My Scooby!

by Sanjeev
(Bangalore, India)

This is Sanjeev from Bangalore, India. Here is the pic of Scooby ( My 7 month old Male Rottie);

He is such an hyper-active guy, always running around and so very inquisitive of all things around him. He does not hesitate to come running to me and sit on my lap ??? He wouldn???t let anybody come near us then ??? Always likes to get pampered.

He literally tests my patience as he keeps nibbling at any darn thing which is on the ground ??? Rather, he ensures, I am always on my toes. He is such an adorable puppy and quite intelligent too!

Unique thing about him is he having a feeling to guess when I???d return home as he waits for me near the gate and the moment when I walk-in, he is all over the place; I need to keep all my stuff aside and spend good amount of time with him, else, he will keep barking until I go to him!

I get so worried when he starts eating stones and mud ??? How much ever I try telling him not to, he continues to do that; I am scared where he will fall sick (which he has fallen couple of times)

I love my Scooby!

Hi Sanjeev… Scooby is a handsome boy that’s for sure. Just wanted to mention that eating dirt and rocks is a dangerous habit as you obviously realize. All sorts of diseases can be passed on through soil, and pebbles/rocks can get stuck in the digestive tract. I’d really recommend constantly supervising him while he’s outdoors so that he can’t do this. If you need to leave him outside unsupervised, make sure it’s on concrete or at least a smooth, grassy area where he will have less to snack on! Also, give him lots of safe chew toys to help him use up that desire to chew and munch. Puppies often grow out of this habit as they get older. Best of luck with your Rottie. Sue

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Jan 17, 2012

A real beauty.. NEW
by: anon 1369

I have seen alot of dogs posted from your country and some have fancy titles BUT I have yet to see one so healthy and beautiful as your boy..He looks like the picture of health..Mine also use to eat everything including rocks and everytime I gave her trouble for it I would replace it with something she was allowed..Just over a year now and she had quit rocks but still enjoys anything she can get her jaws on..I always make sure she has lots of toys around..Good luck with him as he looks like he’s gonna get big..Please keep us updated..

Jan 17, 2012

Great Photo NEW
by: Captain Nancy

What a nice photo of your Scooby. I can’t help noticing the size of his feet…wow! I think he is going to be a big fella. My Tugboat eats everything when I walk him. I have him carrying a toy now or a ball and that seems to cut the eating down. He is 18 mos old and still at it.
Good luck and try the toy or ball in his mouth.

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