The Best Rottweiler Names

When it comes Rottweiler names, there’s a lot of great possibilities to choose from. The only really tricky part is finding a rottweiler dog name that’s as wonderful as your Rottie!

Rottweilers are a fascinating blend of characteristics and seem to mix opposite personality traits with surprising ease.

Strong yet gentle, rugged but sweet-natured, protective but with a ‘laid back’ attitude, definitely worthy of a ‘special’ name don’t you think?

So, where do you start?

Well, Rotties originated in Germany, so a German name would be a good choice.

This breed traveled with the Roman Army centuries ago, so perhaps a Latin or Italian name?

Then again there are some great puppy names that just seem to ‘fit’ a Rottweiler – how about Tank for a male Rottie pup (he’s sure to be the size of a tank when he grows up).

Or maybe Diamond or Jewel for your girl pup, after all she is precious :o)

Don’t worry, I’ve made it all a bit easier for you on this page! Just browse through the lists of dog names below and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect name for your little one (or BIG one).

Have fun………..


Rottweiler Names – German, Latin, Italian & More


Male Rottweiler Names

Female Rottweiler Names

Aldo – wise one Alice – noble
Apollo – Roman God of the sun Anka – graceful
Arnold – powerful Ava – birdlike
Axel – peaceful Bellona – Roman Goddess of War
Bismarck – former German Chancellor Berta – bright and strong
Blitz – flash Elsa – strength
Boris – fighter Erika – ruler
Brutus – heavy Flora – Roman Goddess of Flowers
Cato – shrewd Frieda – peaceful
Dieter – the peoples’ ruler Gerda – protection
Gunther – battle warrior Gretchen – pearl
Heinrich – ruler Greta – little pearl
Hank – also means ‘ruler’ Kristel – crystal
Kaiser – king Leni – angel
Kasper – treasurer Leta – glad
Klaus – victorious Liebe – love
Kurt – courteous Lucia – light
Luger – old German gun Olga – holy
Luther – famous warrior Pax – peace
Marcius – from the God of Mars Raina – mighty
Maximus – the greatest Schatzie – little sweetheart
Odo – wealthy Sofie – sweet
Oskar – spear Suzi – a lily
Otto – prosperous Tilli – battle maiden
Panzer – armor Trudi – of the spear
Prinz – prince Utta – rich
Theobold – boldest Vesta – Roman Goddess of the hearth
Vulcan – Roman God of Fire Viktoria – conqueror
Udo – rich/propserous Wilma – bold protector

Don’t forget to make sure you get a dog tag with your dogs name and address on there just in case he/she gets lost!

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More Great Rottweiler Dog Names

If you didn’t find a name that seems just right in the list above, check out these names.

They don’t have their meanings listed, and many of them aren’t ‘proper’ people names, but they all make great Rottweiler names.


Male Rottweiler Names

Female Rottweiler Names

Anubis Angel
Attila Asta
Ajax Bella
Aztec Cara
Caesar Cleo
Cassius Delilah
Conan Demi
Diesel Diamond
Echo Ebony
Goliath Diva
Hero Jewel
Ivan Keira
Jett Layla
Kane Mercedes
Khaos Midnight
Kingston Nina
Marko Roxy
Nero Shadow
Rocky Sheba
Samson Star
Tank Stormy
Thor Xara
Titan Xena
Tyson Zelda
Vegas Zita


Don’t forget to make sure you get a dog tag with your dogs name and address on there just in case he/she gets lost!
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Tips for choosing Rottweiler dog names

Dogs respond better to short names of two or three syllables – two is best. Make sure it’s a name that you can pronounce and it can’t be easily confused with other words, especially common obedience commands such as ‘Sit’ Or ‘Down’.

Rottweiler puppies are about the cutest things on four legs, they’re like little black bears. But don’t choose too ‘cutesy’ a name for your cutie. Remember that tiny pup will likely weigh anywhere between 80 and 120 lbs in a few short years, and ‘Fifi’ or ‘Peanut’ may just sound plain silly then!

It’s also a good idea to bear in mind that not everyone understands the Rottweiler, or feels the way you do about this breed. If you call your Rottie pup ‘Fang’ or ‘Killer’ you may be helping to reinforce the stereotype, not to mention frighten the neighbors.


Check out all the other great names Rottie lovers have chosen!

Click below to see contributions from other visitors…….


