Maximo at 9 weeks 15.0 lbs

by Tina
(Glendora, CA)

maximo at 9 weeks 15.0 lbs 11-29

maximo at 9 weeks 15.0 lbs 11-29

maximo at 9 weeks 15.0 lbs 11-29

We have had Maximo for 2 weeks and he is adorable, energetic and is learning commands.

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Feb 19, 2011

Feb 19 2011 13.5 weeks
by: Anonymous

Well I posted another site as well on here with new pictures but as an update : my little max( really not so little anymore) is 60 lbs- so loving and fun- my other two dogs cannot wait to play with him when he gets home from my husbands work – you see Max now has a following at my husbands job- people ask about him everyday and want to know if he is there , can they play with him- great socializing – When we leave in the morning for work- he gets his leash and waits by the door – then when the carrdoor opens he takes his seat- His digestive concerns are a thing of the the past thank goodness. He is doing so well.

Jan 05, 2011

Jan 5 2011- Maximo on the go
by: Anonymous

I will upload new pictures soon- but He has grown tremendously 35 lbs since my last post a few weeks ago ( we got him on 11-12-2010) so we have not quite had him for 8 weeks( they said he was 7 weeks at that time) adorable and he is learning very fast. Now he looks at me, stands by the door and barks when he needs to go outside. when he is done he barks again to show off his contributions.
but still combo of loose stools- I am going to another vet- third stool sample shows everything normal not sure what is bringing this on we have him on puppy science diet per the vets recommendations- so if anyone has experienced this with this food please let me know. I have made sure to go with him when he goes outside taken any and all possible items he might try to get into to make sure he is not eating something he should not. definitly not human food or regular dog food- The vet suggested that he may have been weaned from his mother too soon – we had adopted him from the animal shelter so not sure if this has contributed to his digestion issues. The best thing is our pitbull-
Tiggy loves to play with him they are absolutely adorable together – run and chase eachother-
Tiggy is very gentle with him does not play too rough.

Dec 19, 2010

Puppies and Upset Tummies….
by: Sue from A Love Of Rottweilers

Sounds as though overall Maximo is doing just fine – the potty troubles are pretty normal but Rotties are very smart so just be patient and consistent and he’ll soon ‘get it’. Yep, wee-wee pads are NOT the way to go in my opinion/experience 🙁

As for the tummy upset… just keep an eye on him and if it doesn’t improve over the next few days take him back to your vet. Puppies are notorious for eating all sorts of ‘inedible’ stuff and that can upset their tummies. Usually resulting in a couple of days of loose stools.

However, there are illnesses (including parasitic ones) which can cause recurring bouts of loose stools or diarrhea, and food allergies or intolerances (think about dog treats as well as dog food) can have the same effect. Only a vet can diagnose an infection etc. though, and the first stool sample doesn’t always show the culprit. Sometimes it needs to be repeated.

All the best with Maximo, enjoy him 🙂

Dec 17, 2010

12-16-2010 27.9 lbs
by: Tina

Just had our thrid doctor visit- experiencing diarrhea several days- took in stool sample, he is eating very well and plenty of water, not lethargic so I am not sure what it is. He weighed in today at 27.9lbs 12-16-2010
Since 11-29 he has gained 12.9 lbs

Dec 07, 2010

Energentic is an Understatement
by: Tina

Ok: Here it is in a summary
Human Learning lesson #1 should have read this site before buying wee-wee pads- Now he thinks inside the house is the dumping ground- advice anyone?

I have his cues down thouth , now I know his signs when he is ready to do business and I rush him outside to a specified area -right outside the door on the grass. very very slow process and exhausting.

I have removed any and all pads, newspapers from the house.
Human learning lesson #2: although puppies are irresistable- the nipping is getting a little more aggressive and He is going for the face advice?

thanks for all the great comments

Dec 03, 2010

by: Connie

Looks like you got a smart boy here. It is so much fun raising a rottie. Have fun and love him a lot. He looks like he is going to be a big boy.

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