8 month Rottie chewing everything!

by bryan

we are having trouble with our 8 month old rottie chewing everything outside and inside!

we give her lots of chew toys and rawhide but when she is alone she looks for anything to chew. we as also have a husky that doesn’t chew anything but what’s given to her .

how do i stop her chewing?

Hi Bryan
Chewing is a natural, instinctive canine behavior and ALL puppies do it – but there can be a huge difference in the amount of chewing and how intense an individual pup is about it.

Different breeds have differing levels of commitment to chewing behavior, as do individual pups and dogs even within the same litter. Your Rottie obviously has a greater desire to chew than your Husky (and this will be a combination of the different breed characteristics and their own unique temperaments). It’s not a ‘bad’ behavior as such but definitely one that needs to be discouraged to protect your home, belongings… and your pup too.

I’d recommend that you check out this page Puppy Chewing as it has lots of tips and advice on dealing with this problem. At 8 months old your pup should be starting to come out of the peak chewing period, but without the right approach and consistent, appropriate corrections from you she simply won’t understand that this is not acceptable behavior.

The page I’ve linked to above goes into lots of detail on how to deal with this, and in short it involves containment, supervision, correction and redirection. There’s no ‘quick fix’, but with patience and consistency you can teach your pup that chewing on your stuff is not allowed.

Hope this helps, best of luck.

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Apr 26, 2012

Scott is spot-on! NEW
by: Sue from a-love-of-rottweilers.com

Thanks for emphasising the usefulness of a crate Scott. Great point!

I should have elaborated on that in my answer, crate training isn’t only about house training, it keeps your pup safe when you’re not around to supervise… and keeps your belongings safe too.

Scott… your Rottie chewed up the NEW carpet? Yikes, I bet you weren’t laughing then 🙁

Apr 17, 2012

Safe NEW
by: Scott -(Friend of Strider)

Crate training is your answer…. I learned after my first Rotti ate our new carpet, the first night it was in. LOL I laugh now
Really though, you pup will love having a den to hang out in, it keeps them comfortable and doesn’t give them time to have fun ideas when their board.
Keeping them in a crate when your away isn’t harmful or cruel in any way… it’s not like jail time. Always give them a treat going in and coming out.

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