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Harley – 12 year old Rottie mix

She is the Queen of our home. She just turned 12 and has had a lot of health problems this last year. She loves being outside, very protective of our adult daughters & granddaughters, Son-in-laws […]


Your Rottweiler Photos

I just can’t get enough of Rottweiler photos! It doesn’t matter whether they’re pictures of adorable little ‘black bear’ Rottie puppies or gorgeous adults – I love them all….. Just look at these beauties – […]

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Rottweiler Puppy Pics – Page 2

  If you love looking at Rottweiler puppy pics, here are even more adorable photos for you to enjoy! This section of my website is where Rottie owners share photographs of their dogs from puppyhood […]

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A Tribute To Two Dear Friends

by by Marsha J. O’Brien (Redding, Ca) A trip down memory lane with two wonderful friends. Buck (Shepherd) and Dillon (Rottie). Dillon passed away at 12 and Buck was almost 12. Anyone who has ever […]

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Annie in WA

by Judith Blackman (WA) Baby Annie A few weeks older 10 mo. 75 lb. Annie is a beautiful Black/Mahogany Rott’n Dog. Posted are pup photo and a recent 10 mo. old, 75 lb. beauty. Having […]

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Bacardi Blast delhi

by rajat (new delhi) Bacardi Blast is son of multi v1 grewal’s champion turbo power turbo son of multi country champion zap flash rouse.. Bacardi Blast mother rassel vom l.m rott (import) Comments for […]

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by Melissa (Canada) Bella Bella is 15 weeks old. She is very smart and very active. We got Bella a week ago and already see major changes in her growth and her personality. She is […]

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by mary (sibley, LA) We have a new Rottie and his name is Bubba. Sarah is 1 1/2 years old and loves him. Bubba is 2 months old. We didn’t know if Sarah would accept […]

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Chico – 8 weeks old

by Stephanie (Sydney, NSW, Australia) Chico – 5 months Chico – 5 months Comments for Chico – 8 weeks old Average Rating Click here to add your own comments Jul 11, 2012 CUTE NEW by: […]

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by jose (fort worth tx) 4 month old coffee, love him!!! Comments for coffee Average Rating Click here to add your own comments Jun 19, 2012 ???????????? NEW by: Sandra Boo ??? Aww he’s sooo […]