AXXEL 8 months old

by Maxx D.
(South Carolina)

Axxel is my first rottweiler and first dog. i have had him since he was only 4 weeks. I love him so much, he is so sweet, he is nice to everyone he sees. he is very playful, but also knows when to be serious!!

he loves swimming, and running the occasional coyote out of the yard at night.. haha he turned 8 months september 14 2011 and was only 66 lbs. this worries me because his father was full german and weighed in at 120 lbs, and his mother was american and was 100 lbs. he gets lots of exercise and eats well.

i know all rotts grow differently and they grow till about 2 1/2 years old.. but even at 8 months and parents that size a male rott pup should be more than 66 lbs. any ideas?


Hi Maxx
I know you’re concerned, but really you’ve answered your own question…. all Rottweilers DO grow and mature at different rates and Axxel will be the size nature intended once he’s mature.

When it comes to eventual size and weight, genetics play the major role, so your puppy is most likely to finish up somewhere between 100 and 120lbs at maturity. BUT, it’s not just parents you need to consider, if he had a grandparent or other relatives that were shorter/lighter he could inherit those tendencies too.

Also, weight isn’t everything… in fact it’s not as important as bone size or skeletal framework. A dog who is well-muscled and not carrying excess weight and weights 120lbs is quite different from an overweight dog who is more fat than muscle but weighs the same 120lbs.

The first dog probably has a good solid skeleton and heavy bone, the second one may have a much smaller frame and bone size, but simply be overweight.

The most important thing here is general health and if Axxel is happy, active and healthy and is eating a premium, nutritious puppy food, then that’s what counts. Just enjoy him for the wonderful dog he is and don’t obsess over how heavy he is. He’ll get to where he’s meant to be in his own time.

Hope this puts your mind at rest, best of luck with your Rottie.

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you can’t..
by: Judy

you would have to re-post 🙁
did you edit it after? this causes you to have to attach pics again..always check as this has happened to you will have to add a new post and trust me …we don’t careful not to click more than once or it will appear that many times…lol..done that

Sep 27, 2011

lost pic?
by: maxx d

When I first wrote the summary I added a picture.. idk what happened though.. how can I add one now? Haha

Sep 27, 2011

by: Judy

Glad your enjoying your new puppy and that you chose a rotti..You say you got him @ 4 weeks and that is very early..As Sue said as long as you are feeding quality puppy food he will grow to be a healthy happy dog..I’m on my 3rd one any the weights do vary..One 85 lbs,next 165lbs and now Angel is 82 lbs ay 8 months…all female…AS long as he is healthy and happy that all that matters..Good luck and enjoy your baby…Please post some pictures as I love seeing others rotties…

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