I got my baby Rottie last year. On 1 May we will be celebrating her first birthday. We named her Savannah because I personally think that the …

—because she has a peanut butter butt

I picked the name because it’s a pretty name, easy to say and made her seem more friendly to children who might be scared of a dog with a stronger name. …

Dozer. Short for Bull Dozer
From a small puppy Dozer loved attention and “pushed” and “leaned” on anyone near him. Even at 120 pounds he thinks he is still a small puppy and …

I have had several rottweilers and names include Max and Duke and many more. I am struggling to find a name for a puppy I’m getting tomorrow O.O.

I chose ROXY because somewhere it sound like ROTTIE, above all she is a beautiful female puppy.

Male rottie – Vito
Vito my rottie, I named him after the God Father.

Beamer (German engineered to perfection!)
Beamer – German engineered to perfection. Powerful, reliable, trustworthy, dedicated and loyal to a fault.

My rottie’s name was Reno. I lost him 2 months ago and I miss him with all of my heart. He was the kindness, loving dog I have ever owned.

My rotty 🙂
The name I picked for my dog is Moe because plain and simple he just looks like a Moe 🙂

My 6 month old rotties name is ODIN after the norris god of all gods, he is amazing we live in ontario, canada. he is fulling trained, loves fetch and …

Thor and Loki
You are absolutely right, rottie puppies need constant attention, they really are like children, getting into everything, figuring out what they can do …

what I name my rotti.
I named my new german rottie puppy Capone, because he act just a little Al Capone. He is in every thing that he don’t belong in. he always in trouble …

The Ruler
My dog name is King. He is scared of my kitten believe it or not. He smiles at you, when I first saw him smile I almost passed out. King is a big …

Bailey – Rottie Mix Male Ceasar – Full Rottie Male CeCe – Full Rottie Female

The Rotts –
I’ve only had one female: Molly. The males were: Booker (cuz he booked it when he was little…before he hit 150 lbs and lazy!), Butcher (kinda …

Zeus but he also answers to Wrecks (wrecks the house ;wrecks the car ‘wrecks the yard)
Knows all his toy’s names – smart & funny – he’s my best friend

Having lived in Boise ID where we adopted Zeus, it was a name that I had liked for this breed for a very long time. I do know that I will never be …

My three Rottweiler’s names…
I have owned four Rottweiler’s in my life A male named Schultzie (1989-1998) sadly no more photos exist, lost in a flood. He liked to carry around …

Trying to decide….
On our new baby’s name. He is due any day so we have a couple of months. I’m debating on Bronx, Breaux, Salvatore (Sal) or Storm! I love all of …

9 week old male. I got his name from a movie.

My boyfriend and I called our puppy rottie Willis and nickname is (Willington) He is now 1 years old and is very big, powerful and full of fun! He …

My boyfriend and I called our puppy rottie Willis and nickname is (Willington) He is now 1 years old and is very big, powerful and full of fun! He …

Brina Bean
Our ten-month-old rottie girl was named “Sabrina” and still goes by that name. However, my niece started calling her “Brina Bean” and that has since morphed …

Need Help with AKC name for my Rott!
He has been called Ben since I got him. I believe he is actually Ben 2. I was thinking Blitz (German for flash) b/c he is so quick. I want to have another …

Crime Down Thanks To Spike
Our super loveable 168lb Male has lowered crime in our neighborhood according to local police and some of our neighbors. We have woods adjacent to our …

Boof (aloof)
This is my grandpup If you knew his aloof personality… would know why. What a fun wonderful pup we were blessed with

A movie I saw quite a few years ago with Kirk Douglas.

Our Happy Rottie
Elvis. He was such a happy puppy. Since he didn’t have a tail to wag, he would shake his butt (Like Elvis) when he was happy and excited. The …

He reminds me of the dragon off of How to train your dragon 🙂

We live in a area with lots of house break ins, so if they hear us call Pebbles they may think it’s a poodle or something, and they will see our rock.

Finally able to get another rottie.. Sage von Gabriel
I have owned numerous rotties over the years but the death of my last male Gabriel,was almost too much! Just like our children. So my husband decided …

my lovely rottweiler – Ringo
Ror our male rottweiler, we picked Ringo, named after Ringo star from the Beatles. He is 9 years old now and still very playful 😀

Bunji is the name of our male rotti. We are from Australia and it relates to the indigenous people of Darwin in the Northern Territory for standing …

MY rottweiler name
I am stuck on 5 names for a girl they are: Roxy Diamond Angel Midnight Diva

Burmeister Schultz Von Doyle
Due to his personality as a quiet but steady boy, I chose the name of someone of a leaders position.

