White on my rottweiler,

by patrick bell
(columbia, tn. USA)

I have a rottweiler puppy around 8 months old. I got him when he was just weaned and not knowing if he was full-blooded.

He has white on his chest and paws but black and brown everywhere else. Why? Could he be mixed or can a full-blooded rottweiler have white?

Hi Patrick
Without having registration papers and knowing for sure that the puppy’s parents were full-blooded Rottweilers, it’s not possible to say if he is pure Rottweiler or not.

However, having white patches on him doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s of mixed parentage. Many purebred Rottie pups can have a few white hairs, or even small white patches on their chest or toes.

You can learn why this happens here… White Patches On Rottweiler Puppies and also on my Red Rottweiler and other rare Rottweilers page.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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