Sam The Man

by Debby Kendall

@ 4 mo this bone is hard work

@ 4 mo this bone is hard work

@ 4 mo this bone is hard work

@ 5 mo what do you want !

@ 6 mo Iam so gorgeous

@ 7 mo & I Rule My World

Hello I am Samson my mom calls me Sam Sam and I am a very special dog.

I was born on 03/30/11 actually to my mom I am a gift from heaven.

You see my mom lost her beloved Bruiser of 12 yrs on that same day I was born.

And the meaning of my name Samson could also be Chance or Lucky.

So since my mom found me by chance & is lucky to have me.

I am called Samson, an american purebreed Rottweiler now 7.5 months old.

And I love everybody especially my mom, and I really like to have fun.

I have a playmate her name is (Lilly) and she is a 5yr old lab mix.

I am a wild & hyper boy the only time I am calm is when I am asleep.

My mom is training me but so far I seem to be too busy to learn.

But be patient everyone because remember I am a gift from heaven.
Love Sam Sam

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Nov 30, 2011

Beautiful Boy NEW
by: Anonymous

He is absolutely beautiful xx

Oct 20, 2011

@ Debby
by: Judy

I hear you..I also brought my Ciara & Precious home with me..cameras have sure come a long the infamous finger that always got in there and you paid to I tend to do is get a picture from farther away and then crop..mind you no picture of a rottie is a bad picture as they are too adorable to take a bad shot…keep the pictures coming… 🙂

Oct 20, 2011

by: Debby Kendall

Thanks for the heads up,Iam slowing trying the close up with him but for now to close to him is just an invite to play. I will post soon photos of my beloved Bruiser & Casper who although are now in heaven are still here with me because I brought them back home where they belonged so that in death they would still be here with me.I
only wish now that back then I would have had a better camera & took more photos.

Oct 20, 2011

by: Judy

He is a handsome fella..sure to bring you lots of joy…condolences to the loss of your Bruiser 🙁
PS you get better pics when you get down to there level…more proportionate pictures..cheers.

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