Our Rottweiler names ….
We chose Kiwi as our friend in New Zealand is a rottie lover as well and she gave me the push I needed to start looking for my own. My husband wanted …

My Two Rotties Names…..
From the time i was a child i use to see the various dog picture chart in my friend home who had two German Shepherds. Out of that always i use to see …

Rottweiler names – Leo and more……
First male was Prince, he was a huge, regal 54kg baby. We then had two females. Gina, just because it suited her. Minx, because she had a naughty …

I chose the name Diesel for my baby boy because when he was a puppy he went like a turbo diesel!! He is so energetic and LOVES being around the cars …

Gryphon is the original spelling of griffin, a legendary creature with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. As the lion …

rottie name…..
We just got a wee pup for our children for christmas!! They thought he was awesome… his name is Awesome!!!!

I name my male rott TALIBAN , OTHER 2 female rotties are named LEAH & QUEENIE

Rottweilers named after drinks.
My dad has a rottweiler male and his name is Whisky, so when I bought my rottweiler female I gave her the name Brandy. In a few weeks they are going …

We are getting a pup on the 15th of Dec calling her Calypso, Callie for short. We had a rotty he passed at the end of May who was named Caesar.

We chose Trigger for our male rottie. We had a female named Scarlet who passed in June. We chose Trigger because he is a family pet yet here …

Star of Asia
Hi my rottie girl is called Star of Asia, we named her, STAR in memory of my first rottie, who’s now in heaven, and ASIA because it’s unusual and also …

Gryphons are fierce but solitary, at least with other species. They prefer isolated areas, and live alone, but for other Gryphons. Their trust is hard …

Mrs. Amy Laughlin
Hello! What a great site!! I named my rottie, are you ready for this… BRICK! He passed this past July and I miss him dearly. So bad I really …

my rotties
The newest addition to the family is a very sweet rottie named Bailey…we just brainstormed and decided we liked it. ( my 6 year old wanted to name her …

We called our beautuful rotti girl Evie. We rescued her from death row at the dog pound. I found her on their website the day she was first put up …

Roommate is Italian and where we live big Italian community.

Arnold Gunther of Max Cooper
It seems to be powerful battle warrior, brave and intelligent.

I chose Rascal because as a puppy same as a child they are little rascals. My husband wanted to call him spanky but that reminded me of the movie The …

Custom Dog Name – Pacquaio
The name I picked was Pacquaio, named after famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquaio. The reason I picked this name because our family wants a strong, …

Our Rottweiler Baloo passed away ON 4/23/15. He was 12 years old. I just love his name. He was 140 lbs and he looked like a bear…hence the …

Noble Female Rottweiler Name
Sasha… Just can not see my husband standing on the front lawn in his P.J.’s saying “Come Zsa Zsa or come Fifi!” to an 80 lb. rottie. Although …

From bear cub and beyond
I got this female puppy for my birthday she was a little bear and I always let my pup play out side and watch it to see what name comes to mind. …

Adonis…. God of beauty or Kratos…. God of strength and power

Teresas’ rotties names
We called our baby girl Acer, after the beautiful Acer tree, as she will be big and beautiful once full grown. We also have a collie x husky called …

Our new puppies
Me and my wife have had rotties for as long as I can remember 🙂 Here are a few names: Bess Lily Khan Jessie And our 2 new additions to the …

I chose Kalibur spelled like this because the dad’s name is Kodah and the mother’s, Kiyah. We are also hunters and it seemed fit for a hunting family! …

My Rottweilers name
I bought a female Rottweiler and named her Zola. It seems to suit her very well and is also very unique. I have never met another dog named Zola …

Dagger ????
I loved the name ‘Dagger’ for my Rottweiler pup, He is only 1 and half months old .

Human Names for dogs 🙂
Kevin. yes I’m serious, he was named after the great Kevin Sorbo, also know as Hercules from the hit 90’s TV show. Strong and good Looking, HAHAH

Black like a raven and fast like the bird

I chose the name Beuro which originates from “Cambero bero”. I bought the pup 3 weeks ago and i’m taking him for training in a months time. This …

Bo Von Diddley
My buddy Bo Von Diddley the Rott. Just look how my daughter dresses him up in whitey tighties and sunglasses and tell me he doesn’t look like a “Mr. …

Rottie girl names
I have had three Rottie girls. Bella and Roxy were my first two and the names fit them perfectly. My current girl is Harley. As in Harley Davidson. …


My rottys name is Rocky! I love the name, he is a pet and also a guard dog. Rocky is suitable for that kind of dog!

