Thorin Von Bullett Boy Blues and Natasha Von Paige

by Dustin Lee

I feel pretty..Oh so pretty...

I feel pretty..Oh so pretty…

I feel pretty..Oh so pretty...

did I get the bird

Daddy's Blues

Dear Sue and

First let me say what a wonderful and beautiful site you have built here and many thanks for that.Your site was brought to my attention just this morning by one of my twitter followers,so this is my 1st time here.So please bear with me.

I will start by saying I don’t really expect any of this to be published and I’m fine with that. Yet something still compels me to continue and plug away at this keyboard to tell my story.
Some would call it self therapy. Others would say venting.

I can only label or classify it (if I had to) as a love at first sight for this most majestic, loyal and always ready & eager to please breed that we call “The Rottweiler”

Anyone who has any kind of soul within will understand: Once you have made the decision and commitment to add a Rottie to your family your hooked for life. Rottweilers are excellent and protective family oriented dogs. Even if you didn’t have per say i.e. wife-children you now have a family in your Rottie. One of the first things I learned was you don’t ever own a Rottweiler a Rottweiler owns you… heart,mind and soul

There is nothing in this world they wouldn’t do for you and you for them.It’s unconditional love and you feel it every time they look your way and give you that goofy court jester smile…always smiling!

I’ve only had 2 Rotties in my life but have spent countless hours and many years in advocation and volunteering to make the public aware of this widely misunderstood creature. My first Rottweiler Natasha literally came to me at a time in my life when I felt I had none left nor did I want too.

It was the ending of 1990 and I was in Houston,TX. I had just started my career in Venture Capital by becoming a partner in a prominent Investment Banking firm. My wife & I who had been together 14yrs. were re-discovering being in love, again my daughter who was 8 and into ballet, 4H and soccer was my pride and joy, the best thing I had ever done w/my life up to that point

Life was full of promise,passion,new beginnings and I was invincible. The past years prior had been a struggle to get to this place in time.. but now here we were with everything.

It was April 1992 a beautiful Sunday afternoon,my wife had taken our daughter to soccer practice and I decided to stay home and surprise my daughter by painting her room a color that I adamantly had stated no-never to, but daddy’s girl and all that.

I told my wife my plans and had made arrangements for them to do the mother/daughter spa day after soccer to give me the day.

Around 6 maybe 7 that night the doorbell rings and I thinking the girls had forgotten their keys get up to unlock the door.

I opened the door to see two uniformed Houston police officers standing there. They proceed to tell me that my wife and daughter had been in a serious car accident… actually they used the word fatal. Writing (typing) these words it feels like it happened yesterday. I stood there looking at them not hearing any more words they were saying…

Forward to 6 months later. I seem to remember sitting in a blackout for that time. I became so lost. Sleeping and eating, working and breathing became things that I got around to when I got around to. Everyone of our friends and family members rallied around me but I didn’t want any part of anyone. I didn’t want or need anything other than inner peace. I had willed myself to die.

My whole world had just been shattered and I had no direction. This coming from a 6’0 180lb.bull-riding, extreme sport fighting, not afraid of anything, been on my own since I was 12, grown man.

It was about this time that I had lost all faith in God, hope and Ted Nugent (another story). One day a really good childhood friend comes over to see me and tells me she has a gift to give me but 1st I would have to promise not to ever lose it, give it away or forget where it came from, and to always remember the love of spirit in which it was being given. OK-OK-OK-OK, enough already what do you have and please go away now. So she tells me to close my eyes and keep ’em closed. A few seconds later I hear ‘open them’, when I do I see this gorgeous face and goofy smile of this Rottweiler puppy looking back at me with a look like where have you been?

Since I’m in my recliner my friend sets her on my chest, this Rottweiler having never seen me before pulls herself up my chest licks my face a couple of times and curls up in a little ball of fluff around the side of my head and proceeds to fall asleep with a snore coming out of her that I find soothing.

