Contessa Giordano

by Neal Giordano
(Apex, North Carolina)

Contessa Giordano

Contessa Giordano

Contessa, or “Tess”, as we’ve come to call her, is an amazing story. She was surrendered to the nearest shelter by her “owner” after giving birth to a litter of puppies. She was suffering from post-partum depression, an upper respiratory infection, and tested positive for heartworms. When it was all said and done, she was only two days away from euthanization when she was rescued.

I had just lost my Rottie/Shepherd mix of 16 years, and was hesitant to adopt her. But, something told me to do it. Tess had some early ups and downs with us, and was prone to random fits and biting, but a firm hand, even tone of voice and a LOT of love and bonding has brought her around to her true Rottie form. I have 200% confidence in going nose-to nose with her, now. She’s an absolute love hound, and can’t give enough. She’s been such an amazing friend, and has been great therapy for the grief I’ve experienced with losing my other dog.

Tess is right around two years old, and living a fantastic life. If you don’t mind taking a dog that might be a year (or more) old, I highly recommend taking a look at a Rottie rescue. Yes, they might’ve had a tough life…but, Tess is a perfect example of coming from a bad background with an attitude and turning into a fantastic friend. Patience can bring them around! She’s my baby!

Now, if I could just convince her that 85 pound Rotties make TERRIBLE lap dogs…nah. I love it! 😉

Neal – I don’t think anyone’s ever managed to prove to any Rottweiler’s satisfaction that they’re too big to be lapdogs!! Great story and a beautiful girl, thanks for sharing. For anyone interested in giving one of these awesome dogs a second chance at a happy life, please check out these pages..

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Nov 13, 2011

Kind Heart NEW
by: Debby Kendall

She is a very pretty dog & her eyes tells a story of happiness, thank you so very much for opening up your heart to her & giving her a forever home full of love, care & respect which she so badly needed. As Iam sure you know this is one amazing breed of dog. I wish you many good years with her.

Sep 14, 2011

Hi Neal
by: Anonymous

You have a lovely dog! She looks just like my little Boris! 🙂 (Not so little anymore! lol)

This is really a heartwarming story with a very happy ending.
Well done on rescuing her!

Sep 13, 2011

Awesome story
by: Judy

It’s so nice to read a story like yours..Glad you were able to save her life..Sounds like she turned out to be a loving,loyal dog that will give you years of joy to come..Sorry for the loss of your baby.I’m glad you went with your gut instinct and chose her for your new companion..Everything happens for a reason..Cheers..

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