Mixed Breeds

Rottweiler Corgi Mix

Rottweiler’s are a beautiful dog and it’s no surprise that they’ve been bred together with a number of different types of dogs. Which is where you might find the rottweiler corgi mix. What is a […]

Breed Information

Pregnant Rottweiler – Signs And Symptoms

Many new breeders are curious about what signs and symptoms to look for to determine if their Rottweiler is pregnant. This blog post will outline the most common symptoms of a pregnant Rottie. Knowing what […]

Mixed Breeds

The Rottweiler Hound Mix

Anyone looking for a cute dog that combines two great breeds together can definitely take a closer look at the Rottweiler hound mix. You’ll find that these two dogs are definitely a great blend in […]

About Rottweilers

Why Rottweilers Don’t Have Cropped Ears

Do Rottweilers have cropped ears? No, it’s rare to see Rottweilers with cropped ears as it’s not part of the official breed standard. It’s far more common for them to have cropped tails, which is […]

Mixed Breeds

Rottweiler Chow Mix – More Than Just a Designer Dog

Credit @guccitherottiechow Designer dogs are fast becoming popular nowadays. These are dogs that have purebred parents of different breeds. An example of a designer dog is the Rottweiler Chow Mix. What is a Rottweiler Chow […]