Over excited 15 months old Rotty…..

by Sumit
(Evansville, IN)

I’ve 2 Rotties 15 months old male(not gonna be Neutered) & 4 months old female (not gonna be spayed). my older one has gone through all training classes with both positive way training method and dog whisper method. he is excellent learner and very much socialized towards Humans & Animals. But the only thing is he gets excited about everything new/old, human/dog. he is very pushy with both human & dogs.

i did his positive training in florida and i moved to indiana recently & did his CGS training here Dog whisper way. the trainer here asked me to use Shock collar and i use it every now and then. i’ll use that when i’m taking them for a walk or some time in house. and i do know that shock collars are to enforce command and not to train. Sometime i’m confused between positive training and Cesar Milan way, as they both work. one takes time other is instant. but the thing is both ways he is disciplined when i’ve treat in my hand or shock collar on his neck.

I put him on treadmill, walk him everyday, play tug every day, that way he is calm down a bit but now he is charged on again. i’m thinking about training him to pull carts but i haven’t got the right help yet. So can you please help me with his behavior and giving me some tips to get him disciplined. Thank u……

Hi Sumit
Overall it sounds as though you’re doing a fantastic job with your boy, and he’s has done (and is still doing) a lot of different activities.

The first thing I’d say is to remember that even though he’s a big boy, at 15 months he is still a puppy. In fact, he’s pretty much the equivalent of a human teenager. If you think about the way teenagers act you can often see the similarities in your own pup!

He still has lots of puppy energy, and he’s also got the emotional and physical changes of adolescence going on in his body. Plus his guarding instincts etc. are maturing. It’s a lot for a pup to deal with and more often than not, there will be an overflow of energy (both physical and mental) which will show up somehow. Sometimes it’s seen as ‘pushy’ or overexcited behavior, other times it may be stubbornness, testing rules/limits, incessant jumping or mounting and so on. In my experience it’s worse with the males than females. It’s perfectly normal and will diminish as your pup grows and matures.

However, of course you can’t just let him run wild and do as he pleases, so you exercise him physically and mentally (with training) and discipline him….. all of which you are doing regularly. Do be careful not to OVER stimulate him though, he needs plenty of quiet time to relax (preferably with a couple of really good, tough dog toys to take out any excess nervous energy on by chewing!).

I’d recommend getting him a crate, if you don’t already have one, and using it regularly so that he has quiet time which will help him to wind down. If you do already have a crate that’s good, but make sure that you use it. He should spend at least a couple of hours a day alone and quiet (not necessarily in one stretch though, an hour here and an hour there is fine). Also try to keep to a regular daily routine of exercise, training, socialization, food, quiet time and sleep, that way he’ll feel secure and more relaxed than if his days are all different and full of stimulation.

Cart pulling would probably be excellent exercise for him, but I’d wait until he’s at least 18 months and more physically mature before starting that type of exercise. You don’t want to cause any excessive strain on growing bones, joints and ligaments.

I honestly think that if you follow the tips and advice above, and just continue with consistent and loving corrections when he gets too excited, that you’ll see improvement. Be patient with him and give him time to mature and settle down, it sounds as though you have an excellent pup and that you’re doing the very best for him.

Best of luck with both your pups.

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Oct 21, 2010


Thank You very much.
by: Sumit

Thanks Susan your tip waz a great help. more than help it was satisfying. i’ll be having lot of questions as my female pup’s growing too. and we are gonna breed. i really do appretiate your help and ur precious time. Thank u.

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