rate my pup

by nate

loki and elly.. his sister.... not ours (mother in-law)

Meet loki he is 16 week and wonderful pup… He is my 4 rottie… We love him so much… Most of the pups we have had have been built a little different short and stocky and low energy..

Loki`s parents were both on the thin side but looked great. His dad was 27 inches and was built like a horse.. I hope he is built the Same…

What is your opinion???

It’s really hard to say at this age, because Loki has so much growing still to do! Pups generally will fall somewhere midway between the size/height/weight of their parents.

Loki and his sister look as though they are slightly taller and more slender than your average Rottie, but that’s not a bad thing. Too much weight, or growing too fast are not healthy

Regardless of his eventual size/build, I’m sure your pup has the wonderful Rottweiler temperament and personality that makes them so special… and lovable. Enjoy him however big (or not) he turns out to be. Good luck 🙂 ~ Sue

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Jul 14, 2017

We love them all NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi your pups face looks more likely to be an American rather than a german face shape.In my experience American Rottis are not as bulky as German bred .German bred tend to be bigger boned and they like them on a slightly shorter side.The German bred heads are shorter nosed and more of a blocky head.But again i say u never know till they grow.We bred schutzhund trained and showed.Good luck you picked the best breed their is ..they will protect u with their life are great family dogs and can be goofy enough to make your day!.!!

Nov 13, 2013

perfect NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

there isn’t enough stars to rate that face!! you just want to kiss him all over, that handsome little boy,if you get a chance check out Max’s post here,i may fall under “paying it forward” or Max my big handsome boy is now 2 1/2. congrats to the happy parents for their little handsome man

Nov 12, 2013

looks like my pup. NEW
by: sharath

lovely pups, my 3 months old pup looks almost like yours. I was worried about mine, thinking he looks skinny compared to other rott pups, bt grwing tall.. its a wonderful dog u got there’

Aug 18, 2013

Nate NEW
by: Nate

Loki is great i love his look… His personality is also wonderful… Your tight he is our newest kid lol… We feel we are so lucky to have him…

Aug 17, 2013

what a face! NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

My Max doesn’t have what most people consider rottie build either he is also long legged and thinner not short and stocky, when I adopted him he was 7 months old and all I noticed was legs I use to call him my little gazelle, now at almost 2 1/2 he still has those long legs,slimmer body but solid as a well breed race horse and I constantly have people ask “what kind of dog is that?” I just tell them, he is a poodle,I figure if they can’t figure it out they probably wouldn’t know the difference anyway.I can tell by that look he will be a wonderful dog!and such a blessing to you and your family. Best to you and your newest kid!

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