Bear at 7 weeks

by Don



Brought Bear home this weekend. What a bundle of joy! He is already picking up his name.

Having a hard time with him pooping in his crate at night, despite taking him out every 3 hours, but it could partially be my fault for not giving him enough time to go poop, while outside during the night. He is in a small kennel at night, which he howls for about 40 min, then goes to sleep. He is doing great going pee outside, only 2 accidents in the house all weekend. But I’m positive he will pick it up when he can, he seems very eager to learn.

As you can see in this photo he has a few sores on his ears from fly bites at the breeder, she provided me with Neosporin antibacterial to apply during the day, so this should heal soon.

He doesn’t mind his collar, but doesn’t like the leash yet, he prefers to follow along side his mom & dad without the leash right now.

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Nov 27, 2011

So cute! NEW
by: Sherry

Awww he is ADORABLE! I just got my own rottie pup, his name is Kayne he is 9 weeks old. I know I should train him to sleep in a crate at night because he will probably be 100 lbs, but he is sooooo great to snuggle with in the bed! He sleeps all night long snuggling with me and has never pottied in the bed 🙂 I wish I would have thought about rubbing moms scent on something to bring home! What a great idea! I hope you enjoy your puppy, they grow so fast <3

Aug 02, 2011

by: Marcus

my little girl was pickin up her name at 7 weeks as well after only haveing her for two days 🙂 I love it

Jul 26, 2011

Happy for you
by: Andrea R

I am so happy things are going better. The clock is supposed to simulate the mothers heart beat, which is why it works so well. I have had Gemini for 4 weeks & afraid not to continue to use the clock 🙂 Good Luck with your Bear!!

Jul 26, 2011

by: Don

Just wanted to clarify, he is in a crate, inside the house, not an outside kennel. He is doing much better now, no more accidents in his crate, it was hard on him the first 2 nights. He is such a smart little guy, he is already learning to navigate 3 small steps to get in the house on his own after being outside, I don’t let him try to go down the stairs on his own yet, just carry him. I tried the wind up clock idea, last night next to his crate, seems to help calm him, thanks for the tip.

Jul 25, 2011

Puppy Training
by: Anonymous

My Gemini is now 10 weeks & I have had her for 4 weeks now. I would wake up every 2 hours & take Gemini outside. I also got a pillow pet & rubbed it against Mama dog before we left. I bought a wind up alarm clock to put inside the pillow pet, it worked wonders!! Gemini still had the pillow pet & clock, but she now sleep 6 hours at night. It will get better, just keep at it!!

Jul 25, 2011

The Kennel
by: Lynne Keeler

I’d never put my dogs in a kennel. They stay with me. In fact Ralph who is 125 lbs, can sneak up on the bed and not wake a soul. I’d howl too if I was a puppy 7 weeks old left in the dark for the night.

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