My six Rottie kids

by Caesar

Some are still with me, and others are at the Bridge, but all are always and forever in my heart.

The Raven Dressed in Black – Raven – my first, and was a coated rottie; the sweetest of all. She had knowing and understanding eyes that looked deep, deep into your soul and always talked with that growly rottweiler voice that I love.

My vet admittedly has a fear of rottweilers, but as he came to know and trust Raven, she was far and away his absolute favorite rottweiler. As a first-time Rottweiler owner, I was fortunate to have her as my first experience. Waiting for me at the Bridge.

Caesar – an extremely handsome coated Rottweiler, so handsome in fact, that over the years I had numerous offers from people wanting to buy him. We went everywhere and did everything together, and if a person can have a favorite, he was/is mine. Losing him was the most devastating experience I’ve ever had with any of my dogs/cats/horses and I couldn’t bring myself to add another male to my dog “family” for six years. Waiting for me at the Bridge.

Machen – more “happiness” than one family wanted, so she became my little girl. Waiting for me at the Bridge.

Jenka – my first official adoption from a rottweiler rescue; a real love and an excellent ambassador of the breed. Waiting for me at the Bridge.

Ruger – my second adoption from the same rescue. Always alert; scrutinizes everything before deciding on a course of action – which might be playing, sleeping or watching the world go by. Ruger is 9 and has dysplastic elbows, but still plays as hard as he dares to.

Panzer – Even though she’s a female, I liked this name for her. My third adoption, but from a different organization from the other two. I adopted her in November of 2012, she’s 6 years old, and due to her background and having spent her entire life at the shelter she’s turned out to be the most difficult rottweiler of all.

Panzer has presented me with more problems to solve than I ever could have imagined and is most certainly a work in progress. By the way – after treating her of several medical issues which were never addressed, she’s VERY healthy!

Names for those I’ve had of other breeds:

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