The Best Tough Dog Toys

Any large-breed owner knows that finding tough dog toys that can stand up to your big dogs’ powerful jaws can be a huge challenge.

Rottweiler with ball dog toy

My Rottweilers LOVE toys of all shapes and sizes, but sadly only a select few last more than a day or two in our house.

I can’t get away with buying a couple of cheap toys and hoping for weeks worth of canine entertainment. Oh no….

Instead, I have to scour petstores to find the most durable dog toys around, and I’m always on the lookout for new goodies as my dogs’ get bored with the same ones very quickly.

So, to save you the same aggravation (and wasted $$’s) I’ve put together a list of the very best, tried-and-tested toys that are a hit in our home… I’m sure they’ll be just as popular in yours 🙂


Tough Toys – Kong Rules!

When it comes to dog toys for aggressive chewers, there is one name that springs to mind first… Kong!

Kong toys are VERY durable dog toys, and can withstand just about anything your dog can dish out (and more).

One of our Kongs’ even survived being run over by the riding mower!

Kong toys have been were first seen back in the 1970’s, and they’ve grown in popularity over the years.

When it comes to durable or indestructible dog toys, Kong still leads the way (although they now share the market with a host of other really first-class products).

Here are a few that can take whatever your dog dishes out……


‘Original’ KONG Extreme Dog Toy, LargeOften described as the ‘World’s Strongest Dog Toy!’ Kongs are amazing, and the black ones are the toughest.

Made from exclusive carbon Black Ultra-flex rubber.

These are perfect indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers, extra-large and giant breeds, and those dogs who can destroy just about any toy in an hour flat.

Puncture-resistant and non-toxic, they can even be stuffed with peanut butter, dog treats, or specially flavored pastes for even more play value.

One of these has survived in our house for ages even when all the dogs take a turn chewing on it daily – even our shepherd mix puppy who’s a destruction machine!


KONG Extreme Goodie BoneAnother great Kong, made from extra-tough, non-toxic, durable rubber and especially designed for big dogs.

Patented ‘Goodie Grippers’ can hold treats and tid-bits to keep your dog amused for ages.

Switch it out every couple of days with the classic Kong above, to keep your dog from getting bored too quickly.


KONG Ballistic Ring, Dog Toy, X-LargePatented design which uses 4 layers of heavy-duty fabric and 8 rows of stitching.

A super-durable ‘soft’ toy that can take more abuse than most.

If you want a different texture, but with same Kong durability, give this one a try.


Kong Rubber Flyer, Large, 2-packIf your dog loves to chase/fetch as well as chew.. then this toy is the perfect choice.

It’s tough enough to stand up to a little bit of gnawing (but is NOT a chew toy as such) while gentle on your dog’s mouth when caught.

If you’re like me and your aim is less than perfect, this design might even help improve your accuracy 🙂


Tough Chew Toys For The Big ‘Uns

There are several manufacturers who produce toys that are almost ‘indestructable’, and these are perfect for big dogs like our (or even for smaller dogs who are dedicated chewers).

Unfortunately there is no toy that is absolutely impossible for a dog to destroy, but many of these come close… really close!


West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Tux ToyMade from unique, super-tough Zogoflex??, this dog toy is a huge multi-tasker!

It’s bendy, it bounces, it floats, it’s ‘stuffable’… plus it’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe too.

There are some other West Paw Designs playthings that your dog will love too….


Nylabone Big Chews for Big Dogs, Beef Bone,Nylabone is another ‘household name’… and is synonymous with tough chew toys.

These ‘Big Chews’ are ideal for large, extra-large & giant breeds and are about as indestructible as it gets.

Made from extra-tough nylon to withstand the onslaught of sharp teeth and powerful jaws… and with tasty flavor built right in, they’re a great choice.

My sons Pitbull has had one of these for over a year, and my old Rottie girl has been working on her Chicken-flavored Nylabone Monster Bone for even longer.

The Nylabone Galileo Wolf is another firm favorite in our family. Every one of them is great value for money.

Nylabone Dura-Chew Double Action Combo Bone, SouperThe combo-bone combines two different textures, materials and flavors to give your big ‘un a more interesting chewing experience!

The knobbly, durable ends help keep your Rotties teeth and gums healthy, while the mint-flavored center helps freshen breath.