I rescued Rottie in a library parking lot (about to head out onto a busy intersection). I went to the library for Sylvia Plath stuff and ended up with …

Metzger, Rotes, and Maxwell.
Metzger was my 1st dog ever. I have had her since she was only 8 weeks old and 14 pounds. She is 8 now and weighs 120. Metzger means Butcher in german. …

Attila and Bleda….
I have two Rotts, Attila (the Hun emperor) and Bleda (his prince brother) Attila might be heard, but nobody knows about Bleda, so it’s cool to have …

I chose Athena for my Rottweiler because Rotts are known for protection & loyalty. The Greek Name Athena means wisdom & the beautiful goddess of war. …

A Rottie Mom’s Collection….
Capone, Justice, CJ, Oliver, Oscar, Ecco, Natasha, Lily, Carl (of course)and the notorious Sienna! Some no longer with me. I have loved them all …

Our Rottweilers names….
We had a number of Rotties. Maxxi, girl, Lea, Ruby, RooBee, another girl, Rocco, my boy, and Blade. He came with the name, from a West Point …

Female rottweiler name – Griselda
I named my female Rottweiler Griselda but call her Zelda for short, it means “Dark Battle” in German.

My favorite Rottweiler names
I have two Rottie names to add: Hadassah and Kish

Olives are a sign of peace.

Memphis (a.k.a. Jaws)
Our new pup is a 9 week old male that we named Memphis. We liked this name because it was unique just like him. His nickname is jaws because anything …

Schatzi means “treasure/ beloved/honey/darling” in German,that’s exactly what she is. If I think better, I should have called her “Trouble”.

Andromeda Junius
Her name is Andromeda Junius. Because she’s my stars in the heaven

A Rottweiler Named Diamond
The name I named my dog was Diamond. The reason I named her this is because she is my best friend. And a Diamond is a gir’ls bestfriend.

Taylor Swift!
Taylor swift is my Rottweilers name. She loves a good party and enjoys being amongst us when we are all dancing and hands and feet are dancing away….. …

We chose Bear because not only did it look like one, but the father looked like one. It couldn’t be a posh name so everyone but me, wanted it. But …

I named mine Jordy after Michael Jordan. He’s very kind and gentle. Gotta love him!

My Rotties names
I have two Rotties. The first one I named Brock and the second one Gunner.

Kissy Face!
She is a rescue that was named Kiesha. It only took a day to figure out she wanted to be loved so much that she would give anybody kisses if the got …

Why I chose Lucy
I named our 10 weeks old rottie ‘Lucy’. I feel it’s alluring just like her. It dampens the -wildness’. 🙂

my rottie’s naming game….
My Rottie’s name is Ruby. A breed like rottweiler should receive a powerful name and there is no doubt in that. Because their behavior, character, …

German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix puppy’s name…
I chose Bella for my puppy because in Spanish it means beautiful and my baby girl is beautiful 🙂

My new Rottie puppy’s name…
I picked Stormy but dropped the y. So my puppy’s name is Storm.

Rottweiler name…
Dakota – female rottweiler

He was a big handsome puppy big brown eyes and paws to match, beautiful natured.

We named our Rottweiler puppy Kora. A german name for a german dog!

Loves FOOD!!! Vicious but cute!

my rottie (:
My rot’s name is Diesel. I love that name it means strong and powerful. And he thinks he runs stuff.. and he let’s out a lot of gas!

