Rottie pup has relapse in house training


by jayson

my 11 month old bitch rotty puppy has been house trained fully for well over 6 months but every now and then she has a relapse.

she went a whole month with no mess all day then suddenly she started chewing at approx 8 months which she had never done at all and messing everyday, a spell back in her crate whilst i was at work for a week or so stopped this but then after a month or so she has her relapse and it all starts again.

please, please, please any ideas what i can do?

Hi Jayson
Puppies do tend to develop in fits and starts, and they go through phases and stages too. It’s not terribly unusual for a pups’ behavior to fluctuate during times of growth spurts or at times of developmental changes.

Also at 8 months of age there is a natural ‘fear period’ where pups may become anxious about things that they were previously comfortable with, and show uncharacteristic behavior. This could be a factor, and it’s something that natural abates as the pup matures.

If there have been any recent changes in your household, such as a new baby, new pet, house move, someone being home more than usual (or away from home more than normal) etc. etc., then she could be feeling anxious and unsettled due to that.

Chewing is a way that dogs release any built-up tension and stress, so if she’s suddenly chewing more then she’s likely feeling stress of some sort.

As long as she seems healthy and happy in general I wouldn’t worry about this too much as it will probably sort itself out given a little time. But, it’s important to remain calm and loving, but consistent in correcting her when her behavior isn’t acceptable. The consistency in rules and knowing what to expect will help her to feel more secure and counteract any anxiety she is feeling. If necessary you can use her crate more to contain her when you can’t supervise, that way you can prevent accidents indoors, and take her out for a potty break more often.

If she seems sick in any way though, or there are other changes in behavior such as loss of appetite, unusual lethargy etc., then I would recommend having your vet give her a check up to make sure she’s 100% healthy.

Hope this helps a bit, best of luck with your pup.

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