Sasha- 6 wks old from Toledo Ohio

by Crystal Johnson
(Toledo, Ohio USA)

This is my new baby! She is so precious to me.

I got Sasha from a breeder in Lima Ohio May 6th 2012. Today she is 10 wks and growing fast.

I love rotties! I had one when I was a kid, I’m 28 now, but my dad had to put her, Sonjia was her name, down because she bit someone and they were going to take us to court if we didn’t have her put to sleep. I was devastated that my best friend was leaving me, and angry because she wasn’t even at fault.

Nothing can bring her back but I told myself that when I had the right place and enough money, I was going to adopt another one. These dogs are so loyal, smart(I taught Sasha to sit in only 3 tries!), loving, and beautiful.

I just know that with proper training, care and love, that I have a new best friend for years to come!

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Jul 29, 2012

These are the most loving creatures NEW
by: Bella Nikol

Hello, Sasha!
Minutes ago I accidentally saw Your page in Google. Fantastic page.
I have Rottweiler my second one. The first died 2001 and I wanted to be dead too. The first rottweiler was my best friend. She put me to sleep, then went to my parents. In the morning before I woke she was in my bed. It happened nine years. I was 14 years old. When she died I was 23 years old/even now there are tears in my eyes/. Then I saw rottweilers borned at the day mine died and took the same as her. I gave her the same name- Kristi:). Now she is 10 years old. She live with my parents and is the most precious and sweet dog. The Rottweiler is one of the 10 cleverest dogs in the World. It is proved in the books!

Jun 09, 2012

Thank you! NEW
by: Crystal Johnson

Thank you Scott for those wonderful words! I appreciate your input and I will take good care of her. She is now 10wks. as of 6-6-12 and growing fast! She weighs about 16.2 lbs. and has had her first round of shots. Sasha is happy and healthy and my family and I love her so much! I will keep updating and posting new pics soon

Jun 08, 2012

Congratulations NEW
by: Scott – (Striders Friend)

I’m glad that you have your chance to get your Rottweiler you wanted so badly. Take good care of her, take utmost care to not have problems with parvo… keep up on all her shots, never be late. Have fun, take llots of pictures so we can follow her growth. God bless you.

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