A two-for-one experience that your pet will love… and keep on loving for a long time.



GoughNut Maxx Black Dog ToyNow, this is another toy that truly deserves to be on any ‘tough dog toys’ list!

Made from insanely durable natural black rubber, this is designed specifically for extreme chewers.

Designed by engineers, this dog toy floats, bends and bounces. Plus it comes with a ‘Lifetime guarantee’… yes a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

If your power chewer reaches the red layer (in the center of the toy) you can return the whole toy for a brand new replacement. How cool is that?



100% All Naturally Shed Deer Antler ChewDeer antlers are a natural, toxin-free, mineral rich chew toy that aren’t just durable… they’re safe and beneficial too.

USA-made from naturally shed antlers so no deer was harmed while making these toys.

These are as tasty as a natural bone, but a lot less messy.. and safer too because they won’t splinter, break or crumble.

TIP: For maximum flavor try to get an antler that has a cut or open end.



Antler Rope Chews for DogsAnter rope toys combine two of my dogs favorite things… rope and tasty antlers!

These are great toys for dogs of almost any size, and the addition of the antlers adds a LOT of play value and longevity to the rope.

Another must-have!



Some Balls Can Be Tough Dog Toys Too!

Your average rubber or tennis ball won’t take a lot of abuse before it rips, tears or breaks.

But there are a couple of balls that deserve a place on this page because they’re as durable as they are fun. Check these out…..


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Dog Toy, SolPlanet Dog ‘Orbee-Tuff’ balls are often called the ‘world’s best dog ball’… and for good reason.

Strong, bouncy, floaty, non-toxic, recyclable and 100% guaranteed.

This specific ball has space for stuffing with treats, others whistle, some glow in the dark.

There are a ton of different designs and colors, so there’s bound to be one that suits your dog perfectly.



Jolly Pet 8-Inch Romp-n-Roll, RedThe very first Jolly Balls were designed for horses, not dogs, but today they’re hugely popular with big dogs especially.

Made from heavy-duty, puncture-resistant Polyetheylene plastic (non-toxic) and thick rope.

The plastic is virtually indestructible and the rope handle makes it easy for your pet to carry it around wherever he goes. Just watch out if he figures out how to swing/throw it!


Varsity Ball (Basketball Design)Another indestructible ball that is perfect for big dogs!

Weighing almost 3lbs and with a diameter of 12″ the Varisty Ball is big enough for the most powerful dog.

I owned a big boy Rottie whose favorite toy was a bowling ball – until the Varsity Ball came along (although he always had a soft spot for his bowling ball).

It’s a fantastic outdoor toy and can keep your big ‘un amused for ages.


Can Big Dogs Have Soft Dog Toys?

Most dogs LOVE soft toys, mine included. But the answer to the above question isn’t clear-cut. In fact I’d say… ‘Yes – and No’.

I have yet to find a soft toy that can stand up to the dedicated chewing my big dogs dish out, but some definitely last longer than others.

While the following toys are not indestructible, they are tougher-than-your-average-soft-toy and can give your big guy (or gal) some much-appreciated cuddly toy time….


Kyjen Invincibles Plush Gecko Stuffingless, Squeaker ToyThis range is innovative, fun, colorful and pretty durable.

Inner lining is made from super-tough fabric and the seams are double-stitched.

There’s also very little ‘stuffing’ so less clean up when it does finally succumb.

The squeakers are also heavy-duty and can take a lot of crunching before they go silent 🙂



goDog Dragon With Chew Guard Technology Tough and cute… a winning combination.

‘ChewGuard Technology’, minimal stuffing, a soft yet ‘knobbly’ plush finish, double-stitched seams and a squeaker… what more could any dog ask for?

There are several other equally cute creatures to choose from – all able to withstand a fair amount of ‘loving’ and fully machine washable.



ETHICAL PRODUCTS Dura-Fused Canvas Duck Toy, 16″There are a whole range of Ethical Pet canvas dog toys.

They’re not as soft or cuddly as the first two ranges I listed, but they are tough and are a firm favorite with our Olde English Bulldogge.

Heavy-duty canvas, reinforced seams and a durable squeaker. Great value for money.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all these great toys… and that your Rottweiler enjoys playing with them! Good luck.




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