Rottweiler pup with white paws and chest

by john keil
(dubuque iowa)

can a purebred rott have white paws or white chest?

Hi John
Some bloodlines do carry a gene for white patches, particularly the older German lines. However, the amount of white hair is generally small, perhaps a small patch on the chest, and less commonly on the toes.

A few white hairs don’t constitute a ‘patch’ and are allowed in terms of showing, but anything more than that is a serious fault.

You may want to check out my Rare Rottweilers page to learn about the origin of these markings, and my Rottweiler Breed Standard page for information on the ‘ideal’ rottweiler.

My Rottweiler FAQ’s page also has tips and advice on how to determine if your Rottie is purebred.

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