This picture is very special your eyes follow me everywhere xx

Sam Our Beautiful Dog

We were lucky that the person who was going to be your new owner changed his mind!

We picked you up and boy your character showed! You chewed at our hands and you looked like you knew you were being naughty, it was in your eyes! Being naughty continued all your life especially with our socks! You would look up with your big brown eyes and get away with it! The breeder said that you have a character and he was right!

You were sick in the car when we brought you home but you learned to love travelling (you jumped in the car once hours before we were leaving just to remind us you were coming too!) You chewed at everything you could and now we have a bench dedicated to you that we will treasure.

You were an ambassador to your breed, if we welcomed somebody into our home that was ok with you. You loved having people around you and those who met you thought you were such a good, gentle girl and off course you were! We didn???t need to make you vicious to protect us. We knew you would be there if we needed you.

We had ten years together. We watch in your last days knowing you are going to sleep very soon and it breaks our heart. We have to free you from the pain cancer will bring. You were always spoilt, but even more now. We gave you a whole chicken today and you loved it! Chicken is your favourite food; we have another one for you tomorrow! You also love chocolate so that???s been on the menu too!

We will be with you when you go to sleep and we will bring your ashes home Sam so that you will always be with the pack who loved you very much!

It???s 21/02/2011. You woke me up at 3am because of the thunder, our beautiful beast was scared! It broke our hearts to watch you fall asleep this morning. We let you walk a little way because it made you so happy, even with your bad leg.

We will bring you home tomorrow; we have a special place waiting for you, with us where you belong.

We love you Sam. Goodnight our very special Rottweiler xxxxx

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Feb 26, 2017

by: Jackie

I wrote on 21st Feb Sam but somehow it never came up on here
Just to let you know we will always remember you and know we will be reunited one day
Love you beautiful girl xxx

Feb 20, 2016

Remembering you Sam NEW
by: Anonymous

It’s been 5 years today
Since you went away
In our hearts forever
Forget you never
Sending belly rubs to you
For a love so true
Wish you could come back
To your loving Pack
One day we will reunite
Until then sleep tight

Feb 24, 2014

by: jackie

Still miss you our beautiful girl
Always in our thoughts and in our hearts forever
Sleep tight gorgeous girl xxxxxxx

Feb 27, 2013

by: debby kendall

OMG,I so feel your pain & I to will be marking my 2yr loss on 03/30th for my beloved Bruiser & just as you I brought his ashes home so he could be here with me always along with his best friend Casper my 1st Rottie. Although I to have another one named(Sam)now I still find that losing my other 2 is still a everyday pain I deal with. Each one of them were different in their own way & I loved them with all my heart & soul but for some reason I can’t move on from my beloved Bruiser’s death. They were my everyday best friends,my big guys & with me all the time,my Rottweiler’s are my life & my world.And my now Sam he is special to for he was born on the same day that Bruiser died & he even has some of his traits.So I hope you can find a way to heal your heart because once you have loved & lost a Rottwiler your heart will always have a spot for another.

Feb 21, 2013

Rembering you Sam NEW
by: jackie

2 years today we said goodnight
But I know my girl is alright
We left the home you knew
To live somewhere new
But we never left you
My tears still flow
Because we loved you so
My vision is blured
I cant see to write
So for now my girl
I will say goodnight

We love you Sam xxxxx

Feb 21, 2012

We will always remember you Sam NEW
by: Anonymous

We lost you 1yr ago Sam.
Love and miss you our special girl.
Send you many tummy rubs to heaven.
We will meet again.

Dec 23, 2011

Remembering you Sam xx NEW
by: jackie

My darling Sam
It’s almost Christmas and just had a tear for you remembering how last year you sniffed out your presents by the tree. There are pressies there now for Ronnie and Charlie but you will never be forgotten Sam. You were our first rottie and that makes you very very special. Ronnie and Charlie has a loving home now sam because you taught us how very special rotweilers are. We love you Sam I’m sure you are being looked after in doggy heaven until one of your pack comes to claim you back.
Sleep tight my girl xxxxx

Nov 13, 2011

by: Debby Kendall

So Sorry For Your Loss I Know What This Feel’s Likes. The pain runs deep & the tears are many & the broken heart is ever lasting. I too lost my 1st Rottie to cancer @ the age of 10yrs in 2008 & my 2nd one of heart failure on 03/30/11. And for that I still cry everyday although I got another Rottie that was born on the day of his death his name is Sam The Man & he is posted on here. So I know your pain & I feel for you. I brought both my dogs home to be with me again so that they would never be alone although now they are in cherry wood boxes they still to me are here. I hope in time your heart will heal.

