by Kayla
(Barrie ON Canada)

This is Comet, She is 5 months old now 🙂

She helps me at work, with individuals with disabilities.

Kids love her and she’s my little hero.

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Jul 09, 2011

by: Anonymous


No she did not bite alot when she was a baby.

She got alot of training and alot of time spent with her. Even my niece who is 3 would be strict… Never unsupervised.

We started giving her bones and other treats.. we spent and still spend time doing this. We work with her taking her treats, incase my niece ever thinks to take it, she won’t bite or nip.

it just takes alot of time and paitents, reasurance and constitancy.

hope this helps.

Mar 30, 2011

so pretty!!
by: Jen

My Rott, Bailey, just turned 10 weeks and she is bad for biting toes, grabbing your feet when your walking. It does hurt and I don’t want her to be rough while she’s little because I am trying to get her lots of time around kids in the family and my neices which are two years old. She could hurt them and not mean to. I’ve tried to say ouch, that hurt, no bit.. tried it in a softer voice and alittle harher and it makes her worse. I guess she thinks I’m playing with her. I heard spraying alittle water in their face but I hate to do that….. but if it will help!

Mar 23, 2011

by: kayla

Hey I never really had and issues that have not gone away. We started with the yelp of ouch and no bite, and using a firm voice. I found biting her back made a huge difference. I know it sounds funny but I treat her like a human child. We were really lucky with potty training at 10 weeks old and she is awsome at the vets’ and its just alot of time and paitence.
We do have younger nices and nephews around alot so she had learnt to deal with the high pitch voices and pradding. I also am home 90% of the day, doing training every day to create a bond.

I hope this helps some what. Just be paitent. Its like potty training, it happens just takes a while to learn.

Mar 20, 2011

by: Munir

hi brisa i want 2 tell u dat every rottweiler pup bites in his or her childhood…. dont worry mine did as well…i have pair of rottweilers…dey r so lovable… but time by time dey will learn…i have 2 page in dis site…watch it….



Mar 20, 2011

by: Anonymous

Our rottie was terrible when he was a baby. I used to give him rawhide that helped a lot. I know they say not to but it helped me as I was out of the ideas. Ice helped, frozen facecloths to chew on and after some time it stopped and we never had any issues later.

Mar 19, 2011

wow she is a hero
by: brisa

hello i just wanted to tell u nice work done she is beautiful thanx for helping the ones in need i have a rottweiler 8 weeks but its not going well i was going to ask u one question does your rottweiler bite alot when he was a baby mine does it alot iam worried if he grows will this be a big issue how can i stop it i tried yuck spray wont work i tried no i a firm voice nothing please help me with this question did u pup every bite u or someone when little did he grow out of it please let me know asap

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