young age, especially given all the research I’ve done on females. She’s a tall girl, all legs, and the most clumsy thing I’ve ever Laid eyes on.

She’s my rock, my best friend and an amazing, kind, gentle companion. Worth replacing every single iPhone charger in the world.

I would recommend this breed to anyone who has the time, space and love to give. One of the best choices I have ever made.

Oh, what a sweetheart, that’s a typical Rottie expression and I love it 🙂 Yes, these dogs have a way or winning over your heart, if you just give them the benefit of the doubt. Great story, and pic, thanks for sharing.
~ sue from

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Jul 17, 2012

Gorgeous Dog NEW
by: Lorie Montreal, Canada

My daughter and I got our first dog ever, after rescuing three cats over the course of 15 years. Our Mila, now 19 months old and 90 lbs. later, is the greatest thing to have come into our family. We got her a 7 weeks as a cute bundle of fur, but how quickly they grow!

She was never a dog to chew or get into mischief, because we crated her and made sure if we weren’t there to watch her, that she was safe and felt secure in her own space.

We brought her to the dog park from the age of 5 months and she had many ‘dog friends’. At around 16 months she began showing signs of protecting her other pack members (Shih Tzu, beagle, german shepherd, doberman) when new dogs came into the park. At that point it was back to training, with park vists only when we knew there were dogs there she was familiar with.

Rottweilers are a truly special breed and they need constant guidance and traing to keep their keen minds alert.

You can see Mila as a puppy on this site.

Email me if you’d like to discuss more.

Jul 17, 2012

The Rock NEW
by: Captain Nancy

She looks like your best friend and she is only a year old. How nice is that. She will become your rock very soon. They are very smart dogs and she will pick up all kinds f\of things about you and where she lives. She will amaze you even more than she does now.

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