Metzger, Rotes, and Maxwell.

by Bob Canfield
(Taunton, MA)

Metzger was my 1st dog ever. I have had her since she was only 8 weeks old and 14 pounds. She is 8 now and weighs 120. Metzger means Butcher in german. Butcher is my nickname.

Rotes is a rescue. I don’t know much about his history. He’s approximately 8 and is a Rottweiler mix. His back has a red tinge to his hair. Rotes means red in german.

Maxwell is another rescue. He was only 1 when I got him and is now 5. He is a gentle beast. I just found out this past weekend that he has congestive heart failure. Vet only gives him days to a few months at best. He had prime rib as soon as he came home from the vet and takes his meds wrapped in roast beef.

He’s doing really good right now. When it’s time he will let me know. I will miss him.

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