Indy at 11 weeks

by Natasha

I absolutely love this site and all it’s information. It has definitely been Indy and I’s best friend as we have had my handsome boy since he was 12 days old.

We were always worried he wasn’t going to grow properly because his mummy wasn’t ready to have babies and rejected all 12 pups at 2 days old. Sadly 7 of his brothers and sisters passed away.

On a happier note Indy, his brother Jack and 3 sisters all have awesome homes and great new mummy’s. Indy has gone from 500 grams at 12 days to 10kg at 11 weeks and although he still has a little bit of catching up to do he is in perfect health.

I don’t know what I’d do without him. He is funny, naughty and quirky but most of all he is so intelligent and truly loving and devoted.

With an extra special mention to Sue who runs this site, if it wasn’t for your support and great advice i’m not sure if my little man would have developed as well as he has. So, a big thank you from me and a special hug from Indy.

Natasha – you are more than welcome, I’m just so happy to be able to help. I love this breed (well, I love dogs of all sizes and descriptions, but Rotties are my ‘babies’!) and knowing that I’ve been able to help both dogs and their owners makes all the time and effort of running my sites worthwhile. Indy is looking wonderful, he’s a beautiful boy and certainly looks 100% healthy. You just made my day so thank YOU :o)

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Feb 15, 2011

well done!!
by: Julie

well done Natasha, Your bond with your puppy Indy will be so strong, I had a rottie the vet and I managed to pull through after having parvo and she survived for 9 years. We had such a strong bond for those years. She went everywhere with me. I have had 3 rotties since but I still miss my special friend Sasha. Good luck with your pup, he is very lucky to have an owner like you.

Feb 12, 2011

by: charlotte

what a bueaty…Sad that his siblings didnt make it.. he’s one lucky little guy to have an owner that loves him so… good luck with him.. he’s a rottie so i know he will bring you lots of love and laughter…

Feb 12, 2011

by: Connie

what a beautiful story and dog. he is awesome looking and your bond will be so strong for life. what a great life he will have with you. i love your pictures.

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