Rotties Rule – because our cats are no longer with us

by Kaitlyn Gosman
(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Cally - first day home

Cally – first day home

My daughter and I have only owned rescued dogs and kittens. We have never had the chance to raise a puppy, so we did our research. Which entailed hundreds of hours of learning and educating ourselves on owning a dog.

Our first encounter with a Rottie was with a person who owned a barn raising and training horses. Her dog, Roxie, was so calm and obedient and loving around all animals and humans. So, when we began looking into what breed would best suit our lifestyle… it came down to a Rottweiler.

As my daughter and I are both very firm in everyday decisions, we thought this type of dog would suit us.

Cally (still unsure of her name) is 7 weeks old and we brought her home yesterday. It was so exciting for all, but what fun.

Our first mission was, of course, house training. So Cally’s first night was spent with her younger mom/master. My daughter didn’t get much sleep, and had to work a 9 hour shift the next day.

On day 2… I was in charge. Lucky me, because she spent most of the day napping and/or sleeping. Cally really liked to nip and bite, but I bit that in the bud (so to speak) by yipping at her and ignoring her for 30 seconds… how quickly they learn!!

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Jun 10, 2012

Cally is now Mila NEW
by: Lorie

Thank you everyone so very much for your positive feedback. I never went back to the site to check on comments until this morning.

We decided to name our puppy Mila, instead of Cally.

She is now 19 months old and has turned into a beautiful young Rottie!

Jan 24, 2011

How Cute!
by: Sherry

Cally looks identical to the one my husband gave me for Christmas…she happened to be 7 weeks old on Christmas Day. Cally is adorable. Yes, this breed is extremely smart and very active. They are a pleasure to own when they are taught correctly…so very full of personality (if you let it shine) and will bring hours of joy to any dog lover’s life.

I would just like to give a reminder…please make sure you give this puppy all her shots in a timely manner and don’t let anyone come around with a puppy who has not been through all of it’s shots. Honestly, it is best to keep exposure to other dogs and puppies down until your puppy has had it’s final booster between 16 to 20 weeks. Please, take this very seriously. My beautiful little puppy almost lost her life to Parvo because my son innocently brought a puppy over that they were puppy-sitting…the next evening he called to let me know that that puppy was taken to the vet and had Parvo. The only thing that saved my little Angelika was my knowledge of Parvo and quick action…I immediately administered kaopectate and water from the onset and within 12 hours of onset had her at the vet…she spent 10 days in the hospital just returning home last Thursday. Please understand that for Rottweilers, even with proper vet care, there is only a 50/50 chance this breed will pull through. Please, please be very careful during the series of shots until they are completed and you know she is protected.

Sorry, I just can’t stress this enough for the puppies’ sake out there in the world. In the mean time, enjoy that little bundle of joy. They are so like children in that they grow so quickly, but you are rewarded with such unconditional Love! She is so very cute!

Jan 24, 2011

welcome to the great world of rotties
by: lee castle/grace and lainie

grace our rottie justs adores cats parrots our parrot would spit out sunflower seeds at her and she would sit waiting and the catching them then putting them to one side this happens every evening
in the morning she must lick my two cats the cats adore this and you know she is licking them if you are out of the room tou can here her tail whackin against the kitchen chairs
she is my trainee assistance dog and is a credit to her breed and even now she has put a lot of plus points in my life
we met a puppy rottti the other day and i realised how quick that she has grown 79 lb at 10 months old
please enjoy your great little rotti times goes so fast

Jan 24, 2011

Super Cute
by: Lina

What a lovely puppy. Enjoy while you can as they grow quickly LOL. Rotties are just a beautiful breed.
Best of luck on your new puppy.

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