Lisa wagg
Riley is my rottie

From Harley Davidson cause he snores like that 😉

I’ve had 3 Rottys, All have been my assistive animals to help me being in a wheelchair, and love them dearly.. The 3 names i had are 1) Bubba, he was just …

Esther & Mavis
Our two sweet girls were named Esterhaus (called Esther) and Mavis Mae.

sam the dog
Oh i love my boy very much! I don’t live with him but he lives with my mom they take care of each other, he is 4 years old and weights 130! He’s a …

We named our little man Leonidas it is Latin for lion like and of course from the famous 5th century Spartan King Leonidas. He is living up to his …

Short for Cerberus the guard dog of the underworld. Made sure no one got in or out who was not meant to, and always saw him as a three headed rotti. …

Love rotties!
We have had three males they have been Gizzy, Bubba, and Mongo. We are soon to bring home our newest family member our first female her name will be …

Von Pennington Rottweiler’s
We have had a variety of dog names over the years! Our own personal bitches and stud’s are as follows: Adikus, Drake, King, Indio, Mordecai, Maximus, …

Ares & Thor
My pups name is Ares, and my wife was insistent on Thor. I like Thor as a name well enough but one of my buddies Pit is named Thor, so I’m a little …

puppy name
Berrit, Ber (bear) for short, it means “she who is strong” in Swedish. Berit means “covenant” in Hebrew, but is a great name as well in my opinion. …

Zeus 3 months old.
I picked the name Zeus because it sounds bold for a Rottie and it fits him well. 🙂

First born. Mum couldn’t resist carrying him in her mouth all the time leaving him wet and crying all the night!!

Our first Rottweiler was Thor, meaning Thursday, who was the Norse God of Thunder. So Freyja, meaning Friday, is the Norse Goddess of Love & Beauty. …

Our big boy, Dexter
He mostly gets called Dex or Doodles (no idea how?!) these days but we thought Dexter was the perfect name for our big boy.

Best Rottweiler Names!
Bullet – He was my new “security”, and figured if an intruder didn’t like the first “Bullet” they came to, they wouldn’t like the second one so much either! …

The name I picked for my rott is Messi. with all due respect to Leo Messi. I am a barca fan for real. and I happened to share great love and respect …

I chose to name by baby Rottie “Tesla” after the Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tesla (the man) was a genius who believed in everyone having …

Zeus is the Greek God of thunder(& lightening) We got Zeus on a Sunday. God’s day. God spelled backwards is dog. We feel our dog is THE dog of …

Cleopatra shortened to Cleo because she is a princess and a queen.

Our rotten baby rottweiler….
We will be naming our 7 week old Rottweiler lab mix Bowser.

Coz he looked like a frank and he firters a lot 🙂

We just bought a home and purchased our first puppy as a family. We have a male rottweiler and named him SCOUT. We just happened upon the name …

We named our rottie ZULU. He is South African born – from Zululand. Hence the name – it just fit him perfectly. He was relocated to Australia (via …

My rotti is 6 weeks old and already walks like a brute. He is already picking on our other five dogs. One of our dogs is a two year old German Shepherd. …

Brave soldier-meaning He definately lived up to his name!!! He was sooo loyal & obedient to me that words could not express, he never left my side no …

Second son-meaning My baby boy Brody was an amazing dog, very obedient, loving, & just all around a great part of our family. We lost him 5 months …

We rescued Athena in Oct of 2013 through SSRR. She was in a kill shelter in Virginia. My wife drove 9 hours from North Carolina to get her. She has …

We chose Regina after our favorite TV character – Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time. We found out that her name fits!! Late Latin name meaning “queen”. …

More great names for male Rottweilers…..
Male Rottweiler names: Zues Ramses Julius Enoch Helmut

We named our rottie Ali after the boxer Muhammad Ali- the worlds greatest 🙂 although from day one we nicknamed him baba & it just stuck because he was …

Mischief puppy
I picked the name Diva. Because she is into everything can’t take my eyes off her for long. If I hear paper rustling or hear a low thump it has …

We just adopted a female mix that seems to be prominent Rottie ( Waiting for DNA Results). While with friends using word play with the word Caramel, …

Her name is GOOSE…The first 3 weeks we had our little girl every time we took her outside to potty she would move her back feet faster than her front …

My Pets Name is Ruby N Mamboo
My dog’s breed is rottweiler .Her name is RUBY N MAMBOO. N is her mothers name. full name Nicoflash and mamboo is her fathers name. She is perfect …

Uruhu – pronounced “Ooo-ree-oooooo” as you would pronounce oooo in “you” ree as in me and oooo as in you
It just fit her when my german Shepherd found her abandoned in a snow drift. The local breeder was an idiot and he had dumped her and another puppy and …

Strong name. Cross between Julie & Jewel.

We picked her name because she looked like a fossil when she was first born.

My first rottie – LeeLoo
I called my Rottie Leeloo. It’s from the ecxellent movie fifth element.

