The Best In Rottweiler Videos

Beautiful Rottweiler running

There are lots of Rottweiler videos online. 

Some are wonderful, others not so much.

A video can show you how a Rottweiler is supposed to look or act, or just how cute a Rottie pup is.

It can also show you the side of their temperament that mainstream media rarely bothers to look at.

On this page I’ve picked out a handful of my favorites to share with you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Rottweiler Videos – Big, Beautiful & Altogether Awesome!

This compilation shows some gorgeous adult Rotties ‘strutting their stuff’ in the show ring.

It’ll give you a good idea of how a well-bred Rottweiler should look – and move.


If you think Rottweilers are all about being big and mean, you couldn’t be more wrong… and I have the videos to prove it!

Here are a couple of touching Rottweiler images that show the softer side of this breed (the one we Rottie-lovers are all too familiar with).

I do want to point out that the Rottweiler with the baby is obviously completely familiar with the child, is being closely supervised, and has no ‘resource guarding’ problems at all.

That doesn’t mean that it’s safe to leave any Rottweiler with a baby/child, or allow them to take things out of the dog’s mouth and so on. This goes for absolutely any other breed too.

It’s vital to know the dog well, be sure he/she is properly trained and stable, and to supervise interactions closely. It’s also important to be sure that the child doesn’t hurt or scare the dog by mistake.

Tragedies sometimes happen because the adults don’t use common sense, are distracted or absent, or because a child doesn’t know how to behave around dogs.

A Rottweiler’s First Year In Video

Aw, this is too adorable.

Watch this beautiful pup as he changes from a chunky 2 month old, to a handsome adolescent at one year.

I got a little anxious at one point when his balance got a little wobbly, but he’s generally as sure footed as a cat.

Very nice dog, and a great Rottweiler video.

Videos Of Working Rottweilers

 Although mostly seen as companions and pets now, Rottweilers were originally bred as working dogs (see my Rottweiler Facts and Rottweiler Dogs pages to learn more about this breed).

Today Rotties are involved in (and excel at) such activities as obedience work, tracking, protection, search and rescue and Shutzhund.

As natural ‘herders’ and guardians, many Rottweilers are also active in farm/ranch environments. Rotties are also seen as police dogs in many coutries around the world.

The following videos show how intelligent and trainable these dogs are.

Here’s a Rottweiler video showing some great obedience work….

Next, take a look at a well-trained Rottie demonstrating his Shutzhund skills.

NOTE: To do this safely a dog has to have had LOTS of expert training and practice. It’s not a do-it-yourself type sport!.

Another of these fantastic videos demonstrates just how versatile these dogs are. Take a look at the way this guy is moving around the agility course – beautiful to watch!

And last, but not least, here is a Rottie showing that he can still herd cattle. Move over Border Collies 🙂

I hope you enjoyed watching these. Rottweilers are just amazing… beautiful, funny, goofy, clever, hard-working… they’re the best!

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Pick a youtube video, your own compilation or creation or whatever. We’ll be happy to see whatever you come up with!

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