“Czar” my good ole boy!

by Jane

Czar my good ole boy!

Czar my good ole boy!

My Czar was a massive 150 pounds with a 28 inch neck that was afraid of the dark, loud noises, small dogs and thunder.

He also answered to the name of Carl. Go figure.
He passed away on the 3rd of Feb and we miss him dearly. He turned 10 in Dec past. RIP Czar (i miss you)

He was attacked at the bark park by a pomeranian. He loved his toys but his favorite was always someone elses’. Usually a teddybear. He used to snap ham bones in half till we caught on ‘WHO’ was giving them to him. No more bones. He was the most gentle giant with such a respectful bark that other customers at the vet would pet him.

I remember the rooms at the vet were all filled and we had to get his nails clipped at the waiting area. An older gentleman came and and bend down and rubbed Czars head saying he was a dandy old boy then in turn asked “what breed is he?” I replied, “he’s a rottweiler” the man immediately stood up and said “Oh my God! I don’t like those!” Imagine, he was just petting him on the floor! Yes he was quite intimidating. But you don’t judge a book by its cover either. He had a heart of gold.

Was afraid of a lot of things and always came to me for protection. I have had three rotties and have ordered a 4th from a reputable breeder “Eisenburg Kennels.” To get the true feel of the breed you need to research and experience first hand the love that these gentle giants have to offer. Please do not alter their personalities to your liking ,get to know their true self, respect and be respected, protect and be protected.

I would never have another breed. Love you and miss you Czar,Noel,Lexie.

He sits proudly on top of my piano.(cremated)

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Jun 20, 2010

best breed
by: michelle

hi we had 2 beautiful rotties mum n son who got shot for going on a farm, the mum had grown up with our daughter and was beautiful together,it was like loosing 2 children, we had to get 2 more straight away, we have 6 kids and 2 rotties and we leave our 3 yrs old daughter playing in the garden with them with no worries they are the most loving, trusting dogs and i would be more scared of a small dog than a rottie, we wouldn`t have any other breed,your dog looks very handsome n sorry for ur loss.

May 10, 2010

He was a lovely looking dog
by: sonia

Hi ive just been told my 7 month old pup Hudson is in heart failure im glad u put about using a proper breeder i really wish i had so heart braking all the best with new pup

Apr 10, 2010

ur gentle giant
by: amanda

sorry about the loss of czar , I read his story he sounds like a wonderful boy.
and from his pic he was gorgeous!

Apr 01, 2010

just beautiful
by: Kylie Balding

my husband and i are about to gain another bundle of joy in may were extremely excited and so are our two children this will be our first dog and i couldn’t think of a better breed of dog to get.a lot of people are shocked that were getting a rottweiler with having two young kids and it makes me angry to the point i want to hit them or cry.I’m a devoted dog person and couldn’t imagine life without these gentle giants close friends of ours have bred rottweilers for years and they are just precious animals.
Czar looked like a magnificent boy.

Mar 25, 2010

So sorry for your loss…
by: Anonymous

It sounds (and looks) as though Czar was one very special dog. I’m so sorry for your loss and know how sad you must be feeling. I’ve been there.

But he was obviously adored, and I’m sure he knew it, he was one lucky dog. I hope all those happy memories of him will help you get over your sadness.

God Bless you both

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