Ziggie short for Sigmund, German meaning “Victorious Protector” it took us quite a while to name him we wanted something authentic and German as we have …

Maya and Ursa
Ursa is the constellation known as the little bear 🙂

My puppy’s name is Sheba
I have a 10 wk old female Rottie/Shepard mix. Her name is “Sheba”. I picked this name because it is a strong name,and has character. It’s short …

my 9 month rottie is named Dice
We named our lil boy Dice, let me tell you, i have a condo with a big 350-400 sq ft terrace which i let him be in but he doesn’t like to be alone by himself, …

Hi, this is Koda, he is from Lima, Peru and we love him!

It’s a good name, suitable for a male or female

I named my purebred pup, Laxus. I like the name, it looks and sounds like a strong name for a strong dog. I got it from a tv show I watch.

She is only 7 weeks old & so beautiful. We rescued her from the animal shelter =)

Vin Diesel is built like a Rottweiler and Riddick was too awesome of a name to pass up!

Our Rottie is named Luke – short for Luckenback, Texas. 🙂

I got a rottie, she is a female dog her name is Bella she is a playful dog. She is 4 months old and I am 9 years old I like Bella a lot but she is a …

Sampson our Rottie!
My 14 year old daughter named our Rottweiler Sampson, he is the goofiest dog ever! He is 8 months old and we love him so much! I want to get a girl …

Roxy 5 weeks old

My girl is Lexie because it’s a strong and sweet name. Just like her

My Rotties 🙂
I have 4 german rottweilers and tried to pick unique names for each. Love them all and are the most spoiled dogs I ever known. Leanae (graceful) -2 …


I gave my Rottweilers Nordic names
I named my male Thor and my female Sigrid (Siggy)which means wisdom and beauty in old Norse. The names really fit because Siggy is a calm, loving, …

Sir Lawrence Lancelot
Sir Lawrence Lancelot. As a baby he was just Lawrence but as he grew into a magnificent boy he then turned into sir Lawrence Lancelot. And the …

Salem, the original name for Jerusalem in the Bible.

I don’t know when I started to love her… our ‘Bolt’
My 11 yrs son brought her as he want sibling, I was not in favor but don???t know when I started to love her. I am the really a proud owner of my 8 months …

Rottweiler Names – Saber
Saber because the kids love Star Wars.

Rottweiler Names – Dudley
Dudley (cuddly Dudley)

My Rottie
We named our rottie Sully because she is big and looks mean like Sully in Monsters Inc. but is Kind and soft hearted also like Sully. 🙂

Pooh Bear
He is just a goofy and funny boy and he loves the attention that he gets. He is crazy and clumsy and lovable and very protective

We adopted our sweet, beautiful girl 8 1/2 years ago after Hurricane Katrina. She was part of the rescue programs which sent abandoned and lost animals …

I chose Molson because it is a strong, yet laid, back name

Kartik Chandrasekhar
I love the name Seamus for a Rottweiler. I know it’s an Irish name and the Rottweiler is a German breed of dog but it’s such a great name. I love all …

Athena’s Reign
She is my little goddess of war and intelligence. Fiesty, smart and beautiful

I have a 9 week old Rottweiler named ICE!

Bayne – male Rottweiler name
My rotties name is Bayne (Bane, Bain).

We chose Gucci because the couple of names we had picked she responded to Gucci , odd I know.

When we went to pick out our Rottie pup, we had 7 pups to pick from. They were all sitting in a corner cuddling. We watched them for a few minutes. All …

We named it Blacky mainly because its fur colour is black and brown, but Blacky sounds better then Browny. So Yeah.

Because he is the boss of the beach walking with no fear and full of confidence !! Short but sweet lol

Remus and Tonks 🙂
My boy is an almost 2 yr old rottie mix named Remus, so when we got our girl recently (she’s almost 10 weeks now), we decided to name her Tonks. It’s …

Achilles Cerebus
Achilles, greek hero of the Trojan War. And Cerebus because the three headed hellhounds were said to guard the gates.

Herr Kane
To help our eldest daughter away at college feel like she was part of our new puppy ownership we included her in naming him and she came up with Kane. …

Our Rottie
Our Rottie is an 8 1/2 month old female German flavor. Her name is Adelvina Malandra )Adelvina( Enobled by Victory) )Malandra( Dark Guardian …

Raven Marie
Raven is the gentlest most behaved Rott. She protects her family and loves to play.