Apr 16, 2011

Benvenuta Ronnie
by: dario & anna

Siamo felicissimi che la nostra cucciola sia stata affidata ad una famiglia splendida come la vostra.Ronnie non sostituir?? mai il vostro amato Sam,ma siamo sicuri che vi dar?? tanto amore,come voi lo avete dato in precedenza. Siamo curiosi di vedere i progressi di Ronnie che nelle vostre mani crescer?? e vi amer?? tantissimo.Un’abbraccio Dario & Anna…..

Apr 16, 2011

You will never be forgotton xx
by: jackie

Our darling ‘Sam’,

I”m now crying like a baby. We are excited because we are going to pick up 8 week old ‘Ronnie’ your sister. We will love and take care off her like we did you. She will not replace you. She will do the job that you can’t do anymore – make us feel safe just with her presence. I hope your sprit is in our house, along with your remains, watching over us all and that you will be able to guide Ronnie and help her if ever she is in need. We love you sam and one day we hope we will be reunited with you!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Apr 13, 2011

by: Raffi

This story made me shed a tear. she was lovely, and like you said very gentle and playful with whoever entered your home. She will never be replaced, but I am sure you will find another puppy that you will love and will be special and sweet in their own way. xxx

Mar 21, 2011

Didn’t work out with Max
by: jackie

We couldn’t keep max he was showing signs of dominacy and we are not experienced to handle that and to be honest a confrontation with him scared us!
We are used to a sweet girl like you sam and what we really want is you!
Hopefully max will get the kind of owner he needs.
Not sure what to do now but will let you know.
Love you sam xxxx

Mar 20, 2011

So very SORRY 🙁
by: Anonymous

I’m sure max will be a great dog! however Sam, she will never be replaced, they never are, they come into our lives and teach us, love us, respect us, and they will never tell on us, they are truly mans best friend!!

Mar 15, 2011

by: Anonymous

Thank you all so much. Your comments mean so much to me.
I’m sitting here crying like a baby again!
I wanted the world to know about her and the effect she had on her family.

Max is joining our family on Sunday. He will never replace Sam, it’s because of her we can love another.
Max is 14 months and would have gone into rescue if we hadn’t stepped in to become his family. His owner (who is only a young lad) is a very resposible rottweiler owner he brought him up socialised, happy and feeds him a diet of royal food, bless him. I know he will be heart broken to leave him.
Max has to learn a whole new language, his commands are in Italian. We are looking forward to training classes with him. We are confident that he will be another ambassedor to this wonderful breed.

We have to have a new bed, lead and collar for Max, we just can’t bring ourselves to use Sam’s.
I hope that Sam, in spirit, will be with us when we are walking Max. She loved ‘walkies’ so much.
Your in our hearts Sam and I know you will be happy for us to love your brother.

We all miss you Sam, there are so many things that remind us of you. You make sure that your there when the time comes for any of your pack to pass, even if it’s your brother you didn’t know in life.
Love you Sam.
Sleep tight my great bit teddy bear!

Mar 08, 2011


so sad for your loss. I have tears running down my face, hope no one decides to walk into the showroom.

I bet Sam had a great life with you. I have had 3 rotties pass over and it broke my heart every time. They are amazing dogs and so loving and loyal.

Rest in Peace Sam.

Mar 08, 2011

by: Anonymous

So Sorry for your loss…..Im sitting here at work, crying like a baby. I had the pleasure of having temporary custody of my sons rottie while he was deployed…I wasnt a dog person until she came into our lives. Everything that I had heard about rotties was proven to be false in the year that we had her…she was and still is the best dog ever!!!!

Mar 07, 2011

by: charlotte

That is so sad!!! wish you all the best…

Mar 07, 2011

by: Anonymous

I am so sorry. This is so sad. I have tears all over my face from reading about Sam. I know you gave Sam a wonderful life. He had everything he wanted or needed.

Mar 06, 2011

by: Martha

So, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful, very loved boy. He will come back to you.

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