She was Natasha Von Paige-she was a Rottweiler – she was faith hope, grace and purpose all rolled into one beautiful little package. She was my love at first sight and she owned me from the second I saw her. She saved my life from myself.
I have been Rottie struck and hell-bent since. She was with me and by my side for the next 16yrs, “I said 16 yrs”

I never had her spayed, I don’t know why. I never bred her I just adored her. She was all female and all German Rottie. When she was 10 she did have her one and only litter

A friend of mine who also was a Rottie lover had a male and one week I had to go out town on a bussiness trip and asked if she would care for her whilst i was gone. Next thing you know
I now had Natasha and kept one pup who I aptly named Thor.

Natasha passed about 3 years ago from old age,she took with her the pieces of my heart she had been sent to give me so long ago. She was a sweet girl who loved being a volunteer at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Ward. She loved children, cats all things.

She used to lay at her dog food dish as the squirrels would run over and help themselves to her food. She didn’t care she loved them too. If they’re hungry dad let them eat i have plenty.. was the look on her face. I miss her terribly so.

Thor also gave me great love and joy for 11 yrs. and so much like his mother – it was spooky sometimes but I learned and educated myself so much with this breed because each and every one of them is special and unique in their own way and people need to know need to be aware that our dogs are like children only in the sense that they will behave and grow up to become, to act in the ways that we teach them to be.

This past January I did something out of pure love that has been one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make. My baby boy Thor had somehow gotten diabetes, I felt so shi**y that I had somehow caused this but he exercised – ate quality foods, had excellent vet care, sometimes to my banks loan department’s annoyance. My animals come first,always have.

I had to put Thor to sleep because I could tell he was in pain, to make matters worse he had also gone blind due to the diabetes and that p##**! him off because it took away his independence and I had to for his sake help him and ease his

Things are just not the same in my life these days. The house has a quietness and hollowness to it I miss my Thor Blues my first ever Male dog. L’il pain in the ass.

Now at present time my Rotties are gone I haven’t had the strength of heart to get another. Everyday that goes by I feel the void in my soul.
Friends say just get over it, it’s only a dog for Pete’s sake.

I don’t think this Pete fellow has ever spent time let alone years upon years around these noble and gentle souls that we know as “The Rottweiler” I think maybe the only ones that do or would get it are the ones that come here, the ones that work hard every day to make a difference. To bring Education,Justice and Knowledge to the masses worldwide.

To make everyone aware this is the best breed that walks the face of this planet. This is the most loyal. This is the court jester.

This is “The Rottweiler”
Thanks for listening

Good Fortune and Peace To All

*Kenneth(Dustin)Lee Hall*
CEO/Hall Of Finance
Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies
*Affiliated Organizations*
*Institutional V.P. Sales *

Dustin Lee – your story literally made me cry and I’m so sorry for all the losses that you have gone through. The expression on your Rottie’s faces say it all, they were clearly hugely loving and loved enormously in return. Those relationships are priceless.

I hope that one day your heart will be ready to love another of these wonderful dogs in the same way, perhaps one who needs a second chance at love themselves – there are so many who desperately need a loving home with someone who understands and appreciates the REAL Rottweiler and how truly special they are.

I’m honored that my website gave you a place where you could express your emotions so honestly and also allow you to remember your Rotties and pay tribute to the roles they played in your life.

I wish you all the luck in the world as you move forward and hope that you find both love and peace in the future. God bless you and thank you so much for sharing – Sue at

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Aug 31, 2015

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Nov 13, 2011

Broken Heart NEW
by: Debby Kendall

Dear Broken Hearted: I came upon yor story & it has taken me 8 times to get through it, I weep for you & can feel your pain with your dogs because I have gone through some of that with my 2. They love us in such a caring,understanding way that they seem to know what we need when we need it & are always there for us. I hope some day you can find room in your heart for another Rottweiler,I did even now I still cry & my pain runs deep,I don’t think our hearts every heal from their loss. I know your heart is shattered & as I read your words I can see you are a very caring man & I hope that someday you can find peace. God Bless You

Aug 23, 2011

Dustin Lee
by: jackie

Your story brought tears to my eyes too! Your rottweiler was so very lucky to find you. I hope another rottweiler has the chance to be loved by you. God bless you x

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