Adelvina Malandra
We call her “Adee” for short, but her name means: Adelvina / Enobled by victory Malandra / Dark guardian of mankind We chose this because …

We chose this name because we love Game of Thrones and puppy is a little bad-ass

I got Hector’s name from the movie Troy. It was a toss up between Achilles & Hector

We were going to name her Gypsy but ended up naming her Angel which has turned out to be totally fitting! She is better than any dog we could have …

german rotties mom and son
Mom’s name is Kaya and her son is Koda

Female Rottweiler—beautiful

When he was born his fur was all fluffy and stuck out so hence the name Spike, and affectionately known as Spikey!

Carol…. ‘Bomber’
Bomber is my male rottweiler. He was named after the character the late, great Pat Roach played in the tv programme ‘auf weidersen pet’ Just …

Short for Bulldozer.

My Beautiful Rottweilers and their names
I love Rottweiler’s. They have always been my favorite breed. I have 2 of my own and one who I take care of. She is a 5-1/2 year old Female Rottweiler …

My six Rottie kids
Some are still with me, and others are at the Bridge, but all are always and forever in my heart. The Raven Dressed in Black – Raven – my first, and …


My Beautifull Female Rott name…….
MECKO it means big bear, that’s jus how she looks! She’s such a loving pup! I’m so blessed to have her.

It just fits him. (:

The Best Names For A Rottweiler
I chose Khloe for the girl and Ruger for the boy. It suits our dog!! Now we are getting another girl and boy… the girl will be one of these five …

our first purebred rottie pup!
We named her Stella because she is the runt of the litter and also as a very little pup she received a bite(from Mom,perhap)as a very young or newborn …

Called him this as when he was a pup, and even now was extremely playful and active as well caused ‘kaos’ in the house

I chose “Jasper” so that we could sing “Jasper the friendly Rott, the friendliest Rott in town” He is the friendliest dog I know. He LOVES people!! …

Better than a gun!
I named my Rott GAUGE because I didn’t want to own a firearm at the time, and he was the next best thing!

My boy
My boy is named Castor. Pollux (or Polydeuces) and Castor are the names of the constellation Gemini according to Greek mythology. They had different …

My dog, Roada was my first dog. She’s a Rottwiller mix and is the sweetest thing. My nickname for her is my big puppy. I called her Roada because my …

Diesel 🙂
Because Rottweilers are strong dogs and are derserving of a strong name 🙂 IMO

Kona Coffee
We got our first Rottie a while ago and we were stuck on a name until she barked. We named her Kona Coffee because her bark is sure to wake anyone up. …

Our Rotties names
We have 4 rotties in our family (currently)… our daddy’s name is Buddha. Why? really no reason besides he was meant to be our son’s dog one day and …

rottweiler girl name
boudica – celtic warrior princess

My fiance always wanted a rottweiler. When I was searching for a puppy for our family, I found a pit bull mix that I instantly fell in love with. I named …

He is a rescue (malnourished and under socialized). Kindness and space have allowed him to dis play the signs of a calm and compassionate nature. …

We named our Rottie pup Phoebe. Phoebe is the name of the Goddess of the Intellect. Like all Rotties, she is super smart so it’s fitting. Our …

We had either “Cummins” “Turbo” or “Diesel” in mind before we ever went to get our new addition to the family. When we got to the breeder’s and met our …

Sage Queeny Vom Haus Burns
We live in the lovely state of Montana out in the sagebrush….We have a group of women out here in the country called, “Women of the Sagebrush” it fit …

My Rottweiler names…
After careful consideration, I have decided that if I were to get a male rottweiler, I would call him Lincoln, in the hope that he would turn out to be …

T. Hudson… Hispanic names…
For some reason we’ve always gone with Hispanic sounding names. We named our two males Poncho and Pablo.

I choose Roxy as it suits our girl rottweiler.

Vixon Louise
When we mean serious business it is her full government. It always stops her dead in her tracks. Buy when she is being my sweet loving baby, i call …

Rottie name for a girl
Lillian. but Lily for short… she is a little cutie 🙂

When enters room brings sunshine

Talos was the giant Zeus gave to his lover, Europa to protect her. I used the name for a Rottweiler in my novel, The Carbon Cross, then, in real life, …

My Rotties name
We picked a Native American name for our female Rottie. It’s Nahimana Koko Nita. We call her Nita. The name means Mystic night bear. We call her …

a few more……
Boscoe (male name) Roscoe (also male name) Rose (female name) Bailey (female name) Jack (male name)


simply <3

Miss Kay
She’s a rescued pup, mother is a lab, but she looks like a rott, ans sweet sweet sweet. We like Duck Dynasty, so Miss Kay she will be.

