Nevada – last Holloween

by Janet
(Eaton , NY)

Cute right – now she won’t stop digging.

I am sure I will see China in a couple of weeks.

It’s sad, I am hoping for snow to cover up the big hole!

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Feb 04, 2011

The ground is fozen
by: Janet Eaton NY

The ground is covered by 3 feet of snow so Nevada is in heaven diging. I know its good exercize and she loves it. BUT I hope she will out grow this habit.

Nov 03, 2010

Digging where?
by: Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom

There IS hope, though China may seem close. OK, not helpful 😉 Though we have 2 Rotts, we also have a Golden Retreiver/Lab that could be rented out as a backhoe. What I’m trying to say, lightheartedly, is that any breed can dig. Hints that may help …

1. Under the fence digging: line the fence with chicken wire buried on the inside of the fence and bent up the top (staple or wire up the fence). Next, line fence, over the wire mesh with cement patio blocks 8″ x 16″. A bit spendy but worth it.

2. Digging elsewhere: When you take the dog outside to do it’s business, watch it and scold loudly.

3. If it’s an outside dog all day while everyone’s at work, Nevada (beautiful!)could have separation anxiety). A kennel run (if you can’t find the money to buy – look at garage sales or put an ad/look in a Little Nickel paper).

Nevada shows spunk and intelligence, work with that. She can be your shining star.

Judy ( (my husband is a trainer and we’ve rescued for years)

Nov 03, 2010

The name Nevada
by: Janet

I picked Nevada as a name because our last Rott was Sierra. I keep saying my next one will be Colorado. My husband says the next one will be named Divorce.

Nov 02, 2010

looks like a cheeky girr
by: john g

Nevada cool name she looks good sheal grow out of that diging habet just give her plenty treats

Nov 01, 2010

Nevada – last Holloween
by: Janet

Nevada was 5 months in this picture

Oct 31, 2010

by: Anonymous

Pretty girl! How old is she?

Oct 31, 2010

by: girish


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