Perfect name….. Midas

Our 12 Mo. old Rottie’s name is Zigmund
Our first Rottie was Rex,then we had a Gunther. We now have a Zigmund. In German, the name Zigmund means- a victorious protector. We laugh for …

We called him Az for short but I loved the meaning behind Azrael. In most traditions Azrael is the Angel of Death. In Roman and Hebrew Azrael separates …

Rotts are known as the devils dog…….and what was furthest from the devil?????: Halo!!

Ursula- “Uschi” in a sweet version….. GENDER:Feminine USAGE: English, Swedish, Norwegian, …

My dog Tyson is a mix of American Bulldog and Rottweiler. His mum was an American bulldog and his dad was a Rottweiler, making Tyson a one and only …

Our babies
i decided on Zeus for my little man and my fiance’s little girl is Izzy. i could not imagine a better breed or a more faithful and intelligent dog. …

My family owns a delivery company. My mother wanted to name him something tough. She said lets name him “Mack”, like the trucks. We told her …

My Rottweiler’s Name Is Ceasar
I was trying to name my Rottie after the Dog Whisperer, but later found out I spelled it different than he does. He is Cesar Milan, not Ceasar.

A Rottie named Roxxie
It seemed perfect for my little hairball but she is now 4 months old and weights 50 pounds. Not a hairball but she is still my wife and I’s baby girl …

Zigmen, Zeus or Bear

I heard of the name sabre (can also be spelt Saber) in a diary novel by Sue Townsend – Diary of Adrian Mole

Jaeger (pronounced Yager)
To combine my husband’s tradition of using alcohol names and my family’s German heritage, we picked Jaegermeister – Jaeger (means hunter). Miss that …

I picked Reno for my male Rottie because i wanted strong names for my animals. Cities and States are as strong as you get. That said, my pets all …

We call her pretty much anything else for short including – Griz, Grizzly, Grizzle, Grizzie etc. I wanted her to have a strong German name, but also …

My family had a Rottie while I was growing up named Scarface, after the movie and because he had a little scar on his chin from a disagreement he had with …

Brooklyn at 2 and a half months

Rottie name – Tajah
Tajah means jewel in Persian — cos she is precious to us my little girliex

Strong and protective – Sacha
We chose Sacha which is German for Defender 🙂

Grandma B – Zoee & Dulce Rosa
Our first rottie was a female we named Zoee which means “life”. She was a wonderful girl who made a big impact on many lives. Sadly she passed away almost …


Just because when they decide to throw a fit, it’s a full blown Tantrum. lol

For rottweiler

N. V. Porter
I’m a retired Marine Corps 1STSGT. I have two German Rotts. I served in a Recon Team with 2nd Recon BN. I named my boys “GUNNY” and “RECON” Gunny …

We have a male. I wanted a name that was different yet strong like him. I love the Beowulf movies and the character. After much consideration we …

My 8 yr old Rottie was named “Toy Boy Duke”, he is every inch a toy-boy and he’s called Duke for short!!


Wendy Darwin Australia
We named our new girl ZEBU It is the name of a breed of cattle

My Rotti pups name
Hi, my daughter & I named our Rotti Trevor. We call him Trev for short. 🙂 he’s a beautiful & loving pup.

Charlie and Ruby
Current Rottie is called Charlie, it suits him. He chose the name himself as he was a rescued dog. The dogs home we got him from had called him Hamish, …

‘Mona’ like Mona Lisa
She’s a a work of art.

Rotties name is Tyson!!!
It took a very long and stressful time to finally decide on a name for my rottie. I finally chose the name……TYSON!!! I absolutely love this …

I named my Male Kratos, from the greek name meaning “strength, and power”.

It’s pronounced Cree. It’s Gaelic for heart, which is exactly what my girl is, mo Chroi, my heart.

My rotties name!
My female rotties name is Athena. My new rotties name is Bella! I love rotties!! 🙂

Proud Rottweiler owner
We recently purchased two German Rottweiler Puppies a male and a female. The male we named Bam Bam and the female we named Layla

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